Experiencing New Life

Dear Readers,

As I approach 10 years of volunteering at our local hospital, my blogs hopefully reflect my love for what I do…

EXPERIENCING NEW LIFE,  Journal Entry,  June, 2016

Arriving at the birthing center, which is a locked facility at our hospital, I picked up the phone to gain entrance but no one answered.  I kept trying and finally was buzzed in.  When I arrived at the nurses station it was empty.  Not one person was available to answer my questions.  Only one woman was present, her head and hands folded in prayer, leaning against a birthing room door.  The silence was deafening!

Suddenly a scream from inside that birthing room caused the visitor to panic.  I quickly realized why there wasn’t a single nurse or doctor visible.  A second scream made me realize I had entered the department at a crucial moment during  a mother’s hard labor.

The fretting person was a panicky family member, so I dropped my magazine cart, rushed over to her and said, “Quick, let’s pray!”  She grabbed my hands and bowed her head, “Lord, please help this young mother to get through all this pain as quickly as possible.  Cover her with your blood and surround her with angels and make her laboring pass quickly, in Jesus name, amen!”  She thanked me for the prayers as we both heard a final scream, then a baby’s cry, and that was it, a new life was born!  That quickly!

I was told by her family, “Only 20 minutes of hard labor and a large baby boy came into the world!”

God is so good!  In all my years of volunteer work, I have never experienced being this close to a birth!  It was priceless to be able to pray a few quick words with a frightened family member.

I continued my rounds and went from room to room on my own, knocking on doors to ask about my books and magazines.  An exhausted nurse soon came out of the busy birthing room and started to tell me which rooms I could visit.  “Don’t worry, I took care of all of them already!” and smiled at her.

As I left the center I was overjoyed to have been so close for this special event.  Walking the long halls of the hospital, I heard my favorite baby song over the speaker system announcing the birth of our newborn boy.  Each time an infant enters the world I am thankful!  I happily grinned and thought, “I was there for this one! Thank you Father, thank you soooooo much for this child entering the world on my watch!  Please Lord, give the children loving, caring parents that will raise them to know your Son Jesus, amen!”

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

John 3:6,  “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit”   (NIV)

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