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March 6 2010 Daily Devotional-Bible in a Year

Numbers 6:1-7:89
Numbers 6:1-21
The Nazarite vow was taken by individuals to say that they were being set apart for holiness.
Notice that a Nazarite was not to have anything alcoholic or even the potential of having alcohol. During those times the only way to be sure to not drink alcohol would be to stay away from grapes.
Why was a Nazarite to stay away from alcohol? Obvious-poor decisions are made while under in the influence of alcohol. So, why would Christians want to be under the influence of alcohol?

Why long hair for the Nazarite? Most likely because the long hair would identify the man as a Nazarite.

Numbers 6:22-27
Aaron’s Benediction. We should pray this over others-May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine on you and be gracious to you, lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Numbers 7:1-87
During these twelve days of sacrifices, there was a multitude of sacrifices with blood flowing everywhere. However, no matter how much blood was shed, it takes the blood of Jesus for the redemption of man. All of the sacrifices were only pointing to the sacrificial death of Jesus.

Numbers 7:88
God’s presence was at the Ark of the Covenant. God would speak to Moses directly. We do not have to go to a church, a seminar, etc. for God to speak to us. He can speak to us wherever we are at. However, at the same time, church, seminars, etc. can help prepare our minds and heart to hear from God.
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