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Richard D. Dover BlogGreetings to all of you who visit my personal blog site. This is where I share my heart, and hopefully at least some of the time, share the heart of Father  God, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Please understand my posts are my own opinion alone, and not necessary representative of the organizations that I represent. Also be aware that I am not a politically correct person. I much rather be biblically correct. So my posts may not line up with what the world has to say, or at times, even what it appears the Church is saying in America. I strongly believe the truth sets us free.

(We have transferred over 10 years of articles to this blog site. As time allows we are formatting the old entries.)

Is God Sovereign in Election 2016

god sovereignIs God Sovereign in Election 2016?

Do you believe God is sovereign? If you are a non-Christian you will most likely not read his article. If you are a Christian you may start to read it until you don’t like what it says. If you are a Hillary Clinton supporter you may believe that God is sovereign (If you even believe in a holy, just, righteous God) as long as Hillary whens. If you are a Donald Trump supporter you may believe God is sovereign if Donald Trump wins. Guess what? It does not matter what you believe. It matters what is true. Do you want what is true?

In this election cycle everyone is trying to defend their support of a candidate by whatever means they can. Of course, Christians are throwing out all kinds of verses to defend their candidate to prove their candidate is the one to vote for. This is all understandable. But we go back to the original question. Is God Sovereign in Election 2016? Continue reading “Is God Sovereign in Election 2016” »

America Needs Revival 1

america needs revivalAmerica Needs Revival

It should be clear that America needs a Revival. Without revival America will continue to go down a downward spiral that ends in total collapse. We will be writing several articles on revival.

Much of what has been happening in America in regards to the downward spiral to sin and immorality is because of the condition of The Church in America. Instead of being a light in this dark world, many Christians have become deceived and have embraced the darkness. They have bought into the lies of Satan and embraced the immorality of this world. They have embraced false doctrine and only desire ‘feel good’ messages. They need to get back to the Word of God and the truths found in Scripture. There needs to be a reformation in the Body of Christ. Continue reading “America Needs Revival” »

2016 Elections-Fear and Hate 2

election fear hate2016 Elections-Fear and Hate
Part One: Introduction

Let’s Get Real. Maybe the two best words to characterize the 2016 Election Cycle is FEAR and HATE. Now too an extent probably almost every election cycle since our nation was founded has some fear and hate taking place. But I can say since I started voting in 1972 I have never seen such fear and hate being manifested by both the Democrats and Republicans, and sadly it is easy to see how people who support either political party and candidates can have fear and hate. More sad is to see fear and hate manifested by Christians. (I know may will say they do not hate. We will address that later on in this article.) Continue reading “2016 Elections-Fear and Hate” »

2016 Elections-Fear and Hate: Christian Response 1

christian response2016 Elections-Fear and Hate
Part Two-What Should the Christian Response Be?

I start off this article with a disclaimer. At times I have been a hypocrite in my response. I have not always applied the biblical principles I am going to share. With this election cycle it would be easy to justify. Some would even defend me. But what is my measuring stick? Man or God’s Word? Who am I ultimately accountable to? God Almighty.  What about you. Continue reading “2016 Elections-Fear and Hate: Christian Response” »

2016 Elections-Fear and Hate Part Three-What is the Big Picture? 1

 sovreignty of god2016 Elections-Fear and Hate
Part Three-What is the Big Picture?

So what is the BIG PICTURE in regards to the 2016 Election Cycle? Is it for all of us, especially Christians to speak and walk out fear and hate? I hope you say no. Is the Big Picture about electing a President who will be the savior for America? I hope you say no. Is the Big Picture that there is such a thing as lesser corruption, lesser compulsive lying, lesser evil? I hope you say no. But I realize some of you have bought into that lie. But that is another topic. (Lesser of Two Evils) Continue reading “2016 Elections-Fear and Hate Part Three-What is the Big Picture?” »

End Times and Good News 1

end timesEnd Times and Good News

For the last month I have been wanting to preach and teach from Malachi 4:1-3 and talk about the End Times and the Good News for Christians regarding the end times. Yes Good News. Look at the promise in Malachi. We all know that things are going to get worse and worse in America. I would hope most Christians understand that no matter who becomes President America is going to be under the judgment of God. That persecution is going to come to the Body of Christ. BUT the Good News is that there can be an end times revival if Christians will repent. There is even more Good News. God will be with his remnant through the tough times. Continue reading “End Times and Good News” »

Christians and Their Political Foes

christians hating christiansChristians and Their Political Foes

What are people suppose to do when they have people they know that do not support the candidate they are voting for? Or more specifically what are Christians suppose to do? Those without Christ may have a hard time to follow the principles we share, but every Christian can and should apply these principles because they have the Holy Spirit within them and the Word of God to give them guidance. Continue reading “Christians and Their Political Foes” »

Racism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All

black lives matter allRacism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All

One of the big arguments that many people use against the Black Lives Matter movement is that many feel that the movement is not sincere. They argue that if Black lives really mattered then the movement would do more about Black on Black crime. Those in the movement would argue that they are concerned about Black on Black crime, but their main focus is on the injustices being perpetrated by Whites,  police, and the judicial system. We are going to look at both sides of the argument.

It would make since that BLM is for ALL Blacks. The challenge I will present will be “Is what BLM doing helping or harming Blacks overall”. Continue reading “Racism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All” »

More Concern-Hillary as President or America Turning Back to God?

america needs godMore Concern-Hillary Clinton as President or America Turning Back to God?

I have a question for American Christians. Especially Conservative Right Christians.

Are you more concerned in seeing Hillary Clinton not be President than you are about America turning back to God?

Or put in another way:
Is it more important that America turn back to God than doing everything to stop Hillary Clinton from being President? If so, what does that look like?

I first will acknowledge that as a Christian and a patriotic American that I believe that Hillary Clinton is far from being qualified to be the President for America because of her tremendously flawed character, irresponsible decisions, and her Progressive/Liberal mindset that supports policies that are contrary to the principles found in Scripture. I do believe that Hillary Clinton will be harmful to America and Christianity in America.
Continue reading “More Concern-Hillary as President or America Turning Back to God?” »

Trump and How You Treat Others

how mattersTrump and How You Treat Others

I have a very good friend that it would be safe to say leans toward Christian Conservative Right, Fiscally Conservative and Socially Conservative. (He, like me, does not like labels, but I use these labels to help clarify the following.) He is very unhappy with the Progressive Movement. He has a disdain for Hillary Clinton. He thus leans towards more of the GOP perspective on the issues and Trump’s bold addressing of the issues. However, like me, he strongly believes character matters. His perspective is character is very important when looking at leaders. The following is a post that he shared on Facebook. I am in total agreement with him to the point of saying he read my mind and then posted it. Continue reading “Trump and How You Treat Others” »