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Don’t Miss An Opportunity

Dear Readers,

This blog came from my 2011 journals and is about how the Lord controls our ministries and often warns us ahead of time what to do and what to say…


DON’T MISS AN OPPORTUNITY,  Journal Entry, 6-13-2011

Today is volunteer day at the hospital for me.  My job is to go from patient room to room passing out books and magazines.  Maybe even pass out some prayer and a little chat time, if the Lord shows me.  Before work, sometimes I take a two mile jaunt around the open farm field in front of my house.  It’s my private prayer time with the Lord.

This particular walk I specifically heard the Lord tell me,  “Bring another story to share because you are going to get an opportunity today to speak of Me!”  So, when I headed off to work, I did as I was told and brought some extra stories from the archives of my blog site.

Sure enough, only a few rooms into my rounds, that is exactly what happened.  When I came to room 107, a nice quiet room at the end of the first hallway, (our hospital is shaped like a giant spider), as I entered I knew immediately this was the person the Lord prepared me for.  He was emotional, searching, and frightened!  He was questioning his own faith, but yet full of faith as well.  Also, he was fighting a battle with cancer.

At first I asked him if he would like some of my reading material.  Then I said a quick prayer and began gently talking about the Lord.  He mentioned his denomination and shared with me that he was questioning if it was the correct place of worship for him.

Tears came to his eyes as he spoke, “I’m afraid I might be missing out on part of the beauty of the Lord!”  I listened intently as he continued, “I have been in one denomination my whole life, but recently a preacher told me how to get closer to the Holy Spirit, about praying in a prayer language, and about all the spiritual gifts God has for us!”

He looked questioningly into my eyes, almost demanding me for a second opinion.  I knew it was time to share,  “One pastor told me that more people pray in tongues in other denominations than you could ever possibly imagine!”

Then, I did something I never ever thought I would do!  I shared my personal secret!  As I looked into his wondering eyes I said, “Well, I’m a conservative Baptist and I pray privately in tongues, and I have for many many years!  No one in my church knows that about me!”

He seemed almost relieved to hear that another person was feeling the way he was!  Like for the first time in his life it was okay to wonder!

We talked for at least half an hour, and then I decided to read him a previous blog entitled, “Dandelion Puff”  (Archives- February 2011).

Suddenly, his wife came in the door and he introduced her.  Sweet lady!  We all chatted a bit more and then I excused myself to get back to work.  Exiting his room I glanced back at the two of them, and immediately got a deep urging to pray!  “Let’s pray before I go, okay?” I asked.

Tears of fear filled their eyes when we held hands.  Cancer does that to people.  It fills us with fears of death and gets us thinking deeply about our lives.  I shared with them that when I went through cancer the ultra sound picture they took of my lump, was in the shape of a perfect dove, so I knew in my heart that I was going to be all right, even though it was still rough for the next year, until all the surgeries, radiation therapy,  and doctor visits were finally finished.

Then I prayed,  “Thank you Father for this profound meeting, for the patient’s new doctor that he is so pleased with, and especially for sending us Your Son, Jesus!  Please cover this patient with His blood and take care of him, in Jesus’s name, amen!”

I left that room knowing this was definitely the person that God told me I would encounter today.  How special this visit was!  How very special indeed!  I’m glad God prepared me for this moment!

Looking back at the corner room I whispered, “Thank you again Lord, for this wonderful opportunity to serve You!”

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Jeremiah 7:23,  “But this is what I commanded them, saying,  “Obey my voice and I will be your God, and you shall be My people.  And walk in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well with you.” (NKJV)