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Richard D. Dover BlogGreetings to all of you who visit my personal blog site. This is where I share my heart, and hopefully at least some of the time, share the heart of Father  God, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Please understand my posts are my own opinion alone, and not necessary representative of the organizations that I represent. Also be aware that I am not a politically correct person. I much rather be biblically correct. So my posts may not line up with what the world has to say, or at times, even what it appears the Church is saying in America. I strongly believe the truth sets us free.

(We have transferred over 10 years of articles to this blog site. As time allows we are formatting the old entries.)

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part One

american refugees

Refugees in America-Part One

This series is in regards to refugees coming into America. It is going to address the biblical principles of how Christians should respond to refugees coming into America. I promise that this will be a balanced approach to this topic. Extreme liberals (just mentioning Christian and Bible makes them uncomfortable) and extreme conservatives most likely will be challenged. Extreme religious right, many of whom operate out of fear instead of out of the character of Christ, will be challenged. They will not like the facts but hopefully they will embrace the principles found in Scripture. (To read a summary of this entire series, click here.) Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part One” »

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Two

american refugees

Refugees Coming into America-Part Two
What Should Christians Not Do?

I should mention again this series is not in regards to specifically Syrian Refugees. I have an entire series on that topic. Again, all Americans should have some concerns regarding refugees coming from countries that have Islamic terrorists. Based upon statistics since 2002, there is a .0009% chance of a terrorist-related arrest or attack that leads to the loss of life. Of course that can change any time. Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Two” »

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Four

no refugees in america

Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Four
Valid Concerns-Balanced Approach

Many Americans and Christian Americans have valid concerns regarding refugees coming into America. I will address these legitimate concerns and at the same time hopefully bring balance. I will not be addressing the specific Syrian Refugee situation because I have written several articles on that topic. Also for the sake of keeping this article shorter than longer, I am not going to share all the Scriptures and principles I share in the Syrian Refugee Series. I would highly recommend reading the entire series to get a full understanding of what Scripture has to say about foreigners in the land. Continue reading “Christians and Refugees Coming into America-Part Four” »

Weeping for Fidel Castro? 1

fidel castro

Weeping for Fidel Castro?

It appears the world is weeping for Fidel Castro. You know that humanitarian man who made healthcare and education free for all Cubans. You know that great man who delivered Cubans from a vicious dictator, Fulgencio Batista. Fidel Castro is the great man who united Cubans together. I mean he must be a great man with all the praise he is getting around the world. President Obama and former President Carter give him praise. Putin and Gorbachev praise him. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto praised him. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called him a great friend. Iran’s Supreme Leader and Muslim Cleric Ali Khamenei praised him.

It should be noted who is not praising him. The multitudes who were victims of his regime. The thousands who escaped Cuba from his regime. There are multitudes of Cuban Christians who are not praising him. They suffered greatly under his Communist/Marxist/Leninist rule. Continue reading “Weeping for Fidel Castro?” »

Balance is the Key to Life

balance key to life

Balance is the Key to Life

Now I don’t fully buy into that concept, since I believe following Christ is the ultimate key to life, but balance certainly important regarding living life on this earth. Sadly, it appears that many times elephants have a better ability to be balanced, that human beings. Most people are out of balance. Few make it an effort to live a balanced life. The reality even those who desire to live a balanced life, get out of balance. This is why we must make a conscious effort to make being balanced one of the keys to living life on earth.

Here is what out of balance looks like:
‘All Muslims are taught to lie’, or ‘Most Muslims are taught to lie to promote Islam’. ‘Most police are racist’. ‘Christians are bigots’. ‘Most Blacks are lazy’. ‘Most Whites are prejudice and racists’. ‘You can’t trust….’. ‘All liberals are self-centered’. The list goes on and on. That is why America is so divided. People refuse to make the effort to be balanced. They refuse to look at their lives and acknowledge, they are out of balance.

Continue reading “Balance is the Key to Life” »

Make America Great Again 1

make america great again

Make America Great Again

What American would not want America Great Again. Now maybe there are some Americans who do not believe America was ever great. That is fine, they are Americans and are entitled to their opinion. BUT, what American could not say they want America to be Great? If not, I question why they are an American citizen and why they are living in America. If a person totally hates this country, we are a country that gives you the freedom to move to another country. Continue reading “Make America Great Again” »

Racism in America-Conclusion 13

racism in america

Racism in America-Conclusion

This a summary of our Racism in America Series. We have written 18 articles in this series with eight suggested solutions to Racism in America. We have done our best to help show ways how to prevent racism. However, the truth is that as long as there are fallen human beings on earth there will be racism. What matters is that we do our part to not be racist, prejudiced, or be a bigot.We may not be able to remove all racism in America but we can do our best to make sure there is no racism in our own heart. Ultimately that is all we are responsible for at the end of the day.

Continue reading “Racism in America-Conclusion” »

Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ 4

gospel of jesus christ

Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ

If we want to see racism eradicated (will never be eradicated while people are on earth) it is going to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is going to take each of us admitting that we are fallen human beings, that we are sinners, and we need a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is going to take the Word of God transforming us. It is going to take God through His Holy Spirit exposing the racism and prejudices of our heart. It is going to take us repenting of the racism in our hearts. It is going to take the love of God overtaking us so that we can love people of other races. Continue reading “Racism-Part Seventeen-Solution Eight-The Gospel of Jesus Christ” »