Retirement To The Show Me State

Dear Readers,

After retiring, we decided to take a motor home trip around the country praying for the Lord to show us a perfect retirement area, and this is where we ended up…

RETIREMENT TO THE SHOW ME STATE,   Journal Entry-  August, 2006

The morning sky is purple, and then it suddenly turns to yellow!  Our new home of seven days in Halfway (Vantown section) Missouri faces the eastern sky to beautiful sunrises.  Early to bed and early to rise seniors that we are, this incredible sight appears to us as we sip our morning coffee!  Twenty five acres of alfalfa lay across our front yard, skirted by a tree line of hardwoods and pines.  It is like a painted masterpiece instead of real life!  I still wonder why the Lord has brought us here.

Nothing short of a miracle turned our lives around in just a few months!  Still unpacking, this is the only journal notebook I could locate.  It is full of stories from the beginning of our search, mostly about the possibility of moving to Missouri, and here we are!

I thought New Braintree, Massachusetts was rural!  Little did I realize just what the word “RURAL” really meant!  Mooing cows across the field, have opened my eyes to real farm country.  “Why Lord?” I continue to ask, “Why have you brought us 1400 miles from everything we know?”

The sale of the house in New Braintree, Mass. continues to go well, and is scheduled to close in a few days, unlike here in the mid west, where closings happen immediately and with little or no regulations.  We were regulated to death on everything in the New England area, which cost us a fortune in fees!

Now, we sit in wonderment on our front porch and loom over the alfalfa field that spreads out like a giant green blanket before us.  We observe hummingbirds, locusts, coy dogs, turkeys, gophers, lizards, rabbits, raccoons, armadillos and more, living in the field.  No deer yet, but C.J. can’t wait for them to appear!  Another nice quality we have noticed, we almost never see or feel the sting of a mosquito!  Must be the dry area we live in!

It’s a different climate than we are used to.  More like two seasons than four.  Summer seems to roll right into winter very quickly and vice versa.  I thought I heard the Lord whisper to me, “The move is spiritual and economic!”


Hard to believe, but here it is March of 2019, going on almost 13 years since relocating here, and we are still in the same spot the Lord brought us to!  It has proven to be a great retirement area with a strong Christian base, stable economy, steady taxes, house prices, food prices, and employment!  The weather is a little scary in the spring, but the winters are mild.  Summers are hot, unlike New England, so air conditioning is a must!

It is obvious that the Lord moved us here as an answer to our prayers, and brought along some of our extended family to make us more comfortable!  In the bible He says to “pray unceasingly” about everything.  C.J. and I are now 70 and 75 years old, so I guess going to senior activities, volunteering, and waiting on the Lord every day we have left, is a real gift from God!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Titus 2:13,  “While we wait for the blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ”  (NIV)


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