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It’s Time For Women To Step Up

Dear Readers,

I am appalled at what is happening in some states in our country regarding infanticide!  I debated abortion over 43 years ago shortly after legalization  (Read my blog- Abortion Yes or No).  As I am turning 75 years old this February, the Lord has laid this blog heavily on my heart…


With all the contraceptives available to women today, why are there still so many abortions here in America?  It is time for women to step up!  We all know that sex is not going to change!  We all know that rapists and abusers are every where!  We all know that reproduction is part of life.

Abortion is murder, plain and simple, whether the child is one month or nine months into growth!  Millions of babies all over the USA have been created by God (Hebrews 2:13) and are being ripped from their mother’s womb.  So many couples want desperately to adopt these children because they can’t have a child naturally, or because they want to save a life!

If we are not controlled by God, then we are controlled by satan (Romans 6:6+7).  There is nothing in the middle!  Yes, God forgives our sins if we ask Him, and “Thou shalt not kill” is included in the ten commandments.  Abortion is killing!

Here’s a question for you!  Why doesn’t our health insurance or our government give out free contraception?  Think of how many women that would stop from having to make this decision!  In many places abortions are free, why not contraception?

Forty three years ago I had a decision to make, to keep or abort an unexpected third pregnancy!  Abortion had just become legal in America, with tremendous restrictions, but legal!  Thank God, I prayed about this decision and listened to what the Lord told me.  He also opened my eyes with a couple of powerful signs sent to me the very day I called my doctor.

Today, 61 million dead babies later, my own sweet third child has her Master’s Degree in Social Work and specializes in Geriatrics, assisting the elderly with all their end of life decisions, and she also trains other social workers all across the country!  I could not be more proud of all her achievements, or of any of my children’s achievements for that matter.

God’s timing is always perfect and He decided the time for her to enter the world was October of 1976, and that was that!  God doesn’t make mistakes, only we do, and we make lots of them!

Please don’t make this mistake if you are carrying a child!  Save a life, get your tubes tied, use contraceptives, practice abstinence, consider adoption, but don’t let abortion be your solution, please!

As a volunteer at our local hospital, I see more than half a dozen newborns, every time I work!  I pray for each and every one of them to have parents that will love them, care for them, and teach them about Jesus!

Turn to Jesus, He will help you make the right decision!

Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

Psalms 127:3,  “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.”  (NKJV)

Exodus 20:13,  “Thou shalt not kill”  (NIV)