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The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Dear Readers,

I have chosen this story for my Christmas blog because it happened recently to my son on Thanksgiving day, 2017.  I can’t think of a more appropriate recognition to Jesus’s birthday…


THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER,   Journal Entry,  November, 2017….

This is his story….

Thanksgiving meals were being provided at my wife’s hospital for all employees and their families.  After receiving a call to join her for lunch I thought, “Why not!  Anytime I can get a free holiday meal that I don’t have to prepare or clean up after, count me in!”

Driving on route  C 470 in Colorado, a two lane highway heading south, the traffic flow was a steady 75 mph.  Beside me in the right lane was an F 350 one ton pickup, pulling an enormous fifth wheel camper.

Suddenly, I noticed the traffic up ahead in that lane coming to a screeching halt!  An ear piercing squeal erupted from the escalated tires of the pickup beside me, as his brakes firmly locked!  Reacting to the potential of a collision, the truck instantly swerved into my lane!

Still traveling at 75 mph, it didn’t occur to me to step on the brakes, but only to anticipate a side impact!  In a flash, my eyes saw  his entire front grill through my rear view mirror!  He was so close I couldn’t even see the hood of his vehicle!  I’m guessing six inches at most separated us.  At that speed, I was perplexed as to why we did not collide!

As he started to put some distance between him and I, my body burst into emotional prayer,  “Thank you Lord!  Praise God!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you for saving my life!”

I must have had a guardian angel sitting on my car that day, because while this 15 second catastrophe took place, a feeling of  “TOTAL PEACE” overwhelmed me!  It was like the hand of God was telling me, “YOU ARE SAFE!  YOU ARE SAFE!”

Love in Christ,   Art

P.S.   I totally enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner with my wife!

Psalms 46:10,  “Be still, and know that I am God”  (NKJV)


Thank you all for reading!   Love in Christ,  and a Very Merry Christmas to all !  Claire  xoxo