The Lord’s Hand Guides in many different ways

About these Angels
Many years ago, an elderly lady was being abused by her daughter. Being close to the elderly lady, I was extremely angry. I picked up an abalone shell ashtray, (after calling adult protective services, the police, etc.), and smashed this shell as hard as I could on the ground.
In the midst of all the broken pieces, was an Angel. Wings, head, halo, bodice & skirt were all in place.
I picked up the pieces, and glued them together as they were presented in the pile of broken shells. A sense of peace came over me, and I knew then that these Angels & their message was for me to share them, and the Peace & Love they bring, with others.

16 years later, these little Angels still present themselves to me to be assembled, and shared – and there is always a cause that the proceeds go to – elder care. Sometimes it is in the form of gifts to those in convalescent hospitals who have no one to visit them on the holidays – a soft bed jacket, or a soft blanket; sometimes it is a gift to an elderly person down on their luck.

There is always more than 1 recipient for the Blessing that these Angels bring:
The person who purchases an Angel is also brought Blessings – sometimes by the beauty and awe that these little creatures posses, but in many cases, it is by them giving it to someone they know, that brings their Blessing. Many people have contacted me wanting more Angels, because the gift the Angels posses in being given away is truly astounding experience for them.

Each of these Angels are 1 of a kind, no 2 have the same ‘personality’. Each one is individually hand crafted with love, in CA, U.S.A., solely by 1 person, myself. These are NOT massed produced.

Sizes are small, approx. 2 inch lapel pins, $25.00 – Medium, approx. 5 inches tall, hanging ornamental style, $45.00 Free standing, approx. 11 inches tall, which have a clear stand, $225.00 are made as a custom order. With personalized theme & color range. Deposit is required for custom orders.

All creations, and their likenesses is sole ownership of the Creator, the Lord Jesus Himself.
Should you not chose to purchase an Angel from me, please don’t forget the elderly, everyday, they need us to help show them Gods Love at this stage in their life.

Deborah Hock (650) 712-1394

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