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Halloween Horror

Dear Readers,

Here is a quick little story that happened when my children were young…

HALLOWEEN HORROR,  Journal Entry,  October 1977

It was our usual October preparation time for Halloween.  We decorated our house, sometimes put costumes on the adults, shut off all the lights and put on some creepy music, etc.  I was feeling uncomfortable about even celebrating this holiday, especially since recently being a born-again Christian because God and Satan had become so real and alive to me.  Also, there were more and more dangerous events happening to young children every year, especially in the cities and subdivisions.

We were living on in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the time, and there were tons of kids in our neighborhood who went out trick or treating.  My children as well, although I expressed to my family that I didn’t want to celebrate this holiday any more!  I even told my kids I would buy them a bunch of candy.  Mall trick or treating and Halloween parties weren’t popular yet.  Just going door to door and staying out late so you could hit all the houses in your area.

Well as usual, I reluctantly stocked up on candy knowing the doorbell would be endless, and my kids went out trick or treating.  Adults didn’t even tag along in the seventies.  I handed out lots of treats and nervously waited for my children to return home.  When they did, I would always scrutinize their candy bags for potential dangerous treats.  I had a fight on my hands every time I mentioned stopping celebrating Halloween!

As my children returned home and the neighbors coming to the door slowed down, I decided it was time to examine their bags.  The kids poured out their treats in different spots on the floor and I proceeded to check every item, especially the ones not sealed.  Straws were a favorite for the crazies.  Sure enough, when I opened one of my daughter’s straws and investigated it, I discovered it had been emptied and refilled with soap powder or detergent. I’m not sure which.  I got frightened and wouldn’t let them eat anything until I checked every single item!

Then as my son poured out his bag, I noticed he had fruit, an apple, which looked innocent enough, but I didn’t trust anything open.  I told him, “I’m going to cut this in half just to check it, okay!”  And, yet again, I found the apple was full of straight pins and sewing needles that were so well hidden you could not see them at all from the outside of the fruit.

That was enough for me!  I freaked!  I grabbed up all of it, every speck of anything and threw it into the garbage can.  The three of them were upset, but as a mother, I could have cared less!  I told them, “Let’s go to the store and I will buy each of you a bunch of candy!”

That was the last time we ever celebrated Halloween in my family.  Oh, we still hand out candy to the neighborhood, but never again did my children  go trick or treating.  Slowly but surely I convinced my family to do something special other than that old tradition!

The crazies continued to hurt children for years and get in the newspapers the next day.  Almost no one ever got caught for the harm they did because it was impossible to trace.  It has become so dangerous that many people have now  stopped door to door and gone to house or mall parties.  They are considered safer.  All for a bag of free candy!  Can you imagine!

Love in Christ,    Claire  xoxo

Psalms 46:10,  “Be still and know that I am God”