Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies.

Charles E. Jefferson


Over the years I have worked with many people who have had addictions, mentally illness, and other issues. I have seen God deliver them from their bondages and their lives changed. I have also seen some be set free, but then go back into the ‘sin that so easily entangles them’.

It seems that most who go back into bondage do not have a heart of gratitude. Instead of focusing on how God and others have been merciful to them, they get pride and think that they ‘have arrived’, that they know more than those who are helping them to keep the victory and become ungrateful for the sacrifices others have done for them.


I am convinced that a heart of ongoing gratitude is one of the keys to walk in victory. If a person keeps uppermost in their mind the mercy of God and has a heart of gratitude, they will not want to walk in willful sin and rebellion to those who are there to help them keep the victory. The more we understand the love of God for us and are thankful for it, the more we will want to honor Him by living a righteous life.

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