Thomas Jefferson quote-watch out from the bait

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure until you know there is no hook beneath it.

 Thomas Jefferson

Great advice. Here is a reality, if you are going after wordly pleasure there is going to be a hook attached to the bait. And satan is the one holding onto the pole.

1 Peter says to be sober and alert. Here is the reality. When we are chasing after wordly pleasures we are more focused on the bait than being sober and alert. We are tricked by the smokes and mirrors of the devil.


The next time you see the glitter and the shimmering of the world, run from the bait. It is time to stop blaming the devil and take responsibility for our actions. Yes, he may be tempting us, but we have a choice if we are hanging around where he is fishing. Remember, no matter how good it looks, sin takes us further than we ever planned on going.


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