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Our next set of Bible Studies will be on the topics of Judging, Pride, Legalism, and Gossip. You might wonder how all of these be related. Think about it. Those who are known for judging the heart and the motives of people are usually very prideful-they think they are the ones with the truth and they are called by God to not only point out the sin of others, but to judge the heart and motives of others. Normally these are people who are very legalistic in their beliefs (even though they would just say they are standing for truth). Invariably these individuals will then gossip with others who have the same traits. An example of these type of people were the Pharisees. We will be talking about the concept of judging. Judging has bad connotations, but there is a time for the judging of behaviors and actions. But the judging of the heart is in the hands of God, not man.

We will be talking about the concept of legalism. Standing for truth and the principles of Scripture is the right thing to do. However, taking Scripture out of context, making doctrine out of man-made traditions, overemphasizing various Bible verses, and then demanding others to obey your opinions is legalism.

The root of judging and legalism is pride. Invariably those with pride will try to get a gathering for their cause. And those who do not join their cause are judged. Because they cannot get a strong following and they are confronted in regards to their pride and legalism, they are being ‘persecuted’ for standing for truth.

So, in the next several posts we will be looking at righteous judgment and ungodly judgment. We will be looking at standing for truth and legalism. We will be looking at pride and gossip. Should be an interesting study.

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