Baptism of the Holy Spirit-Lesson 20

Challenge to ‘Tongue Speakers’ and Non-Tongue Speakers

I am ending this study with a direct challenge to those who are in ‘both camps’. This challenge will be direct, but with a heart of love. It is not to condemn, but to confront the wrong thinking and prejudices of both sides. It is obvious in this study that I believe the Bible teaches that the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues is for today. That does not mean I support ‘wacky pentecostals’ or that I dislike non-tongues individuals. My challenge to each camp is based upon the failings that can occur in both camps. These are generalities and we acknowledge that not everyone in these camps are practicing these errors.

Challenge to Tongue Speakers

  • Stop defending tongues are for today based only upon your experience or others experiences-use Scripture, and don’t make the Bible say more than it says.
  • Acknowledge there is wackiness at times in the pentecostal camp, stop pretending it is not there or denying it is there.
  • Don’t fall prey to manipulation, coercion, unique techniques, formulas, etc. to see people baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.
  • Stop assuming that those who do not speak in tongues have less of God, are not as spiritual, etc.
  • Stop emphasizing tongues and ignoring all other Bible doctrine. If tongue speakers emphasized holiness as much as they emphasize tongues, there would be less sin in the pentecostal camp and less wackiness.
  • Do more at winning souls instead of trying to win converts to tongues. The main emphasis of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is to proclaim the Gospel with boldness and signs following, not to get people to speak in tongues.
  • The purpose of tongues to be edified that so I will grow in Christ to be a more effective witness. It is to help be more intimate with the Lord so that my character will change, not so that I can be more of a ‘character’.

Challenge to Non-Tongue Speakers

  • Stop coming against tongues on the basis of your experience with ‘wacky pentecostals’. Use Scripture to defend your position, not multitudes of commentary by those who are against tongues because of false teaching by some tongue speakers.
  • When studying out this topic, look at every verse on this subject and read them in context. Let Scripture define Scripture instead of the commentaries of others to defend Scripture.
  • Don’t fall prey to prejudice against tongues. Make a decision regarding the baptism of the Holy Spirit and tongues based upon your own personal Bible study instead of just listening to those who are against tongues or those who are for tongues.
  • If based upon your own sincere Bible study you still do not believe in tongues, be gracious and accepting of those who believe in tongues. Do not be a part of the ‘those who speak in tongues are deceived, tongues are of the devil’, etc. Give the same grace that you want others to give to you.
  • Make a conscious effort to do more soul winning that taking a stand against tongues. Statistics show that there is much more soul winning and growth going on in the ‘tongue speaking camp’ than the ‘non-tongue speaking’ camp. Especially in third world countries. In both camps there needs to be more soul winning than seeker friendly, make you fill good ‘evangelism’.
  • Even if you do not believe in tongues, be open to God to work miraculously through you. One of the reasons for many coming to Christ in the third world countries is because of the miracles occurring with the preaching of the Gospel.

If both sides would become more balanced there would be much more unity in the Church. When there is unity among brethren, God’s Spirit has more reign and thus He is able to accomplish much more through the Church than when there is disunity.

As Augustine is quoted to have said:
"In Essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, love."
I do not take this statement to justify willful sin, to accept false teachings, to ignore biblical principles, etc. I do take it to mean in regards to the subject matter of this Bible study, that it is essential for a person to speak or not to speak in tongues. Instead, it is essential for them to be born again. It is essential for them to win people to Christ. It is essential for them to love those of a different viewpoint.

I really hope individuals will go through this entire study and make comments if they see anything taught that is contrary to Scripture. I would encourage you to start from the beginning and go through the study because in portions of the study there are some comments that are based upon a previous lesson.

I am in the process of creating this Bible Study as a downloadable document. I will make a post when it is completed.

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