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An Unknown Glow

Dear Readers,

God revealed a secret to me the first day I started working at the WRTA  (Worcester Regional Transit Authority)…


AN UNKNOWN GLOW! –  Journal Entries,  Fall of 1994 to 2003…

In the fall of 1994 a Dispatcher/Inspector position came open at the city bus company.  After only being employed there for two years and ten months, I was eligible to sign the roster and try out for the job!

I couldn’t believe my big break came after such a short period of driving for the company.  This was unheard of!  Never before in the history of the RTA could a junior driver ever have a shot at such a high paying assignment.

The newest union contract had recently removed seniority privileges from the dispatch office, which meant that now if you didn’t like working in the office anymore, you couldn’t return to your seniority as a bus driver.  You automatically would go to the bottom of the senior list.  Twenty and thirty year veterans weren’t about to give that up, so the bidding on the dispatcher opening came all the way down to me, about 100 or so drivers.

A few people above me signed the roster and tried out, but I had two things in my favor..

One, traditionally the dispatch office was quite stressful, and most drivers, after a few days of training, would go back to driving a bus.

Two,  I had a secret that no one else knew, but I will share it with my readers!  On the very first day I started working at the company, when I entered the lobby, I glanced to my left and looked up the steps to the dispatcher’s office!  “IT WAS GLOWING!”  Almost like there was a star shining over the entire room!   And, I heard a word from God that I will never ever forget, “THAT ROOM IS GOING TO BE YOURS!”  As a rookie driver, I had no clue what this message entailed.

Unanswered  puzzle pieces began to fall into place.  It all became evident two years and ten months later, the message was clear!  God had told me that position was going to be mine from day one!  I couldn’t fail!  I couldn’t let myself fail!  Never before had a woman ever held that spot full-time.  I was scared to death!

Because no one wanted to give up their seniority, only a handful of senior drivers signed up for the job.  As I suspected, their attempts at training failed.  The union tried to sneak in a junior male driver, but he refused to accept until I was given my due process, and he withdrew his name from the roster.  I finally got my chance!

When my training began, our Chief Starter tried many different ways to break me.  Every day I dragged home exhausted, but I knew all I had to do was stick it out no matter how tough it got.  The training was grueling and people all over the company encouraged me to give up, but none of them knew my secret!

It wasn’t going to be easy and I sensed it, but God was guiding me.  Math skills and some business experience helped, but a grueling five hour psychology test that revealed my entire personality and ability to handle the pressure and responsibility, was required.  I passed all that, with only “Slight timidness” highlighted in my test results.  Now, if I could learn everything in three weeks of rigorous training, I would become the Junior Dispatcher and my salary would double!  I would receive the biggest pay raise of any employee ever in the history of the company!  Praise God!

The Lord knew all this was going to happen at least 2 years and 10 months earlier, and HE TOLD ME!  That is the amazing part of this story!  He told me it was going to be mine the very day I started working at the RTA!  He didn’t say it was going to be easy, just that it would be mine!

I held onto that key promotion and over the next eight or nine years I advanced to third senior out of six Dispatcher/Inspectors in the office.

Then, at 60 years old, I discovered I had breast cancer and took medical leave from my job.  Thank you God, the company covered all my medical expenses, and since I had accumulated 90+ sick days, a full paycheck for over four months.

I decided on an early retirement soon after, but never stopped thanking God for giving me that career.  If you listen to the Spirit inside of you, it is nothing short of miraculous how many great things God will do!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Phil. 4:13,  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (NIV)

P.S.   I heard recently that almost every Dispatcher/Inspector in the office, at my bus company, is now a woman!



Was It Pride?

Dear Readers,

Through the pain it dawned on me, it might be my pride…

WAS IT PRIDE?  Journal Entry,  June, 2017


God has always blessed me with first-rate health.  Except for a short battle with breast cancer, and a few stomach problems, at 73 years old, I’m in excellent condition.  About a month ago, I injured my right knee running on my treadmill.  The pain at times, has been unbearable on both sides of my leg.  A trip to emergacare helped and three xrays showed no damage, just a little arthritis.

As the weeks passed I prayed, “So, why all the pain Lord?  And, why isn’t it improving?  Am I going to be using a walker for the rest of my life?  Is this part of your perfect plan for me?  All I asked for recently was for You to enhance my little hospital ministry!  And, this is what I get as an answer?”  I went on and on, wah, wah, wah!

About 4 weeks passed with no improvement, just unrelenting pain.  I started wondering if I was approaching God wrong.  I had not asked for healing in Jesus’s name!  I had not tried to see this experience as an awakening or another learning curve, or a unique way that God might be showing me something important!  Like for instance, maybe He wanted me to see how much knee pain my husband has been in for years, or wanted me to be able to relate to the hospital patients more closely who are also in a great deal of pain!  I wasn’t sure.

“Why Lord?” was all I could seem to ask at first, but after several weeks my curiosity turned into fear of never improving and eventually losing my volunteer job that I love so much.

In my search for answers I finally asked God, “Is this a pride problem?”  Having taken my healthy body and youthful activities like running on my treadmill, and moving wheelchairs of people all over the hospital, and pushing a heavy cart of magazines and books everywhere, maybe just maybe, I was taking for granted how blessed I am to have this good health, and thinking like it was because of something special I did, not what God did for me?

Was I bragging about my healthy diet?  Was I bragging about my healthy exercising?  Was I telling people to do this or that to improve their health, instead of suggesting they turn to God?

“Dear Father in heaven, ” I prayed, “Did my pride take over when I was asked about health or well being?  Did I suggest even once, that it was because of something I did, and didn’t depend on You, but depended on myself?”  I wondered and wondered.  Then more prayers of forgiveness poured out…

“Father if I took credit, even once, for any part of the goodness in my life, when all credit belongs to You, please forgive me!  Your Word says all good comes from God, but sometimes, pride so subtly slips in, we hardly even notice it’s there!”

I prayed a bunch about this season the Lord was showing me.  I believe this scenario is definitely a possible conclusion!  I think all of us have to deal with pride constantly.  Like every sin, it slips in and robs us of our closeness to God.  Sometimes we need to be startled, just so we will never ever take for granted all that God does daily for each and every one of us.

Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

James 1:17,  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”  (NIV)


P.S.  Since I wrote this blog, a dear friend at church who has a doctor in her family, told me a solution to try that might help and I have greatly improved!  But I will never forget this test!  And, I will never stop thanking God for healing my leg on His time.