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God’s Little Ministry

Dear Readers,

I prayed this morning with my hubby before going to work because I felt like God’s little ministry given to me at my volunteer job, was waning.   That I was not being used….


GOD’S LITTLE MINISTRY,   Journal Entry, 2018

I started my job at the usual time, but after over eight years of doing it, I  wondered if it would be mundane or enlightening.   Most of my patients were open to receiving reading material, but right off the bat one in particular was unique.  I don’t know why God does that, but He does!  He chooses a single individual person to stand out, be special, be open to warmth, friendliness, humor, or listening to me ramble.

As I entered her room, this sweet lady had two family visitors who were continually joking, kidding, and teasing her.  They automatically included me into their group banter.   Of course, I joined right in, as I firmly believe laughter helps heal the sick.

It was fun and those guys never let up.  I kidded with them for awhile, longer than usual, and the four of us together teased back and forth trying to outdo each other’s quick wit.

It did my heart good to see this very unique woman laughing so hard at all the quips.  I said,  “After we all leave, you are going to take one looooong nap, for sure!”  Finally, I found some reading material she liked, and the two boys wordplayed the whole time.  The barrage of pranks about each and every item I offered her continued, and all she could do was snicker!

I tried to excuse myself from the chuckling, but it wasn’t easy, as the wisecracks continued.  Slowly I pulled my cart out the door, but looked back and used sign language to let her know that I would be praying for her.  As I progressed down the hallway to my last patient room, something strange happened.  I felt a tug on my heart to return to her!  I try really hard to listen for the Holy Spirit, and this pull would not let go!

My watch told me I had enough time to spare, so I quickly searched my pocket for one of my stories and found a blog about my deaf granddaughter!  I returned to her room just as one of her visitors was leaving.  As we passed, he razzed me, but I gave it right back to him, which in turn again caused her giggling to explode!  Both her and her husband looked at me curiously, “I was wondering if I could read you one of my blog stories before I go?”  She smiled and said yes, but told me she left her hearing aids at home so I would have to shout!  Stunned, I couldn’t believe she was hard of hearing when I had just chosen a story about deafness!

For privacy, I closed her door, sat in the empty chair and began to read.  They both listened intently, totally enjoying my life’s experience.  I thanked them for their attention and asked if we could pray together before moving on.

Looking back at her as I reached the door I sighed,  “Thank you for letting me read you one of my blogs!  You are a total sweetheart!  I’ll be praying for you tonight before I go to bed, and thanking God for bringing me back to your room!”  I waved good bye, but not before noticing how emotional her mate had gotten.

Shortly after returning to the lobby, her hubby came walking to the hospital front door.  In passing he stopped and looked teary eyed and said,  “Thank you for reading that story to my wife!  That was very sweet of you!”  Then he hesitated, lost his words and said,  “She’s my, my, my…..”

As he went silent I said,  “YOUR SOULMATE, right?”

With red eyes filled with emotion, he nodded his head up and down, and for the first time I realized, not only did the Holy Spirit tell me to return to her room, but when I reached into my pocket full of blogs, the Lord also told me which one HE wanted me to read!  How cool is that!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Matt. 11:15,  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”  (NKJV)

Proverbs 19:20,  “Listen to counsel and receive instruction, That you may be wise in your latter days.” (NKJV)