Dear Readers,

This story is a re-blog that is dear to my heart as my granddaughter is graduating from MSU this coming May…


In October of 1996 Melanie was born profoundly deaf.  When she was birthed, hearing loss was not yet being tested on newborns like it is today.  For the first year of her life we all thought she was just a stubborn child!  The family doctors didn’t pick up on it either.  But, little things she did like constantly touching her lips to vibrating and musical toys, made her parents wonder.

Finally, a specialist at UMASS Hospital confirmed their worst fears.  As her mother sat teary-eyed, the doctor told her, “Did you know, Miss America sat in that very chair you are sitting in now?  Did you also know that she is deaf?  You are going to be amazed as to what your daughter will accomplish in life!”

I believe this next comment is an example of the magnificent ways the Lord heals!  When Mel was only 3 1/2 years old, my daughter and I took her to a beautiful place in Barre, Mass. where a humble man named John Hardy had built a giant blacktop crucifix out of asphalt.  All over the top of it his family painted in white, the ten commandments!  Annually, thousands of people go there to visit this amazing shrine to pray, get married, and more, and John welcomed every one of them!

While my daughter and I were on one of those visits praying with Mr. Hardy, little Melly had a vision!  She ran to her mother and pointed to the wide open fields and asked, “Who is that man, mommy?”  My daughter looked around at the massive acres of fields before us, but there was no one there!  She questioned little Mel, “What man honey?”  Mel pointed to the openness again and repeated, “You know mommy, that man in the white dress, over there!”  Both her mother and I scoured the countryside looking for this person, but the only people visible on the vast acreage  were John, Melly, Me and my daughter!  For a couple days her mother and I wondered if Melanie had experienced something spiritual.

Later that week Mel had another routine checkup on her ears.  After it was over her mother called me and excitedly gave me the good news, “Mom, you are not going to believe this!  Her test results were better than the last evaluation!  She actually improved a little!”  We were thrilled because previously we had been told that her type of hearing loss could easily be totally gone with just a slight bump on her head!  Both of us began to wonder if the vision had something to do with this improvement.  The way she had described the man in the white dress made us assume she had seen something angelic!  Mr. Hardy told us that many strange events happened on his land since he built this shrine to Jesus!

Almost 20 years have passed since that event took place.  Melanie still wears hearing aids and will turn 23 years old this October.  She is proud of her deaf culture and consistently says, ” It is the way God made me, Nana!”

Next month she is graduating with a degree in “Digital Film Production” and did part of her internship at Fox News in Springfield, Mo. and has been nominated  Cum Laude !

The Lord heals all of us in many different ways.  The one scripture that fills my mind the most when I pray for healings is always the same,  “Be still and know that I AM GOD!”  (Ps46:10)

Love in Christ,     Claire  xoxo

P.S.  Just a note, John Hardy built this memorial because as an adult,  the Lord healed him of a deaf ear that he lost hearing in from a childhood accident.  If you are interested in more information, look him up on the internet under, “John Hardy, Barre, Mass”  John is now with Jesus!!


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