The Big C

Dear Readers,

Just when I think I am running out of stories, the Lord reminds me He is not finished with me yet…

THE BIG C,   Journal Entry,  2018

At my volunteer job I did my usual rounds seeing people and offering them reading materials.  After visiting many ill patients, one in particular stands out.  As I entered the patient’s room, before I could speak, the infirmed turned to me filled with fear, looked deeply into my eyes and out of nowhere suddenly started speaking.


“Excuse me?  What did you say hon?” I responded.

Angry and frightened the patient repeated, “I said, they just told me that I have the Big C!  You do know what the Big C is, right?”

Looking directly into those eyes of fear, I took a deep breath and said, “THE BIG C!  Yes, I know all about the big C!  I have been there and done that!”

The anger and fear continued to show, “You have?  Both my parents died of the big C!  I guess I know what that means for me!”

Remembering the moment I was told that I had cancer, I instantly asked the Lord to give me the right words for comfort.  “You can’t go by what your parents went through!  There have been so many new breakthroughs since then!”  As we continued to relate to each other, I was asked, “You look okay!  When did you have it and what kind did you have?”

I’m not supposed to talk about illness, but this person was obviously looking for some kind of hope, so I shared my story…

“Well, I am great and I’m going to be 75 on my next birthday!  Some people in my family have died from this illness too, but you don’t know what God has in store for you!  Just because your parents passed from cancer, doesn’t mean you will!  Only God knows when we will go to be with Him!  I write a Christian blog and I want you to read my blog entitled, “The Dove.”  It’s about my battle with this disease.

“How long ago was this battle?” the questions continued.

“About 15 years now!” I said.  Suddenly, I felt the urging in my Spirit to read that blog to my anxious friend.  I could actually see a calm and relaxing feeling take over the victim, as I read about the entire year of my illness.

As usual, the nurses needed to enter the room and do their work.  With only a couple minutes left, quickly I held hands and we prayed.  Beautiful and encouraging words came out of my mouth directly from God,  “Lord, why do we fret over things?  You have healed lepers, raised the dead, and driven all kinds of sickness out of people!  Surely You can handle this illness as you did mine fifteen years ago!  Please take control of all of it, in Jesus’s name, amen.”

As the nurses walked into the room, I looked up and saw a very peaceful person.  “That was a beautiful prayer, really!  The words were so special!  Thank you so much!” my new friend responded.

I had to leave quickly but looked back and saw a relaxed attitude, that went from fear to hope before my eyes!  I wished I didn’t have to leave, but the patient was being released to go home and plan for what lies ahead, hopefully trusting in the Lord for all of it!

Love in Christ,    Claire  xoxo

P.S.  Always remember to pray about everything!

2 Tim.1:7,  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  (NKJV)

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