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Thought For The Day

Dear Readers,

Every single time I enter the hospital for my volunteer job, I ask the Lord for two things…



As I enter the building and walk the corridors of the hospital, my prayers are always the same…

“Please cover my patients with the blood of Jesus and surround them with angels.  Heal them as quickly as possible and get them home to their own beds…”

“Please cover all the sick children and newborns with His blood, surround them with angels, and give them loving, caring, kind, protective parents that will raise them to know your Son Jesus, amen.”

One volunteer day God gave me a precious, eye-opener!  As I entered a very dark room there was a patient lying in bed.  At closer observation, I noticed a crib tucked in the corner.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I observed the adult was holding a tiny infant.  I didn’t want to disturb them so I spoke softly and offered my complimentary reading materials.

The worried parent whispered, “No thank you,” so I backed away and headed for the door.  As I was leaving, I felt the Lord telling me to “Pay attention!”  A whisper in my head also told me to look back and observe the answer to my years of prayers!  So as not to disturb the infant, I turned back, smiled, and spoke softly from my heart to the young parent.

“You know hon, every single time I enter this hospital I ask the Lord to please send loving parents to raise each and every child in this hospital.  I just wanted you to know sweetheart, that I am observing the answer to my prayers right now as I look at you!  You are the exact kind of parent that I have prayed for my nine years as a volunteer!  I am thanking God for YOU, right now!”

A teary-eyed youngster spoke, “Thank you for that kind comment!”

“You are welcome!  I will be praying for your little peanut tonight in my evening prayers!”  I left that room knowing and trusting in God for this child’s healing.

Isn’t it strange how we sometimes pray the same prayers for years and often never notice how many of them God is answering!  This morning our pastor said,   “We must believe from our heart when we talk to God, that He is listening to us!”

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Matt. 21:22,  “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”   (NKJV)