Patience-Long Suffering

For the last couple of months we have been thinking about the subject of patience. I am sure this is because our patience has been challenge many times. Working with many people who have a multitude of issues in their life, needless to say our patience is stretched.

It has also been challenging to wait for the blessings of God to come our way as we have made many sacrifices for the sake of ministry.

I was thinking about the word patience in the context of the fruit of the Spirit. Then a thought came to my mind. The King James calls patience long suffering. You know what that means? If we have not suffered long, we have not been patient.

So many times we say we have been patient about something, but the reality is we may have not even come close to suffering long regarding the situation.

When we have suffered long we can then say we have been patient.

Why is this concept so important? Because too many times we say we have been patient and then we quit too early in the ‘game’ when we do not see the results we want. If we understand that patience is long suffering, we will have a greater understanding why some things we are being patient about are taking longer than expected.

I think in America we certainly do not fully understand the concept of patience. We certainly do not like to suffer at all and we certainly do not want to wait for anything. Even our concept of long suffering I am sure is much different than people living in other parts of the world.

So, let’s stop grumbling when we claim to have been patient and yet have not suffered long.

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