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Time To Decide

Dear Readers,

Since we are losing several loved ones, this blog seems appropriate…


TIME TO DECIDE    Journal Entry,  September, 2017

As fall approaches, I realize that after 40+ years of being a born-again Christian, it is just now starting to sink deeply into my psyche about who God really is!   How powerful and total and awesome He is!  And, that HE CREATED EVERYTHING!  All of it!  I know it sounds silly, but I never realized how “Total” God is until recently!

As I approach the ending part of my life and watch friends, relatives, and church family dying off, I also realize I’m only a split second away from being with the God I discovered in my youth.  Also, at 73, I wonder why suddenly I’m seeing so many prayers answered!  I wonder why I feel such a deep inner peace in my being!  I wonder why suddenly money, material possessions, savings, and security, don’t seem as important any more.

Watching all the weather anomalies going on in our world lately, has just proven even more to me that in a split second, all the things we fret over could be gone anyway!  In the blink of an eye, God can take it all away, since He controls all the world’s weather too!

As I stop writing and look around at my “Things,” then glance at the TV news showing high rise buildings in Mexico falling straight to the ground in another earthquake, and thousands of homes in California reduced to a small pile of ashes, I realize to hover over all my stuff is insanity!

God is calling out to every one of us!  He is seriously telling us something!  He’s telling us to listen to HIM!  Pay attention to HIM!  Time is short!  Many Christians believe this!

Open your eyes and your hearts.  Accept the Lord Jesus now!  Don’t wait, do it now!  Invite Him into your life, ask Him to forgive your sins, and accept Him as the Savior of the world!  Please don’t wait any longer!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

John 3:16,  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  (NIV)




Parenting A Child/Positive vs. Negative

Dear Readers,

My first child was an experience that taught me a great deal about parenting…


I have always been a hyperactive person, getting much accomplished daily.  After being married three and a half years, and struggling to get pregnant, along came my first child, a son.  This didn’t slow me down, I only worked harder and faster.  I was a systematic parent as well as a systematic housekeeper.  Everything orderly, neat, clean, and in it’s place!

As my little guy reached the age of two and a half, I started noticing he was having chronic dysentery.  After a thorough exam, my family doctor found nothing abnormal.  He referred me to a pediatric specialist, who checked him for every childhood disease possible, including Cystic Fibrosis.  I was scared, really scared!

While waiting for the test results to show up, I noticed the doctor observing me and my interaction with my child.  The specialist quickly concluded that I was a very tense mom!  After his complete examination of my son, (and I), the doctor sat us down for a conference.   With my youngster sitting on my lap, one by one, we went over all the test results, eliminating any dangerous diseases.  I finally started to relax while the doctor continued to observe us.  Then the middle aged specialist gave me his diagnosis.

“Mom, my conclusion is that you need to relax as a parent!  I have observed you for awhile and I think you need to lighten up on your parenting!”  Instantly offended, I gave him a strange look!  I considered myself to be a very caring parent.

He gently continued, “Mom, you need to let up in the perfectionist department!  You need to be more positive and less negative in your parenting!”

“What do you mean?” I asked him to explain himself.

“When you interact with your son, I want you to do more complimenting and less correcting!  Discover all the things he does well, and encourage him often!  Don’t just scold him for picking his nose, tell him how good he has been today about not picking his nose!  Understand?  Be positive all the time, not negative all the time and give him more attention when he is good, not just when he is bad!  Many parents tend to ignore their children whenever they are behaving well and only speak to them when they are getting into mischief!”   The doctor politely gave me several more examples, as well as a small book on positive vs. negative parenting.

I headed home with joy and relief in my heart over the test results, especially no Cystic Fibrosis as was feared.  I read the entire book the doctor gave me and started my positive parenting that very day!  Remarkably, with uplifting comments, the dysentery disappeared and my son’s whole personality began to change!  He responded proudly to all my daily compliments!

Very quickly I realized how little previous experience I had in child rearing.  With almost no babysitting in my youth, and both parents working in the family business, only my three older sisters taught me whatever I knew.

Life back in the 60’s wasn’t like today, where they recommend parenting classes to young pregnant couples!  For the rest of my life I have tried regularly to be a positive parent, and all three of my children turned out to be decent kids that didn’t get in trouble.  Well, maybe a little!

Today my children are, “A 40 year old daughter with her Master’s Degree in Social work, A 46 year old daughter with a Graphic Arts/Marketing Degree, and a 50 year old son who for 25 years has been and Estimator of storm damage for a large company in Denver, Colorado.  I am quite proud of all of them!

I am most proud of the fact that they have given me four grandchildren who also love the Lord.


Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo

Proverbs 22:6,   “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”   (NIV)