Men as umbrellas

The other day I was watching a short video segment on Men and Leadership by Ed Young of Ed Young Ministries. He used the symbolism of an umbrella to talk about the subject of submission and covering.

Men were designed to be the one carrying the ‘umbrella’, not women. When a man is carrying an umbrella he is holding it up high. His wife is under the umbrella with him. This is symbolic of the following:

The Lord is above the umbrella, the man is under the umbrella, and he becomes the covering of his wife as she stands under the umbrella with him.

There is something that happens if the man drops the umbrella. A woman will invariably pick up the umbrella an try to carry it. But what happens is that she does not hold it up high enough and is running all over the place. The man tries to get under the umbrella, but he has to stoop to get under it and half of his body sticks out and is unprotected. He is trying to be the covering, but he is not covered himself. And a woman cannot be his covering.

My coments, not Ed Young’s
Isn’t it time that divine order comes into the church? Men need to stop dropping the ball in being the covering for their wives. They need to be the spiritual leaders in their home. Not only for their wives, but for their children. The father is also to be a covering for his children and set an example for his sons. We have a society of boys who grow up and never become men because their father never set the example and never mentored them. What happens is these boys who never grew up to be men, refuse to to be counseled or mentored-walk under a spiritual covering. So they continue to act like boys instead of men. Instead of walking in submission and a covering, they are running around getting rained upon by the enemy and wondering why their life is a mess. Invariably they experience a train wreck. But not only them, but their families. Which then creates an entire new generation that repeats the cycle. This has been happening for years in this nation. 

As a pastor who is called to mentor men, it can be challenging to continue working with men who have the mindset of a child, who continue to refuse godly correction that will help prevent a train wreck. What normally happens is their life is a mess, they cry out to God who provides a mentor in their life. They see the mentor as one who has rescued them from the latest train wreck in their life and are very thankful. But then after awhile they lack gratitude and start having spiritual pride-which leads them ultimately to another train wreck.

What lead them to another train wreck? Lack of gratitude, followed by spiritual pride. Once spiritual pride comes in, it is almost impossible to help that person to avoid a train wreck in their life.

Fathers, start carrying the umbrella of submission to God and be the covering of your wives and children. And do no be so prideful that you will not be under the umbrella of godly spiritual authorities. How important is this?
Watch this 1 minute video.

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