A Day Away From Losing Him

Dear Readers,

This is a reblog from a couple years ago.  My hubby and I went to Colorado for a three week vacation and eloped while we were there.  What happened when we returned was shocking…

A DAY AWAY FROM LOSING HIM,   Journal Entry,  July, 2002

We decided to take a vacation in Colorado this year and didn’t tell anyone that we were going to elope while we were there, visiting my son and his family.  I wanted to revisit with CJ, all the places I loved for the ten years Colorado Springs was my home.  It was emotional to say the least, especially getting married again.  It actually scared me to death.  But, I got through it and we all surprised everyone when we sent home postcards signed, “Mr.and Mrs. McDaniel!”

We visited all the wonderful places I used to love about Colorado, and I didn’t want it to end, but home we went after three glorious weeks.  After we were home a couple of days, Cal unexpectedly got violently ill.  By evening he was in severe pain, feverish, 105 temperature, and delirious.  With his artificial heart valve, I knew this was more than a flu, and rushed him up to UMass Medical Hospital.  After an examination, the doctor decided to start treatment for meningitis.

He asked me several questions like, “Have you been traveling lately,  and did you eat any beef while you were away in Colorado?”

I answered, “Yes, my hubby had a steak dinner just before we left the state!”

“Mrs, McDaniel, did you eat any beef?” he continued to press me.

“No, doctor, I can’t eat red meat, it makes me sick!  I had a grilled chicken salad,” I told him, as I began to get very frightened.  That must have helped him zero in on the problem, as there was recently a massive beef recall for E.coli in the western states back then in 2002.

The hospital proceeded to run a series of tests and the cultures proved it was not meningitis, but E.coli bacteria had gotten into his blood as well as all of his internal organs, brain, heart, kidneys, prostate, everywhere!  The next day the doctor delicately approached me and said, “If you had waited another day or two, Calvin would not have survived!”

At first it didn’t register in my brain how serious this was.  I was numb!  I refused to accept the severity of his illness.  I thought, “No way would God take him from me this soon after we married!”  Calvin’s daughter kept trying to convince me and still I struggled with accepting the severity of his illness.

My sister Teresa, who has a healing gift, came to visit Cal and prayed over him.  As she spoke he had a spiritual awakening!  God told him something, I’m not sure what, but as he healed he became a changed man.  Five days later and 13 pounds lighter, he came home from UMass Medical, physically very weak, but spiritually very strong.

Several  days later, like a slap in the face, it finally hit me that I almost lost him!  Lying on his chest, as he lay in bed still recovering, I broke down and cried.  While patting my head and comforting me, he spoke of his new spiritual awareness, “Different things are important to me now Hon!  You, family, and friends, have to come first!”

He was and still is a changed man.  This near death experience was eyeopening for him!  I hope and pray it stays with him.  I’ll keep asking the Lord to bring Cal exactly where He wants him to be.  I’ll keep thanking Him for saving my husband.

Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo

Proverbs 19:21,  “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  (NIV)


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