Baptism of the Holy Spirit-Lesson 18

False Teachings on Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues

There are those in the pentecostal camp that are so determined to see individuals speak in tongues they teach or encourage behavior that is manipulation. In this study we will address some of these teachings.

Repeat phrases repeatedly
Some encourage individuals to repeat phrases repeatedly over and over again until they receive tongues. So they will have people say tongue twisters, etc. like saying ‘coca cola’ ‘untie my bow tie’ over and over again. This is foolishness and even if the people are sincere, it is manipulation. That is not speaking as the Spirit gives utterance.

Try to copy tongues
In this scenario the person is told "Listen to my tongues, and try to repeat it. You will not be able to repeat it, but will get your own tongues". The motive behind this is sincere (to get the person to open their mouth to speak-a mouth closed will not speak a native language or an unknown tongue), but like the other tactic mentioned, it opens up a person for deception.

Tarry at the altar until you get tongues
Again there may be sincerity in this tactic but it is close to manipulation. This is the concept that you go to the altar to receive tongues until you get tongues. The problem with this is that what if a person is at the altar for 3 hours and never receives tongues? This can bring guilt, condemnation, and sadly someone speaking gibberish just so they can say they received tongues. This ignores the fact that God is sovereign and He will give tongues in His timing, not ours. That does not mean that at times we need to be at the altar calling out to God for answer on a variety of things.

Laying on of hands by many people
The laying on of hands in itself is not wrong-there are examples in the Bible of the laying on of hands to receive tongues, to receive gifts and callings, and to be healed. But what becomes wrong with this concept is to think that God will have to come through if there are man people laying on of hands. God does not have to ‘perform’. This can be very intimidating to a person and they will fake tongues to get people away from them. There certainly is power in unity and can be helpful if others are praying, but there needs to be balanced. There certainly are people who I would never allow to lay hands or to pray with me.

Any other types of ‘formulas’. Yes, there may be things that can be helpful to create an environment for people to speak in tongue, but it has to be Spirit led, not man led, tradition led, etc. Otherwise there is the potential for false tongues, made up tongues, manipulation, etc. When it is God’s time for a person to be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, there is no need for formulas. BHS is to be a work of the Holy Spirit not man.

I believe most of those who have applied the practices above are sincere, but they are sincerely wrong. They want to see someone receive the gift of tongues, but they are trying to get it to happen by fleshly means. This is wrong, can be classified as sinful, and opens the door to the devil to bring false manifestations.

However, just as there are those who support tongues and the baptism of the Holy Spirit can go to the extreme, those against tongues can also go to the extreme in their accusations. That is what we are going to look at in our next lesson. Only two more lessons and this study will have been completed.

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