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Richard D. Dover BlogGreetings to all of you who visit my personal blog site. This is where I share my heart, and hopefully at least some of the time, share the heart of Father  God, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Please understand my posts are my own opinion alone, and not necessary representative of the organizations that I represent. Also be aware that I am not a politically correct person. I much rather be biblically correct. So my posts may not line up with what the world has to say, or at times, even what it appears the Church is saying in America. I strongly believe the truth sets us free.

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Racism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All

black lives matter allRacism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All

One of the big arguments that many people use against the Black Lives Matter movement is that many feel that the movement is not sincere. They argue that if Black lives really mattered then the movement would do more about Black on Black crime. Those in the movement would argue that they are concerned about Black on Black crime, but their main focus is on the injustices being perpetrated by Whites,  police, and the judicial system. We are going to look at both sides of the argument.

It would make since that BLM is for ALL Blacks. The challenge I will present will be “Is what BLM doing helping or harming Blacks overall”. Continue reading “Racism in America-Part Twelve, Black Lives Matter-All” »

More Concern-Hillary as President or America Turning Back to God?

america needs godMore Concern-Hillary Clinton as President or America Turning Back to God?

I have a question for American Christians. Especially Conservative Right Christians.

Are you more concerned in seeing Hillary Clinton not be President than you are about America turning back to God?

Or put in another way:
Is it more important that America turn back to God than doing everything to stop Hillary Clinton from being President? If so, what does that look like?

I first will acknowledge that as a Christian and a patriotic American that I believe that Hillary Clinton is far from being qualified to be the President for America because of her tremendously flawed character, irresponsible decisions, and her Progressive/Liberal mindset that supports policies that are contrary to the principles found in Scripture. I do believe that Hillary Clinton will be harmful to America and Christianity in America.
Continue reading “More Concern-Hillary as President or America Turning Back to God?” »

Trump and How You Treat Others

how mattersTrump and How You Treat Others

I have a very good friend that it would be safe to say leans toward Christian Conservative Right, Fiscally Conservative and Socially Conservative. (He, like me, does not like labels, but I use these labels to help clarify the following.) He is very unhappy with the Progressive Movement. He has a disdain for Hillary Clinton. He thus leans towards more of the GOP perspective on the issues and Trump’s bold addressing of the issues. However, like me, he strongly believes character matters. His perspective is character is very important when looking at leaders. The following is a post that he shared on Facebook. I am in total agreement with him to the point of saying he read my mind and then posted it. Continue reading “Trump and How You Treat Others” »

Racism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter

blue lives matterRacism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter

Because of all the protests against police in general, because of some in the Black Lives Matter movement who have spoken nothing but hate towards police, because some BLM leaders have actually encouraged violence against police, because of the rejoicing at times when police are killed in the line of duty, because there has been an overemphasis of some bad police officers compared to the multitudes who are just doing their job the best they can, the Blue Lives Matter movement has been started. It is not an organized movement in the same way as Black Lives Matter. It is not a political movement like Black Lives Matter. It is mainly just American citizens and police officers stating they support police officers. Continue reading “Racism in America, Part Thirteen-Blue Lives Matter” »

Racism in America-Part Eleven, Black Lives Matter

black lives matterRacism-Part Eleven, Black Lives Matter

I am sure with the title of this article that there will be some immediately getting angry. Others will say ‘yep that is true’. But after reading this article I hope both sides find a balanced approach. Let me make it perfectly clear that I intentionally chose the title of the article so both sides would read the article, and that I do believe there is racism by some in the BLM movement. If this not acknowledged, is denied, or is not dealt with, the BLM movement will not be a solution to racism in America, it will be another excuse for people to be racist. Also, if Whites and others believe that all members/supporters of BLM are racist, there will continue to be a division between Blacks and Whites. Balance, balance, balance. BTW, any White person who hates the phrase Black Lives Matter just for the phrase alone, most likely is leaning towards racism.  Continue reading “Racism in America-Part Eleven, Black Lives Matter” »

Choose Sin, Not Consequences

choose sin not consequencesChoose Sin, not Consequences

That is something to think about. It should actually be scary. Every human being has a free will. Every human being has the freedom to choose any sin (sins) that they would like to have in their life and to participate in. Any sin.

Some may say that I choose the lesser sins. The less evil sin. (As if there is such a thing in the eyes of God. The Bible makes it clear that one sin will send you to hell. Actually just being human and not accepting Christ will send you to hell.)
Acts 4:11-12, This Jesus is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone.12 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. Continue reading “Choose Sin, Not Consequences” »

Are You Willing to Pick Up the Shovel?

god move mountainsAre You Willing to Pick Up the Shovel?

Many times we run into situations in life when we need God to do a miracle. Or at least it appears to us it is going to take a miracle. However, before we ask God to do a miracle, how about us doing our part first.

My experience has been many times individuals are not willing to pick up the shovel to move the mountain. Our God is an all powerful God and He can do amazing things on our behalf. He desires to do miracles in our life because of His love and so that He may be glorified so that others may know of His amazing love. But, He is not a Santa Claus. He is not a God that jumps through our hoops. We must be willing to do our part to move mountains. Continue reading “Are You Willing to Pick Up the Shovel?” »

What Should Americans Do?-Part Eleven

lead people to christWhat Should Americans Do?-Part Eleven
Lead People to Christ

What should American Christians do about the moral decline in America, the antagonism and hatred towards God in America, the threat of terrorism and specifically Radical Islamist, the Middle East Crisis, the racial divides, the overall ‘falling apart’ of our world as we know it?

So far we have said American Christians should:
a. Not do nothing
b. Repent
c. Vote
d. Pray
e. Weep! Be in Anguish
f. Speak Out
g. Walk in Holiness
h. Pray for Revival
i. Don’t Give Up
j. Pray for Mercy
k. Lead People to Christ

As important all of the above is, the most important thing we can do is Lead People to Christ. Our repentance, voting, praying, weeping, speaking out, walking in holiness, praying for revival, not giving up, praying for mercy may or may not stop what is happening in America and the world. What we can be assured of is if we lead people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and disciple them, they can join with us for America, but more importantly they will have eternal life, heaven will be their home instead of this earth. They will have eternal life instead of eternal punishment.

If we want to see abortion changed in America, then win people to Christ who support abortion. If we want to see homosexuality changed, win homosexuals to Christ. The same goes for winning Muslims to Christ. This will not stop all abortions, stop homosexual marriages, stop Islamic terrorists but at least we have done our part. Again, more importantly, there will be people in heaven that would not be otherwise.

You may not be able to win the world, but you can win one. You may not be able to change the world, but you can be a tool to bring change in a life.

Leading someone to Christ is not the end of your responsibility, it is the beginning of your responsibility. The next step is to disciple them. Raise them up to be individuals that live a life of repentance, not ashamed of the Gospel, living a life of holiness.

What would happen if every American did all of the above? God would be glorified. Our nation would honor God again. Of course, most Christians won’t do all of the above. BUT there will be a remnant. Will you be willing to be the remnant?

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It’s God’s Fault-This series is on the subject of the SCOTUS ruling on homosexual marriage in America. We can promise it will not be politically correct for Christians and non-Christians but will be biblically based.

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Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils-Part One 3

choose evil less evilVoting for the Lesser of Two Evils-Part One

First off we all know that unless Jesus Christ is running for office, whoever is running for political office is evil because we all fall short of the glory of God and are sinners. Sin is evil. However, most of the time when someone speaks of voting for the lesser two evils, the word evil is used loosely. What is normally meant is that both candidates are not the best choices for the political office, but one of them is the better choice in the mind of the person. Almost always this is going to be the case. Continue reading “Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils-Part One” »