Pete’s Dragon

Dear Readers,

May, 2019 was the 41st anniversary of my stepson’s passing.  He was born in February 1975, diagnosed with a Neuroblastoma in his stomach in November 1977, and  passed away in May 1978, at the tender age of three years and three months.  This blog is written in his memory…


Forty-one years ago my husband lost a son to cancer.  I don’t know how anyone can get over losing a child.  C.J. has only shared bits and pieces of his experience.  One day he softly shared this one, “”Three years, three months, ten days, twenty hours, and 30 minutes!  That’s how long I had him!  He looked like he was staring up at angels when he died!  He pointed up at the ceiling just before passing and his eyes opened big and wide!  He was so weak he could not speak, but I think he saw angels coming for him!  I held him until he died.  The doctors told me the medication would either kill him or cure him!  I can still smell my son in his little shoes that I kept!”  He went on to say, “I took him to as many special events as he had the strength for, especially movies!  His favorite was Pete’s Dragon!”

Sometimes we let precious moments slip by and miss the real beauty that God intended for us to experience.  But, if we stop and think about our own past, I know all of us can find a moment in time like this next one I am going to share!  My daughter was weeding out a bunch of old movie cassettes and called me to ask if I would like to have any of them before she donated them or threw them away.  Wouldn’t you know, one of those movies was “Pete’s Dragon!”

“Your kidding right?” I shouted on the phone.  “That movie means so much to Calvin!  Would you consider giving it to him for Father’s Day?  He would absolutely treasure it!”  So she wrapped it up and gave it to him and of course he was elated and teary-eyed!  That night, C.J. crawled into bed and fell asleep watching that movie remembering every reaction his son experienced at each part of the priceless old film.  He reminisced about the scary parts, the funny parts, and the music, all while he was at the theater with his little Geoff sitting on his lap!

The next morning, he shared the best part of the memory with me, “You know, while I watched that movie last night, it was the first time since he went to heaven that I actually felt like my son was still sitting on my lap!  It’s been a very long time since I have had that feeling!”  (sniff)

My heart ached for him as he shared that memory of his tiny angel’s three year life.  Only a parent who has lost a child can understand that kind of emptiness.

“Thank you Lord for that split second of beauty between my hubby and I!  My daughter has no idea how much that gift meant to him and to me.”

Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo

1 Thess. 5:18,   “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  (NIV)











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