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An Unknown Glow

Dear Readers,

God revealed a secret to me the first day I started working at the WRTA  (Worcester Regional Transit Authority)…


AN UNKNOWN GLOW! –  Journal Entries,  Fall of 1994 to 2003…

In the fall of 1994 a Dispatcher/Inspector position came open at the city bus company.  After only being employed there for two years and ten months, I was eligible to sign the roster and try out for the job!

I couldn’t believe my big break came after such a short period of driving for the company.  This was unheard of!  Never before in the history of the RTA could a junior driver ever have a shot at such a high paying assignment.

The newest union contract had recently removed seniority privileges from the dispatch office, which meant that now if you didn’t like working in the office anymore, you couldn’t return to your seniority as a bus driver.  You automatically would go to the bottom of the senior list.  Twenty and thirty year veterans weren’t about to give that up, so the bidding on the dispatcher opening came all the way down to me, about 100 or so drivers.

A few people above me signed the roster and tried out, but I had two things in my favor..

One, traditionally the dispatch office was quite stressful, and most drivers, after a few days of training, would go back to driving a bus.

Two,  I had a secret that no one else knew, but I will share it with my readers!  On the very first day I started working at the company, when I entered the lobby, I glanced to my left and looked up the steps to the dispatcher’s office!  “IT WAS GLOWING!”  Almost like there was a star shining over the entire room!   And, I heard a word from God that I will never ever forget, “THAT ROOM IS GOING TO BE YOURS!”  As a rookie driver, I had no clue what this message entailed.

Unanswered  puzzle pieces began to fall into place.  It all became evident two years and ten months later, the message was clear!  God had told me that position was going to be mine from day one!  I couldn’t fail!  I couldn’t let myself fail!  Never before had a woman ever held that spot full-time.  I was scared to death!

Because no one wanted to give up their seniority, only a handful of senior drivers signed up for the job.  As I suspected, their attempts at training failed.  The union tried to sneak in a junior male driver, but he refused to accept until I was given my due process, and he withdrew his name from the roster.  I finally got my chance!

When my training began, our Chief Starter tried many different ways to break me.  Every day I dragged home exhausted, but I knew all I had to do was stick it out no matter how tough it got.  The training was grueling and people all over the company encouraged me to give up, but none of them knew my secret!

It wasn’t going to be easy and I sensed it, but God was guiding me.  Math skills and some business experience helped, but a grueling five hour psychology test that revealed my entire personality and ability to handle the pressure and responsibility, was required.  I passed all that, with only “Slight timidness” highlighted in my test results.  Now, if I could learn everything in three weeks of rigorous training, I would become the Junior Dispatcher and my salary would double!  I would receive the biggest pay raise of any employee ever in the history of the company!  Praise God!

The Lord knew all this was going to happen at least 2 years and 10 months earlier, and HE TOLD ME!  That is the amazing part of this story!  He told me it was going to be mine the very day I started working at the RTA!  He didn’t say it was going to be easy, just that it would be mine!

I held onto that key promotion and over the next eight or nine years I advanced to third senior out of six Dispatcher/Inspectors in the office.

Then, at 60 years old, I discovered I had breast cancer and took medical leave from my job.  Thank you God, the company covered all my medical expenses, and since I had accumulated 90+ sick days, a full paycheck for over four months.

I decided on an early retirement soon after, but never stopped thanking God for giving me that career.  If you listen to the Spirit inside of you, it is nothing short of miraculous how many great things God will do!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Phil. 4:13,  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (NIV)

P.S.   I heard recently that almost every Dispatcher/Inspector in the office, at my bus company, is now a woman!



Was It Pride?

Dear Readers,

Through the pain it dawned on me, it might be my pride…

WAS IT PRIDE?  Journal Entry,  June, 2017


God has always blessed me with first-rate health.  Except for a short battle with breast cancer, and a few stomach problems, at 73 years old, I’m in excellent condition.  About a month ago, I injured my right knee running on my treadmill.  The pain at times, has been unbearable on both sides of my leg.  A trip to emergacare helped and three xrays showed no damage, just a little arthritis.

As the weeks passed I prayed, “So, why all the pain Lord?  And, why isn’t it improving?  Am I going to be using a walker for the rest of my life?  Is this part of your perfect plan for me?  All I asked for recently was for You to enhance my little hospital ministry!  And, this is what I get as an answer?”  I went on and on, wah, wah, wah!

About 4 weeks passed with no improvement, just unrelenting pain.  I started wondering if I was approaching God wrong.  I had not asked for healing in Jesus’s name!  I had not tried to see this experience as an awakening or another learning curve, or a unique way that God might be showing me something important!  Like for instance, maybe He wanted me to see how much knee pain my husband has been in for years, or wanted me to be able to relate to the hospital patients more closely who are also in a great deal of pain!  I wasn’t sure.

“Why Lord?” was all I could seem to ask at first, but after several weeks my curiosity turned into fear of never improving and eventually losing my volunteer job that I love so much.

In my search for answers I finally asked God, “Is this a pride problem?”  Having taken my healthy body and youthful activities like running on my treadmill, and moving wheelchairs of people all over the hospital, and pushing a heavy cart of magazines and books everywhere, maybe just maybe, I was taking for granted how blessed I am to have this good health, and thinking like it was because of something special I did, not what God did for me?

Was I bragging about my healthy diet?  Was I bragging about my healthy exercising?  Was I telling people to do this or that to improve their health, instead of suggesting they turn to God?

“Dear Father in heaven, ” I prayed, “Did my pride take over when I was asked about health or well being?  Did I suggest even once, that it was because of something I did, and didn’t depend on You, but depended on myself?”  I wondered and wondered.  Then more prayers of forgiveness poured out…

“Father if I took credit, even once, for any part of the goodness in my life, when all credit belongs to You, please forgive me!  Your Word says all good comes from God, but sometimes, pride so subtly slips in, we hardly even notice it’s there!”

I prayed a bunch about this season the Lord was showing me.  I believe this scenario is definitely a possible conclusion!  I think all of us have to deal with pride constantly.  Like every sin, it slips in and robs us of our closeness to God.  Sometimes we need to be startled, just so we will never ever take for granted all that God does daily for each and every one of us.

Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

James 1:17,  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”  (NIV)


P.S.  Since I wrote this blog, a dear friend at church who has a doctor in her family, told me a solution to try that might help and I have greatly improved!  But I will never forget this test!  And, I will never stop thanking God for healing my leg on His time.


A Tragic Outcome For So Many

Dear Readers,

Watching one of my favorite films, “Hidden Figures,” personal memories of 1986 came racing back…


A TRAGIC OUTCOME FOR SO MANY,  Memories from January, 1986


My family was living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a booming technology area, sitting at the base of Pikes Peak.  For ten years we loved living there.  My children hardly remembered living in New England.

Sharon Christa McAuliffe, born in Boston, Mass. and a teacher at Concord High School in New Hampshire, and the crew of the space shuttle Challenger, were about to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  That was kind of exciting for us, as my husband worked at TRW in Colorado Springs, and helped build the electronic components that went into the shuttles.

All set up to watch the launch that January 28th, 1986, suddenly only 73 seconds into the flight, the Challenger exploded into a million pieces, killing everyone on board and paralyzing the entire country.  The shock wave resonated across the USA.

After getting over the loss of all those brave astronauts, as well as our famous school teacher, little did any of us realize in Colorado Springs how devastating this disaster would be, or how many people’s lives would be affected.

Within a couple weeks my hubby came home with the dreadful news, “We were told today that all os us would be laid off within the year, in three waves!” he sighed.

Many employees started looking for work immediately and left on the first wave, but my husband didn’t want to.  We had just bought our dream home on five acres in Falcon, Colo. (A small town outside of the Springs), and we all loved living there.  So he decided to try and ride it out.

By the time the third wave of layoffs finally came, there were no jobs left anywhere.  Colorado Springs turned into a ghost town.  All the large tech companies closed their doors, leaving empty high rises and hundreds of deserted homes all over the urban area.  Finding work became impossible.

Through a blessing from God, my mate contacted my brother-in-law in Massachusetts who managed to get him a position at AT&T in New England.  He immediately went back east to start his new career, while the kids and I stayed behind to finish out the school year, and I attempted to sell our dream home.

Finally, during summer break from school and no success at selling the house, we leased our home, rented a uhaul, and reluctantly headed back east.  My 19 year old son decided he would never leave the state he loved so much, and moved in with a friend until he could get his own place.  My teenage daughter fought us tooth and nail to stay with him in Colorado, but she had not yet finished high school and so, reluctantly came east with us.  My 11 year old was excited to go, and saw it as an adventure.

A severe recession hit the middle of the country as people poured out of the area and headed to the east and west coasts in search of work.  Thank God, we didn’t have to worry about that.  Who would ever imagine that the shuttle explosion could affect so many lives.

Over the next few years the mushroom effect of the recession hit the entire United States.  Homes plummeted in value, work slowed down all across the country, and my hubby again, was laid off from his new job at AT&T in New England.

It never occurred to most people just how merciless the repercussions would be all across America, or how vastly it would affect the electronic and technology industry in our world.

Only God knows what’s ahead for every single one of us.  I’m convinced that is why we need to listen to His words in the Bible that warn us,  “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”   Matt. 6:34  (NIV)


Love in Christ,    Claire   xoxo


The Whisper

Dear Readers,

Sometimes the Lord whispers to us to do a specific task and we need to act on it immediately…


THE WHISPER,  Journal Entry, 2017

Because I have asked the Holy Spirit to enhance my little hospital ministry, that is exactly what seems to be happening.  It’s not just that many people are taking copies of my blog stories each time I volunteer, it’s more than that!

Little things like what happened today.  There was a person in the hospital that was close to dying, and was being released to go home on hospice.  Just barely alert, the patient had several family members present.  As usual, I asked about magazines, books and offered some of my stories too.  (I almost never get a no response to hearing anything about God.  It’s one of the things I love so much about living in Missouri.)

I handed one of my stories to each family member and told them I would be praying for their patient.  I finished my rounds and left that department.

Suddenly, as I approached the next room, I heard the Lord whisper to me, “Go back and give them “The Midnight Light” story and have them read this to the patient.”

So, because I’m trying to obey these little whispers more and more often, I immediately left my cart, turned back and entered the previous room.  One nurse, who has gotten to know me really well said to me, “Forgot something huh!”

“Yes, something important!” I said and she grinned at me almost knowing my thoughts.  I knocked and entered the room, “I don’t share this story with many people,” I told the family, “But it seems the Lord wants one of you to read it to your loved one!”  I handed “The Midnight Light” blog to one person, who seemed to immediately sense this was from God.

She said to me, “I don’t know if our family member can hear me, but here goes!”

“Read loudly!” I came back, “You will be heard!” and I closed the patient’s door for privacy.  When I looked back, the reader was engrossed in one of my most private experiences.  Not everyone is open to visits from the Holy Spirit, but these people immediately were.

More and more people ask me at my volunteer job if I am an angel!  It makes me smile, because I’m no angel, that’s for sure!  But God decides who witnesses to us on our death bed, no one else!  He alone knows who is open to hearing the Word or accepting His Son Jesus.

So, when I get these momentary whispers, I must act on them immediately, since I’m the one who asked the Lord to enhance this ministry.  It might mean life or death to a dying soul!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


Psalm 143:10,  “Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; Your Spirit is good.  Lead me in the land of uprightness.”  (NKJV)


The Witches

Dear Readers,

This is a deep subject for some people to read about, and definitely one of the most difficult to write about, but the Lord laid it on my heart as I walked the prayer field.  One incident happened 30+ years ago, and the second happened the year I wrote this  (Journal entry-2012).  These spiritual events still happen today…


THE WITCHES,  Journal Entry,  August 29, 2012

Twice in my family history we have encountered devil worshippers.  Once when my son was only a teenager, and this week when my daughter recently discovered it amongst friends…

First, my son!  His lady friend and some of her crowd, disclosed to my son one day that they were, “Satan worshippers!”  He was told they put spells on people, had seances in their basement, and worship the devil like he is God.  He tried desperately to get his friend out of this group she joined, after becoming angry with God over her father’s death.  At the time, she was also debating suicide.  She even experimented with levitation and fire starting.

One time, she came to our home to visit.  My daughter, who was quite young but still had already received a strong discernment gift told me, before she knew about the girl’s spiritual beliefs, “Mom, all I can see when I look at her is cat’s eyes!”  After this professed witch finally went home, we even had to pray over our house, since she deliberately dumped evil spirits in our home while she visited.  All of us could sense their evil, creepy presence, so we cleaned house immediately.

I know this is a lot to adhere to, but someone has to say it out loud, because satan is alive and well and existing in the USA today!  Scripture tells us that, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  (Eph. 6:32)

Eventually, my son broke away from that group when he failed at trying to get any of them to listen to his salvation message about Jesus…

Now, here we are in 2012, and my daughter just found out from a friend, that a triangle of three people she knows, are involved in a terribly abusive relationship.  She just disclosed to me that one of them is a professed witch, or as they call themselves, “Wickens!”  As soon as my daughter told me this, suddenly in my mind, strange feelings about this one particular person made sense.

Weird behavior from her friend like raging, severe illness, lies, anger, hatred, unclear to me before, now became clearly demonic in my eyes.  A third party, a male friend who constantly harasses, stalks, and blatantly lies constantly, also started to come clear.  Disclosing facts about these people could now be dealt with spiritually, and all of the garbage they were dumping on my family became recognizable, and could be driven out.

But first, we must accept the reality of the situation.  “YES, EVIL SPIRITS EXIST IN THE WORLD TODAY!”  Jesus dealt with all kinds of spirits when He walked the earth, and the bible tells us also that this world of nonbelievers belongs to satan  (2Cor. 4:4) until  Jesus returns to take it from him.

Most recently, a couple days ago, my daughter called to tell me she just found out the third person in this group is also a professed wicken (witch).

My daughter was frightened, so I tried to calm her and remind her, SHE HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT, which is like having the power of an elephant stomping on an ant hill!  All those little irritating ants (demons) are crushed when Christians take authority over them!  I have some experience with this because, in the past, I helped clean out houses with a group from my former church and also laid hands on enough sick and discouraged people to understand just a tiny bit about the power of God!

Anyway on the phone, I took authority over anything dumped on my child by these devil worshippers.  I covered her and her children, her home, and her vehicle, with Jesus’s blood and surrounded them with thousands of angels.  I bound the spirits from coming against her, especially in the night when she gets the most frightened.  Then I prayed for her friend who, since she has withdrawn from these people, has been extremely ill, ranting and raging obsessively and leaving “hate texts” on my daughter’s phone every day, using the most vulgar language imaginable.

Things have quieted down a bit since binding all those spirits, but only God knows how it will end for the three of those devil worshippers.  I still pray for them all to be healed, and for these evil spirits to stay away from my family.


Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

P.S.  Eventually, as my born-again Christian daughter just ignored them, blocked them, and changed her phone, they all just disappeared and moved on, hopefully, not to some other unsuspecting innocent person who doesn’t yet have Jesus Christ in their life.

Matt. 17:18-21,  “Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of the boy, and he was healed from that moment.  Then the disciples came to Jesus in private and asked, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?”  He replied, “Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “move from here to there” and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.  (NIV)


The Presidential Election

Dear Readers,

Even though I received several different messages about the upcoming election from other people, I still doubted the Lord.  As of today, we are two months into the new administration…


THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION,  Journal Entries-  November, 2016


Today at my volunteer job, I heard a story from a senior couple.  But before telling me they asked, “What do you think of the election results?”

I told them I was shocked but pleased!  Then, they shared their secret,  “Trump is already fulfilling his promises!  The Ford Motor Company is not going to Mexico!  All those jobs are saved!”  the strangers told me.

“How do you know that?” I pushed for more information.

“Our son-in-law is a security guard at the company!  They were all told a lot of tax incentives were offered to Ford, and the offer has been accepted!  It’s in the paperwork stage!  The news media hasn’t even been told yet!”


I would like to go back in time a couple weeks to election day…

Why do I continue to be amazed at what the Lord grants us?  Millions of Christians were in prayer for this election and want abortion and gay marriages to stop, and for the Supreme Court to stop taking away their religious freedoms, and their constitutional rights.

I personally received three messages before the election that should have removed all my doubts.  After all, the bible says that God appoints our kings  (leaders), not us.

Here’s what I heard and was told by others:

  1.  I heard in my prayer field, not once but twice, “I HAVE CONTROL OF THE ELECTION!”
  2.  I was told by a friend, “I have decided that only an incredible miracle from God would change the election results!  So, it’s totally up to Him!”
  3. And this one,  “I had to call you!  I just heard a message about the nomination!  This is it, “Just before the election, very close to voting time, a major announcement will be released in the news!”

A week before the election the FBI reopened Hillary’s case about the 150,000 texts of private and secret government information that was released.  Wikileaks opened up thousands of these texts every day for weeks.  Now, two days before the election, the news said the FBI won’t be prosecuting her!  The expression, “We want change!” resonated across the bible belt.

I went to bed election night totally discouraged.  As the main stream media kept telling us the polls were favoring one person, and FOX News kept telling us the polls were favoring another person.  My husband’s last words before sleep were, “I’m not holding my breath!”

All night, I kept waking up thinking I should put the TV on, but I just couldn’t listen to it anymore.  Awakening again at 4:30 A.M. I could no longer leave the television off.  I turned it on to numbers flying by, and flashing red and blue colors.  I sighed deeply waiting to hear who won the presidency.  After listening to the media, I was really confused.  Finally an announcement of a winner came, “Donald Trump elected the 45th president of the United States of America!”

I couldn’t believe my ears!  I was still in disbelief as I flipped through all the channels and heard it repeated over and over again!  I woke C.J.,  “Calvin wake up, he won!”

Blurry eyed Cal said, “Trump won?”

I told him more,  “Yes, he also won a majority in the house and senate!  Do you believe that!”

I’m tired of the television telling me how I should vote.  The voter turnout was incredible.  Evangelicals and small towns all over the USA voted in record numbers.  Two local people I know even had to fight for their voter ballots because they had relocated just before the election.  But, because they had their voter registration cards and their identifications, that was proof enough, and they were handed their ballots!

I can’t believe how ugly the election got.  The worst in my lifetime.  I’m so glad it is over.  Now we can watch to see what changes will occur in our country.  God willing they will be pro God, pro life, and pro constitutional rights.  The power of prayer was evident this past election.  God moved a mountain!

Love in Christ,   Claire xoxo

Psalms 46:10,  “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  (NIV) + (NKJV)


The Milestone

Dear Readers,

I just reached 222 blog stories, a milestone I never thought I would ever attain.  Hopefully it will humble me and not fill me with pride, for only by the grace of God have I been able to reach this goal.  I decided to rerun my very first blog today, because this story about humility, was the one God impressed upon my mind.  It was not my first choice….

THE MILESTONE,    March 7, 2017,   (Archives Blog Story- October 14, 2010)

My stories begin!  Hello to anyone reading!  Let me start my new blog by making something very clear; if anything you read moves you, it is not because of my words.  I never wrote a journal in my life until shortly after I got saved over 40 years ago, and the Lord has poured these stories into my head ever since.  If you are touched, it is Jesus moving you, not me!

Over the years many of my life’s encounters have gone into letters, as I felt the Lord urging me to comfort needy people through my own personal trials.  Recently on my morning walks, it seemed like the Lord was urging me to do more with my ministry, but when I attempted to go online, I ran into brick wall after brick wall, making me wonder if this journaling idea was from me and not from God.  But here I am on a Christian Blog Site, writing away!  So, here goes Blog Story #1…


Every Tuesday morning I wait for him!  He is so faithful and always shows up rain or shine!  Occasionally when I am feeling a little bit humble, I run outside to catch him and give him a tip.

“I haven’t tipped you in awhile, so I thought it was time I came out to say thank you!” I shouted.

“Oh, no thank you!  I don’t need that!  I just need a prayer today!” he replied.

But I insisted and pushed myself on him, “OK, I’ll pray for you today, but here is a tip for lunch anyway!”

He graciously said thanks, did his work, and drove away.  As he waved goodbye, I wondered to myself if I could do the uncomfortable work he does week after week.  Watching him drive away in his massive truck, I realized that he is the humble one, not me.  He faithfully does a job that most of us wouldn’t stoop to doing.  It’s even humbling for him to accept a tip, when all he wanted was a prayer!

I know this young worker loves the Lord and probably thanks Him every day for his job.  This kind person could teach all of us a lesson in humility.  I’m sure by now, you have guessed that he is my trash man!  I look forward to seeing his smiling face whenever I can catch sight of him.

The stench of my own garbage offends even me, but he joyfully picks it up every Tuesday morning.  Never complaining, just grinning and doing the job God has provided for him.  Year after year he drives that vehicle.  You know the one!  It’s the truck we all complain about if we get stuck behind it on the highway!

Today, while talking to my college professor brother, we discussed the huge amount of money he gets paid to create online college courses.  When I took my afternoon prayer walk, I thought about that conversation.  We should be ashamed of ourselves.  We get so proud of our accomplishments, while our garbage man thanks God every day for his simple job.  I wonder if I would do that horrible work if God told me to do it?

How can the rich, or the intellectual, or the gifted people of the world possibly know anything about humility?  No wonder the Lord says, “But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace,” (Psalms 37:11 NIV) and, “Serving the Lord with all humility in mind..,” (ACTS 20:19 KJV).

I don’t think that young man even has a clue as to how much he humbles me!


Love in Christ,    Claire xoxo


The Heat Wave

Dear Readers,

Today my blog is a simple one, give the Lord credit for everything because all good comes from God.  The summer of 2012 was brutal hot here in Missouri, and tons of people lost their air conditioning…


THE HEAT WAVE,  Journal Entry,  August 20, 2012


I know people think I go off the deep end when it comes to talking about God, but I will never forget my big sister Teresa, who always told me, “If people say that about you, you know that you are doing your job as a Christian!”

She was right about giving all credit to the Lord.  I knew her before she got saved.  Oh ya, she was a sinner like the rest of us, but she was also a very different person after giving her heart to Jesus, growing in her faith all the way til she went to heaven.  On her third bout with cancer, she was praising Jesus and witnessing to all of her doctors, even her Jewish doctors, as they were examining her.  So, this simple story is dedicated to her…

Last night we had a minor crisis.  It has been over 100 degrees every day for almost a month here in Missouri, and  our furnace air conditioning finally quit working.  But, to our advantage, thank the Lord, a cold front came through last night shortly after we lost our AC, so we opened all the windows and went to bed.  Cal fretted a little about who to call, but I knew he was capable of fixing it with a little guidance, even though he didn’t think he could.

I thank God every day for Cal’s gift of mechanical abilities.  I remember when I first started dating him, his big brother came to me at a family gathering and said, “Claire, you have no idea what you are getting with my little brother!”  At that point in our relationship, I couldn’t grasp the magnitude of what his brother meant, but I quickly learned as automotive worries, plumbing problems, and other breakdowns occurred, just how gifted he really is.

Anyway, what I want to say is, God knew our furnace was dying!  He also knew it would quit the night the heat wave broke!  It was no surprise to Him!

The open windows brought in beautiful cool air that night, and the next day a strong breeze and a lower temperature allowed my gifted husband to repair the furnace in comfort, thanks in part to our retired AC neighbor who came over and guided him through what he needed to repair.

With doors and windows open and the dry breeze passing through our house, it couldn’t have been a more perfect time and temp for a furnace to break down that heinous summer.

Every day I walk around my prayer field in front of my home, I glance back at my house and cover it with Jesus’s blood and surround it with angels!  It works to pray specifically like that!  It really does!  You should try it because the bible says in Matthew 11:28,  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (NIV)


Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

P.S.  C.J. says, “There is nothing too small or unimportant to ask of God.  He always responds.


God’s Financial Miracles

Dear Readers,

We just had another money miracle.  No one but the Lord Could have put this one together…

GOD’S FINANCIAL MIRACLES,  (More Money Miracles-  Archives 1-10-2010- Journal Entry-  July 2010)

For months now my hubby has been praying for a larger truck.  But, we really had no extra money for another vehicle.  He continued to pray anyway, “Please Lord, could You find me a bigger truck for an even trade for my Ford Ranger, amen,” he asked daily.

I thought this prayer was ridiculous since his truck was immaculate and running like new.  Anyway, I kind of ignored him every time he would spot a half-ton for sale because he actually loved his little Ranger, and I couldn’t imagine him ever finding an even swap.

You know how some prayers seem crazy, some prayers seem selfish, and some prayers seem really necessary?  Well, this one seemed crazy to me, but who am I to judge my man.  His Ranger ran beautifully, had low mileage, was in great shape, but he wanted a half-ton pickup to be able to haul more, and have more sitting room, whatever.  “Guys are like that, yeah they are!”

As time passed I really thought my man gave up on this prayer, but one day on his way back from the city, he came home all excited and begged me to take a ride with him.  Driving down the highway, I asked him, “Can you please tell me where we are going?”

Half way back to Springfield he finally blurted it out, “I found it!  It’s a little older than my truck, has a few more miles on the odometer, but it is in excellent condition!  And, the dealer is willing to swap me even for my Ranger!  I want you to see it and help me decide!”  Actually, he wanted my approval.  My guy is sweet like that!

My initial reaction was, “Well, what’s the difference, it’s his truck!  No money involved.  Whatever makes him happy!”  So I asked my typical question, “Will it get really bad mileage compared to your little truck?”

“No!” he told me, “My Ranger only gets 18 MPG anyway!”

When we reached the dealer I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The silver and red Chevy Silverado was impeccably maintained, just like C.J.’s Ford Ranger.  The previous owner had bought it new, and left it clean as a whistle with a full tank of gas.  Inside and outside were immaculate, and he was a non-smoker, very important to us.  We took it for a ride and it was not only loaded with extras, it was so big and comfortable I was amazed.  “He wants to swap you even for this?” I asked kind of shocked.

“Yup!  He looked up the value of my Ranger and said he would do an even swap!”

By 5 P.M. all the paperwork was done, and we had a new truck, no cash involved, no sales tax, no change in our insurance fees, only a new title had to be purchased, praise the Lord!  It was exactly what C.J. had prayed for!  A God send.

Only the Lord could have put this together.  No dealers do even swaps, especially with both trucks in mint condition.  And, here’s the kicker, the Silverado gets 18 MPG on the highway, just like Cal’s little Ranger.

God wants us to turn every part of our lives over to him.  Only then can He show us what He is capable of doing for each one of us.

Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo

P. S.  That swap happened in July of 2010 and Calvin still has that Silverado.

Proverbs 3:5+6,  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”  (NIV)


2016 Has Come And Gone

Dear Readers,

2016 has come and gone, never to return again.  We may only get one opportunity for some meaningful prayer time with a needy soul.  Don’t waste it…


2016 HAS COME AND GONE,   Journal Entry,  One day in 2016


Some special moments were sent my way in my volunteer job this year.  I would like to share one in particular…

The ICU section of the hospital is a very sensitive area.  You never know what you will encounter.  I ask the Lord to tell me what stories I have from my past that I should tell; for Him to speak to me before I enter the hospital, the department, or the rooms and tell me what to say, what to pray, and what to share.

Although I occasionally get rejected, it doesn’t happen very often here in the bible belt.  Most patients are open to hearing about the Lord, or praying with me.   One day in particular from 2016 stands out profoundly in my mind.

I entered a patient’s room who was suffering from a severe illness.  It was obvious.  You can just tell sometimes.  But, suddenly my heart filled with joy and I just wanted deeply to share that joy.  So much so, that I found it difficult to look at the extremely grieving relative sitting nearby.  I just wanted to stare into the patient’s eyes and partake in whatever stories God brought to my mind.

I introduced myself and unexpectedly mentioned my Christian blog.  Usually I don’t do that so quickly, but the Lord had a different agenda that day.

“Would you like me to read you one of my stories?  They are all true!”

“Yes, very much!” was the weak response.

I could tell my first story delivered comfort as I read.  Then, the Lord quickly brought two other blog stories to my mind.

My sister’s story of how, after three battles with cancer, she just wanted to go home from the hospital.  And a couple short days later, laying in her own bed, she looked up at the ceiling and smiled and said, “Oh, hi Lord!  How are you?”  Then she hesitated a few seconds and continued, “Oh me, I’m fine!”  She exhaled her last breath and went to be with Jesus.

Finally, I told my attentive patient, “I feel the Lord telling me I should share one more story!”  (The Midnight Light- Blog Date, Archives- February 2011)

Suddenly, a warm smile came over that weary face and I was asked, “Are you an angel?”

I kind of giggled with joy and answered, “No hon, I’m no angel, but I do try very hard to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what He tells me when I’m with my patients!”

Unexpectedly yet again, the Lord prompted me to say one more thing and I filled with excitement, “I do know one thing though, when you go to be with Jesus, you are not going to want to come back!  But just remember, He decides when you go to be with Him, not anyone else!”  Then I prayed with my patient and left with a joyous smile on my face.

After finishing my rounds, I returned to my car and  broke down.  As I look back on 2016, I’ll remember this special day forever.

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


Jeramiah 29:11+12,  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”  (NIV)