ATTN: CBS previous users-transfer of your blog articles

We are working hard at transferring your previous blog articles. We need your help to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please be aware that there will be glitches along the way.

We need your help to make the transition smoother. Here is what we need from you.
1. DO NOT post any longer at website.
2. ASAP create categories in your new blog site that match the categories in your old blog site.
3. Add images/photos/graphics to your Media file of your new blog site. If any of your old blog articles contain images (and you don’t have them on your local computer) you should get them from your old blog site and save those images to your new blog site. (We also are going to try to capture all of them, but this is going to be challenging and we may miss some.)

Be aware that when we transfer your articles to the new site that there will be some issues:
a. Any articles that have images in them will have links to the image path that will be wrong. You will need to go into your articles and change the image path.
b. If you used the ‘more’ feature when posting articles it will not work properly in regards to your articles. We are hoping to find a work around on this but not sure if we can get something to work.

Previous CBS Users Update 10-19-15

We have started registering existing CBS members to this new site.

We asking previous users to no longer post articles on this site. Start using the new site immediately. If you have not moved your site over yet go to Contact Us and let us know you need a new account.

It is our goal in the next two weeks to have all postings from your current blog moved to the new blog site. (For sure we will be able to save all your postings.)

At the end of this week we will be doing redirects of exisiting blog URLs to the new URLS.

Be sure to keep checking back at our FAQ page. We are adding information on a regular basis (at least a couple times a day).

We have added a FAQ Section

New Users-Go to our FAQs.

Have questions? Go to our Contact Page.