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Parenting A Child/Positive vs. Negative

Dear Readers,

My first child was an experience that taught me a great deal about parenting…


I have always been a hyperactive person, getting much accomplished daily.  After being married three and a half years, and struggling to get pregnant, along came my first child, a son.  This didn’t slow me down, I only worked harder and faster.  I was a systematic parent as well as a systematic housekeeper.  Everything orderly, neat, clean, and in it’s place!

As my little guy reached the age of two and a half, I started noticing he was having chronic dysentery.  After a thorough exam, my family doctor found nothing abnormal.  He referred me to a pediatric specialist, who checked him for every childhood disease possible, including Cystic Fibrosis.  I was scared, really scared!

While waiting for the test results to show up, I noticed the doctor observing me and my interaction with my child.  The specialist quickly concluded that I was a very tense mom!  After his complete examination of my son, (and I), the doctor sat us down for a conference.   With my youngster sitting on my lap, one by one, we went over all the test results, eliminating any dangerous diseases.  I finally started to relax while the doctor continued to observe us.  Then the middle aged specialist gave me his diagnosis.

“Mom, my conclusion is that you need to relax as a parent!  I have observed you for awhile and I think you need to lighten up on your parenting!”  Instantly offended, I gave him a strange look!  I considered myself to be a very caring parent.

He gently continued, “Mom, you need to let up in the perfectionist department!  You need to be more positive and less negative in your parenting!”

“What do you mean?” I asked him to explain himself.

“When you interact with your son, I want you to do more complimenting and less correcting!  Discover all the things he does well, and encourage him often!  Don’t just scold him for picking his nose, tell him how good he has been today about not picking his nose!  Understand?  Be positive all the time, not negative all the time and give him more attention when he is good, not just when he is bad!  Many parents tend to ignore their children whenever they are behaving well and only speak to them when they are getting into mischief!”   The doctor politely gave me several more examples, as well as a small book on positive vs. negative parenting.

I headed home with joy and relief in my heart over the test results, especially no Cystic Fibrosis as was feared.  I read the entire book the doctor gave me and started my positive parenting that very day!  Remarkably, with uplifting comments, the dysentery disappeared and my son’s whole personality began to change!  He responded proudly to all my daily compliments!

Very quickly I realized how little previous experience I had in child rearing.  With almost no babysitting in my youth, and both parents working in the family business, only my three older sisters taught me whatever I knew.

Life back in the 60’s wasn’t like today, where they recommend parenting classes to young pregnant couples!  For the rest of my life I have tried regularly to be a positive parent, and all three of my children turned out to be decent kids that didn’t get in trouble.  Well, maybe a little!

Today my children are, “A 40 year old daughter with her Master’s Degree in Social work, A 46 year old daughter with a Graphic Arts/Marketing Degree, and a 50 year old son who for 25 years has been and Estimator of storm damage for a large company in Denver, Colorado.  I am quite proud of all of them!

I am most proud of the fact that they have given me four grandchildren who also love the Lord.


Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo

Proverbs 22:6,   “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”   (NIV)




My China Doll

Dear Readers,

Today is the second time I have met this encouraging patient.  It seems God knows exactly when I need a boost!  Not surprising since He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient…


MY CHINA DOLL,   Journal Entry,  2017


“China Doll” I nicknamed her since she is both fragile and strong.  On my volunteer job, as I approached my final patient room with books and magazines, a huge grin greeted me!

With eyes wide and welcoming I heard, “There you are!  I thought I wouldn’t get to see you before being released from the hospital today!  I have been telling everyone about you and your stories!”  She shook my memory to an awakening of our last visit a few months ago, “I have passed your stories on to everyone I know!  Do you have more that I can read and pass on?”

Reaching into my overstuffed pockets, I managed to find a few new titles.  China went on and on complimenting my writing, and then tried to push me to get my work published!

“Oh no, it’s too late for that!” I chuckled, “I’m 73 years old!  I’ll let my kids try to publish my work after I die, kind of like Laura Ingalls daughter did for her mom!”

After talking awhile, I asked her if we could pray together, but first I thanked God for the encouragement that she gives me each time I talk with her at the hospital.

As I left her room, her doctor was coming in to release her to go home.  I glanced back at her and said, “I love you China Doll!” and within minutes I realized we barely crossed paths.  Isn’t God gracious!

At the front desk, we met again and I walked her out to her car and wished her well.  Thinking to myself as I watched her leave, “If I had not followed God’s direction and started writing my journal over 40 years ago, I never would have come this far and affected so many people with all the life experiences that the Lord has brought me through.  He enabled me to touch numerous patients, family, and friends over the years with this little ministry.  What a waste of a Christian walk I would have been if I had not followed His lead!”

If I could tell the young Christians one thing before I die, it would be, “Follow the urges of your heart for God!  Emulate His lead and watch where He will bring you over the next 40 to 50 years of your life!  You will be amazed at what He will accomplish through you!”

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


Matt.6:24,  “No one can serve two masters.  Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You can not serve both God and mammon.”  (money)  NIV


Hurricane Harvey



Dear Readers,

As I watch the horror of Texas and Mississippi unfold I wonder if this is yet another wake up call for America!  It is amazing how we pull together as a country when tragedy occurs.  After just experiencing the white supremacy marches in the south angering so many people, here comes another 911 to open our eyes to love instead of hate!

God alone controls every drop of rain that falls, not us!  He alone knows exactly when the storms will end and the water will recede.  Love and hate are only a split second away.

Please help the people of Texas and Mississippi and the surrounding areas in any way you can!  Do it now, while love and forgiveness are still in your heart.  And then, take time to thank God for all He has given you.  Thank you for helping.

Love in Christ,     Claire  xoxo

Eph. 4:32.  “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” NIV


Is Heaven For Real?

Dear Readers,

Many people wonder if God is real!  If heaven is real!  I stopped wondering that since, “The Midnight Light” (Blog story- February 16, 2011), where I experienced my bedroom filling up with daylight as I knelt in prayer before climbing into bed.  But recently, I watched a movie about God and heaven that was life changing.  This film is a must see….


HEAVEN IS FOR REAL,  Journal Entry,  December 5, 2016

I’m so emotional today!  I just watched a movie entitled, “Heaven Is For Real,” a true story about Pastor Todd Burpo and his family who live in Nebraska.  His young son, who almost died during surgery, had a near death experience!  He visited heaven at four years old, and saw things he could never possibly know!  As he healed and was released from the hospital, he began to reveal the people he saw and things he experienced, including seeing and talking with his deceased great grandfather, and meeting a sister who died in his mother’s womb!

This film so moved me to an awakening of my own spiritual experiences, that it brought me to tears.  I know it is all real!  I know it!  I haven’t doubted that since I saw, “The Midnight Light!”  God and heaven are not make believe!  Nonbelievers have no clue as to what they are missing!

This past November was a presidential election.  The whole Bible belt of believers knows that God chooses our world leaders, including our new president!  I get laughed at when I suggest this to my liberal relatives and friends.  But, I know that I know, that I know, God is in control of EVERYTHING!  All of it!  Only a fool couldn’t see that!

What a shock nonbelievers are in for when Jesus returns for His people!  God will open the eyes of some that are left behind!  According to the book of Revelations, there will only be one more opportunity given to accept Jesus, and that will be it!

“Please God, “I pray, “I want all my loved ones with me in heaven!  A heaven I know is real!”

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Matt. 6:9+10,  “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…”

John 3:16,  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  (NIV)


P.S.  Also acknowledged in the film was a young girl, Akiane Kramarik from Lithuania who also had a similar near death experience around the same age as Pastor Burpo’s son, and now she paints pictures of all the things she saw.  You can look her up on UTube.

(I would like to acknowledge the New York Times Best Seller,  “Heaven is for Real,” a Sony film, Tristar Pictures, Starring Greg Kinnear- as Pastor Burpo.)


The Love Pillow

(Occasionally I pull out a blog story from my archives.)

Dear Readers,

It is amazing the things we draw comfort from during a trauma.  My breast cancer involved many tests, a failed aspiration from a lump the doctors thought was a cyst, a biopsy, three surgeries, 30+ radiation treatments, and severe complications from the radiation…

THE LOVE PILLOW,  Published on July 7, 2011


Looking back, I remember when the doctors finally decided I had breast cancer, and not a cyst as I was originally told.  When I arrived at U Mass Medical Hospital for my second surgery, my nurse handed me a “Goody Bag!”

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“Just some stuff to help you through this ordeal!” she smiled

Opening that bag took my mind off the cancer for a few short minutes.  Two items in that sack I will never forget; a cloth bound notebook to write a daily journal of my walk with cancer, (I filled every page), and a pillow!

Holding up my little pillow I questioned the nurse again, “What do I do with this?”  I was still naive as to what was ahead.

“That is to put under your sore breast after surgery!” my nurse went on, “Women find it more comfortable with a little soft support afterwards!”

At that point I looked at the tiny 6″x 10″ treasure, and had no idea the comfort I would draw from that gift!  All I knew was that a stranger’s hands made this, just for me!  How thoughtful!

I remember, every night when I rolled over in bed onto my left side, the pain would force me to reach for my precious pillow and tuck it under me.  It always relieved the discomfort so I could go back to sleep!  Often I laid there wondering, ” What sweet person made this out of the kindness of their heart?”  It didn’t matter, because God knew who that kind, caring, soul was!

Years have passed since that 2003 illness.  After a year of cancer related illnesses, I retired early and my hubby and I relocated from Massachusetts to Missouri.  But, I still have that tiny brown-flowered pillow tucked in my bureau drawer, and when I pull it out and hold it close to my heart, I’m reminded of how special someone’s unique ministry is!  And, of the time, care, love, and cost that was put into it.

Fond memories of this gift will stay with me forever.  I wonder if the person who made this has any idea as to how much that care package meant to me!

So, to whomever makes these items for the cancer patients at UMass Medical Hospital, or any other hospital, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love in Christ,   Claire xoxo

Hebrews 6:10,  “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”  (NIV)



I Will Never Forget I Worship a Jew

Dear Readers,

Again while walking my prayer field, the Lord spoke to my heart and reminded me of three different events from my past…

I WILL NEVER FORGET I WORSHIP A JEW,  Journal Entry,  June, 2017

Sometimes I think Christians feel like we are the chosen people!  But God sent us a Jewish Savior, who was raised by a Jewish mother and a Jewish Stepfather!  Three stories came to my mind for this blog, from my past experiences…

About 30 years ago, I attended a “Jews For Jesus” event, with speaker Ira Kellerman.  It was in a massive auditorium in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I have never experienced the power of the Holy Spirit with such strength, as I did that day!

Many of us skeptics stayed seated when Ira gave an alter call, even though we saw lines of people being slain in the Spirit.  I remember that Ira had a great sense of humor!  Looking out among all of the cynics, (I was one of them) Ira grinned and said, “You don’t believe this is real do you?  Well, let’s see!”  Then he proceeded to wave his arm in a giant circle over the stadium!  What took place next still amazes me, since I, a stiff necked New England native, had no control over any of it!   Almost the entire auditorium, seated and standing people, went down!  I was seated, and still went down!  (Slain in the Spirit as it is called.)  The warmth, comfort, and knowing that I experienced was incredible!

Since attending that event over 30 years ago, the movement of Jews accepting Jesus as their Messiah has skyrocketed!  Which brings me to my second memory…

Last year our Task Force women’s bible study were told by a visiting missionary from Israel that,” Even in Israel many of the Hebrews are secretly inviting Jesus into their hearts and accepting Him as their Messiah!”

I don’t know why God laid this subject on my heart so heavily, but it was so profound that I didn’t want to forget it, which brings me to my third memory…

My third story has never left my mind since childhood!  It occurred when I was about 11 or 12 years old.  My parents owned a small package store business.  Mr. Beegan, who had been their accountant for many years, came to our house one day to prep their books for tax season.

Salesmen were always coming and going in and out of our home as well, and several visited that day.  Standing nearby, I noticed when some of them passed Mr. Beegan working at his desk, they made nasty comments and called him vulgar names used for Jewish people.  He just ignored them and kept on working.  After they all left, my mother (Clara)  went over to his desk and apologized to Mr. B. for their behavior.  I over heard his comment which has stuck in my mind for more than 60 years!  His response when mom apologized was,  “That’s all right Clara!  I know all of you worship a Jew!”

As a preteen, I thought deeply about that comment for many years!  Still do!  It was the first time in my life I realized, I also worship a Jew!

So, here is my first blog for the month of July.  I pray it pleases the Lord, and stirs your imagination as it has mine!  Thank you all for reading my life’s experiences.

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Acts 2:36,  “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ.”  (NKJV)



An Unknown Glow

Dear Readers,

God revealed a secret to me the first day I started working at the WRTA  (Worcester Regional Transit Authority)…


AN UNKNOWN GLOW! –  Journal Entries,  Fall of 1994 to 2003…

In the fall of 1994 a Dispatcher/Inspector position came open at the city bus company.  After only being employed there for two years and ten months, I was eligible to sign the roster and try out for the job!

I couldn’t believe my big break came after such a short period of driving for the company.  This was unheard of!  Never before in the history of the RTA could a junior driver ever have a shot at such a high paying assignment.

The newest union contract had recently removed seniority privileges from the dispatch office, which meant that now if you didn’t like working in the office anymore, you couldn’t return to your seniority as a bus driver.  You automatically would go to the bottom of the senior list.  Twenty and thirty year veterans weren’t about to give that up, so the bidding on the dispatcher opening came all the way down to me, about 100 or so drivers.

A few people above me signed the roster and tried out, but I had two things in my favor..

One, traditionally the dispatch office was quite stressful, and most drivers, after a few days of training, would go back to driving a bus.

Two,  I had a secret that no one else knew, but I will share it with my readers!  On the very first day I started working at the company, when I entered the lobby, I glanced to my left and looked up the steps to the dispatcher’s office!  “IT WAS GLOWING!”  Almost like there was a star shining over the entire room!   And, I heard a word from God that I will never ever forget, “THAT ROOM IS GOING TO BE YOURS!”  As a rookie driver, I had no clue what this message entailed.

Unanswered  puzzle pieces began to fall into place.  It all became evident two years and ten months later, the message was clear!  God had told me that position was going to be mine from day one!  I couldn’t fail!  I couldn’t let myself fail!  Never before had a woman ever held that spot full-time.  I was scared to death!

Because no one wanted to give up their seniority, only a handful of senior drivers signed up for the job.  As I suspected, their attempts at training failed.  The union tried to sneak in a junior male driver, but he refused to accept until I was given my due process, and he withdrew his name from the roster.  I finally got my chance!

When my training began, our Chief Starter tried many different ways to break me.  Every day I dragged home exhausted, but I knew all I had to do was stick it out no matter how tough it got.  The training was grueling and people all over the company encouraged me to give up, but none of them knew my secret!

It wasn’t going to be easy and I sensed it, but God was guiding me.  Math skills and some business experience helped, but a grueling five hour psychology test that revealed my entire personality and ability to handle the pressure and responsibility, was required.  I passed all that, with only “Slight timidness” highlighted in my test results.  Now, if I could learn everything in three weeks of rigorous training, I would become the Junior Dispatcher and my salary would double!  I would receive the biggest pay raise of any employee ever in the history of the company!  Praise God!

The Lord knew all this was going to happen at least 2 years and 10 months earlier, and HE TOLD ME!  That is the amazing part of this story!  He told me it was going to be mine the very day I started working at the RTA!  He didn’t say it was going to be easy, just that it would be mine!

I held onto that key promotion and over the next eight or nine years I advanced to third senior out of six Dispatcher/Inspectors in the office.

Then, at 60 years old, I discovered I had breast cancer and took medical leave from my job.  Thank you God, the company covered all my medical expenses, and since I had accumulated 90+ sick days, a full paycheck for over four months.

I decided on an early retirement soon after, but never stopped thanking God for giving me that career.  If you listen to the Spirit inside of you, it is nothing short of miraculous how many great things God will do!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Phil. 4:13,  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (NIV)

P.S.   I heard recently that almost every Dispatcher/Inspector in the office, at my bus company, is now a woman!



Was It Pride?

Dear Readers,

Through the pain it dawned on me, it might be my pride…

WAS IT PRIDE?  Journal Entry,  June, 2017


God has always blessed me with first-rate health.  Except for a short battle with breast cancer, and a few stomach problems, at 73 years old, I’m in excellent condition.  About a month ago, I injured my right knee running on my treadmill.  The pain at times, has been unbearable on both sides of my leg.  A trip to emergacare helped and three xrays showed no damage, just a little arthritis.

As the weeks passed I prayed, “So, why all the pain Lord?  And, why isn’t it improving?  Am I going to be using a walker for the rest of my life?  Is this part of your perfect plan for me?  All I asked for recently was for You to enhance my little hospital ministry!  And, this is what I get as an answer?”  I went on and on, wah, wah, wah!

About 4 weeks passed with no improvement, just unrelenting pain.  I started wondering if I was approaching God wrong.  I had not asked for healing in Jesus’s name!  I had not tried to see this experience as an awakening or another learning curve, or a unique way that God might be showing me something important!  Like for instance, maybe He wanted me to see how much knee pain my husband has been in for years, or wanted me to be able to relate to the hospital patients more closely who are also in a great deal of pain!  I wasn’t sure.

“Why Lord?” was all I could seem to ask at first, but after several weeks my curiosity turned into fear of never improving and eventually losing my volunteer job that I love so much.

In my search for answers I finally asked God, “Is this a pride problem?”  Having taken my healthy body and youthful activities like running on my treadmill, and moving wheelchairs of people all over the hospital, and pushing a heavy cart of magazines and books everywhere, maybe just maybe, I was taking for granted how blessed I am to have this good health, and thinking like it was because of something special I did, not what God did for me?

Was I bragging about my healthy diet?  Was I bragging about my healthy exercising?  Was I telling people to do this or that to improve their health, instead of suggesting they turn to God?

“Dear Father in heaven, ” I prayed, “Did my pride take over when I was asked about health or well being?  Did I suggest even once, that it was because of something I did, and didn’t depend on You, but depended on myself?”  I wondered and wondered.  Then more prayers of forgiveness poured out…

“Father if I took credit, even once, for any part of the goodness in my life, when all credit belongs to You, please forgive me!  Your Word says all good comes from God, but sometimes, pride so subtly slips in, we hardly even notice it’s there!”

I prayed a bunch about this season the Lord was showing me.  I believe this scenario is definitely a possible conclusion!  I think all of us have to deal with pride constantly.  Like every sin, it slips in and robs us of our closeness to God.  Sometimes we need to be startled, just so we will never ever take for granted all that God does daily for each and every one of us.

Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

James 1:17,  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”  (NIV)


P.S.  Since I wrote this blog, a dear friend at church who has a doctor in her family, told me a solution to try that might help and I have greatly improved!  But I will never forget this test!  And, I will never stop thanking God for healing my leg on His time.


A Tragic Outcome For So Many

Dear Readers,

Watching one of my favorite films, “Hidden Figures,” personal memories of 1986 came racing back…


A TRAGIC OUTCOME FOR SO MANY,  Memories from January, 1986


My family was living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a booming technology area, sitting at the base of Pikes Peak.  For ten years we loved living there.  My children hardly remembered living in New England.

Sharon Christa McAuliffe, born in Boston, Mass. and a teacher at Concord High School in New Hampshire, and the crew of the space shuttle Challenger, were about to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  That was kind of exciting for us, as my husband worked at TRW in Colorado Springs, and helped build the electronic components that went into the shuttles.

All set up to watch the launch that January 28th, 1986, suddenly only 73 seconds into the flight, the Challenger exploded into a million pieces, killing everyone on board and paralyzing the entire country.  The shock wave resonated across the USA.

After getting over the loss of all those brave astronauts, as well as our famous school teacher, little did any of us realize in Colorado Springs how devastating this disaster would be, or how many people’s lives would be affected.

Within a couple weeks my hubby came home with the dreadful news, “We were told today that all os us would be laid off within the year, in three waves!” he sighed.

Many employees started looking for work immediately and left on the first wave, but my husband didn’t want to.  We had just bought our dream home on five acres in Falcon, Colo. (A small town outside of the Springs), and we all loved living there.  So he decided to try and ride it out.

By the time the third wave of layoffs finally came, there were no jobs left anywhere.  Colorado Springs turned into a ghost town.  All the large tech companies closed their doors, leaving empty high rises and hundreds of deserted homes all over the urban area.  Finding work became impossible.

Through a blessing from God, my mate contacted my brother-in-law in Massachusetts who managed to get him a position at AT&T in New England.  He immediately went back east to start his new career, while the kids and I stayed behind to finish out the school year, and I attempted to sell our dream home.

Finally, during summer break from school and no success at selling the house, we leased our home, rented a uhaul, and reluctantly headed back east.  My 19 year old son decided he would never leave the state he loved so much, and moved in with a friend until he could get his own place.  My teenage daughter fought us tooth and nail to stay with him in Colorado, but she had not yet finished high school and so, reluctantly came east with us.  My 11 year old was excited to go, and saw it as an adventure.

A severe recession hit the middle of the country as people poured out of the area and headed to the east and west coasts in search of work.  Thank God, we didn’t have to worry about that.  Who would ever imagine that the shuttle explosion could affect so many lives.

Over the next few years the mushroom effect of the recession hit the entire United States.  Homes plummeted in value, work slowed down all across the country, and my hubby again, was laid off from his new job at AT&T in New England.

It never occurred to most people just how merciless the repercussions would be all across America, or how vastly it would affect the electronic and technology industry in our world.

Only God knows what’s ahead for every single one of us.  I’m convinced that is why we need to listen to His words in the Bible that warn us,  “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”   Matt. 6:34  (NIV)


Love in Christ,    Claire   xoxo


The Whisper

Dear Readers,

Sometimes the Lord whispers to us to do a specific task and we need to act on it immediately…


THE WHISPER,  Journal Entry, 2017

Because I have asked the Holy Spirit to enhance my little hospital ministry, that is exactly what seems to be happening.  It’s not just that many people are taking copies of my blog stories each time I volunteer, it’s more than that!

Little things like what happened today.  There was a person in the hospital that was close to dying, and was being released to go home on hospice.  Just barely alert, the patient had several family members present.  As usual, I asked about magazines, books and offered some of my stories too.  (I almost never get a no response to hearing anything about God.  It’s one of the things I love so much about living in Missouri.)

I handed one of my stories to each family member and told them I would be praying for their patient.  I finished my rounds and left that department.

Suddenly, as I approached the next room, I heard the Lord whisper to me, “Go back and give them “The Midnight Light” story and have them read this to the patient.”

So, because I’m trying to obey these little whispers more and more often, I immediately left my cart, turned back and entered the previous room.  One nurse, who has gotten to know me really well said to me, “Forgot something huh!”

“Yes, something important!” I said and she grinned at me almost knowing my thoughts.  I knocked and entered the room, “I don’t share this story with many people,” I told the family, “But it seems the Lord wants one of you to read it to your loved one!”  I handed “The Midnight Light” blog to one person, who seemed to immediately sense this was from God.

She said to me, “I don’t know if our family member can hear me, but here goes!”

“Read loudly!” I came back, “You will be heard!” and I closed the patient’s door for privacy.  When I looked back, the reader was engrossed in one of my most private experiences.  Not everyone is open to visits from the Holy Spirit, but these people immediately were.

More and more people ask me at my volunteer job if I am an angel!  It makes me smile, because I’m no angel, that’s for sure!  But God decides who witnesses to us on our death bed, no one else!  He alone knows who is open to hearing the Word or accepting His Son Jesus.

So, when I get these momentary whispers, I must act on them immediately, since I’m the one who asked the Lord to enhance this ministry.  It might mean life or death to a dying soul!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


Psalm 143:10,  “Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; Your Spirit is good.  Lead me in the land of uprightness.”  (NKJV)