Daily Archives: May 26, 2008

How much are you giving?

If you give what you do not need, it isn’t giving.

Mother Teresa

Now that is something to ponder on.  How much are you giving?

I always find it interesting what some people donate to churches and ministries. So many times it is furniture and clothes that are worn out and of no value to the owner, and most other people. Then the person donating is wanting a receipt for a high dollar amount. The reality is they should be charged a fee for giving away their junk that needs to be a hauled to the dump.

I specifically remember a Christian giving me a torn coat for our ministry and said it would be a nice coat for one of the homeless people we were helping. The next time someone does this I am going to say would you give this coat to Jesus? If not, don’t give it to me to give to someone else. I am not your local dumpster. I know, it sounds too blunt. Yes, they may get offended. But I believe it is an offense to Jesus (I know Jesus does not get offended) to donate junk and think you are ‘giving to the kingdom’.

if there is no pain in our giving, I am wondering if we really are giving? How about giving of your time to someone when you have no time to give? How about giving of your last dollar, when you could use it yourself? How about taking someone to the store and waiting in line with them, when you rather be home watching TV?

If I am going to err, I pray that I will err in giving too much, instead of not giving enough.