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Abortion- Yes or No?

Dear Readers, Since Roe V Wade passed, over 60,000,000 babies have been aborted in the USA.  Our God can’t be pleased.  This reblog is about the decision I made almost 43 years ago… ABORTION- YES OR NO?    Journal Entry, 

Halloween Horror

Dear Readers, Here is a quick little story that happened when my children were young… HALLOWEEN HORROR,  Journal Entry,  October 1977 It was our usual October preparation time for Halloween.  We decorated our house, sometimes put costumes on the adults,

Thought For The Day

Dear Readers, Every single time I enter the hospital for my volunteer job, I ask the Lord for two things…   THOUGHT FOR THE DAY As I enter the building and walk the corridors of the hospital, my prayers are

The Big C

Dear Readers, Just when I think I am running out of stories, the Lord reminds me He is not finished with me yet… THE BIG C,   Journal Entry,  2018 At my volunteer job I did my usual rounds seeing people

Which Bible Should I Read?

Dear Readers, There is so much confusion about which bible is the correct one, the most accurate, the actual Word of God?  How do we decide…   WHICH BIBLE SHOULD I READ?    Journal Entry,  September 16, 2011 Today a


Dear Readers, This is a reblog of another healing, and I believe the Lord wants me to continue posting these… THE SURPRISE HEALING,   Journal Entry, May 3, 2014 While walking in my prayer field several weeks ago, I tripped over


Dear Readers, I don’t know why, but the Lord is strongly laying a story line on my heart and mind to reblog my own true experiences of physical healing that He has blessed our family with.  Today is reblog number

Retirement In The Bible Belt

Dear Readers, We visited Missouri looking for a possible retirement area and immediately fell in love with “The Show Me State.”  The bible belt, the people, the weather, the cost of living, the wildlife, some family living there; it all

A Day Away From Losing Him

Dear Readers, This is a reblog from a couple years ago.  My hubby and I went to Colorado for a three week vacation and eloped while we were there.  What happened when we returned was shocking… A DAY AWAY FROM

God’s Little Ministry

Dear Readers, I prayed this morning with my hubby before going to work because I felt like God’s little ministry given to me at my volunteer job, was waning.   That I was not being used….   GOD’S LITTLE MINISTRY,   Journal