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The Bunting

Dear Readers,

My Christmas blog is a story from 1993.  A letter sent to my son in Denver, Colorado.  It is about a vision God gave me in October of 93, concerning his first born, my brand new grandson…


THE BUNTING,  Journal Entry- October 26, 1993

Dear Arthur,

I know I don’t write to you very often, but I thought I should tell you this incredible message the Lord gave me recently.  Here is the exact entry I made in my journal a few days ago…

JOURNAL ENTRY- Saturday,  October 23, 1993

” I received a message today!  I worry a lot about my infant grandson.  His other grandmother loves him dearly and holds him, cuddles him, and kisses him as much as she can.  The problem is she is dying of a very contagious disease which is a killer of small infants.

I pray for little Zakkary to be safe and yet for her to be able to hold him and love him in her last moments of life.  Zak is her only grandchild, as well as my only grandchild.  Sometimes  I get a “Zak Attack” because we live so far away, and don’t get to see him very often.    I want to hold him, and I also fear for his life.   I pray and ask the Lord to take away my fear and help me to trust Him in this difficult situation.

This morning while out jogging, I looked up into the sky and the Lord blessed me with a vision.  I saw little Zak wrapped in a red bunting with a giant zipper on the front.  As I watched, it zipped up over his entire body and filled me with great peace and warmth.  Smiles and laughter filled my soul!  I instantly knew that the red bunting represented Jesus’s blood and it’s protection around his tiny 14 pound body!  The fact that it zipped over his head was also significant, as it suggested God’s protection was covering his entire being.  In the sky when I saw him, Zak’s head was on my left and his feet on my right.  This special message brought peace to my mind, as I thanked God over and over and over for this vision.”  (This was the end of my Journal Entry )

————      ——————————–

“I want to tell you son, I shared this vision with your father and he knew immediately what it meant and gave me scripture to back it up.  I was told long ago that we should always try to back up visions and messages with the Word of God.  Daddy as you know, is very knowledgeable of the bible.  He told me that in  Solomon’s “Song of Songs,” chapter 2:4-6, verse 4 says, “He has taken me to the banquet hall and his banner over me is love.”  (In the thesaurus, Banner also means Bunting.)  And verse 6 says, “His left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces me.”

The most amazing thing Artie, is that when I get these visions, they line up with the Word!  But, the peace that comes with them, is absolutely wonderful!.  I can’t emphasize enough to you how safe Zak is!  The bunting was scriptural, the red was representative of Jesus’s blood, and also the position of his head left and his feet to the right, was significant too!   I pray that this vision will bring you peace, as it has to me!

Everyone here in New England is learning to tolerate me when I get my “ZAK ATTACKS” and I want to hold him so badly that I can’t hardly stand it.  I’ll probably get those attacks for the next 20 years.  Oh well, say hi to everyone for me and know that I pray for all of you daily.  Please hug and kiss little Zakkary for me too!”

Love you all,  Mom  xoxoxo


P.S.  I hope you all enjoyed reading my old letter.  My grandson  Zak is now 25 years old and has recently rededicated his life to the Lord

Love in Christ,   Claire xoxo