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Retirement To The Show Me State

Dear Readers,
After retiring, we decided to take a motor home trip around the country praying for the Lord to show us a perfect retirement area, and this is where we ended up…

It’s Time For Women To Step Up

Dear Readers,
I am appalled at what is happening in some states in our country regarding infanticide!  I debated abortion over 43 years ago shortly after legalization  (Read my blog- Abortion Yes or No).  As I am turning 75 years

Experiencing New Life

Dear Readers,
As I approach 10 years of volunteering at our local hospital, my blogs hopefully reflect my love for what I do…
EXPERIENCING NEW LIFE,  Journal Entry,  June, 2016
Arriving at the birthing center, which is a locked facility


Dear Readers,
I know miracles happen every day but I still feel the need to write about mine, maybe just because people should hear them.   Today was a scary time and a wonderful time as well.  Today was a miracle

The Bunting

Dear Readers,
My Christmas blog is a story from 1993.  A letter sent to my son in Denver, Colorado.  It is about a vision God gave me in October of 93, concerning his first born, my brand new grandson…

Abortion- Yes or No?

Dear Readers,
Since Roe V Wade passed, over 60,000,000 babies have been aborted in the USA.  Our God can’t be pleased.  This reblog is about the decision I made almost 43 years ago…
ABORTION- YES OR NO?    Journal Entry, 

Halloween Horror

Dear Readers,
Here is a quick little story that happened when my children were young…
HALLOWEEN HORROR,  Journal Entry,  October 1977
It was our usual October preparation time for Halloween.  We decorated our house, sometimes put costumes on the adults,

Thought For The Day

Dear Readers,
Every single time I enter the hospital for my volunteer job, I ask the Lord for two things…
As I enter the building and walk the corridors of the hospital, my prayers are

The Big C

Dear Readers,
Just when I think I am running out of stories, the Lord reminds me He is not finished with me yet…
THE BIG C,   Journal Entry,  2018
At my volunteer job I did my usual rounds seeing people

Which Bible Should I Read?

Dear Readers,
There is so much confusion about which bible is the correct one, the most accurate, the actual Word of God?  How do we decide…
WHICH BIBLE SHOULD I READ?    Journal Entry,  September 16, 2011
Today a