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God’s Financial Miracles

Dear Readers,

We just had another money miracle.  No one but the Lord Could have put this one together…

GOD’S FINANCIAL MIRACLES,  (More Money Miracles-  Archives 1-10-2010- Journal Entry-  July 2010)

For months now my hubby has been praying for a larger truck.  But, we really had no extra money for another vehicle.  He continued to pray anyway, “Please Lord, could You find me a bigger truck for an even trade for my Ford Ranger, amen,” he asked daily.

I thought this prayer was ridiculous since his truck was immaculate and running like new.  Anyway, I kind of ignored him every time he would spot a half-ton for sale because he actually loved his little Ranger, and I couldn’t imagine him ever finding an even swap.

You know how some prayers seem crazy, some prayers seem selfish, and some prayers seem really necessary?  Well, this one seemed crazy to me, but who am I to judge my man.  His Ranger ran beautifully, had low mileage, was in great shape, but he wanted a half-ton pickup to be able to haul more, and have more sitting room, whatever.  “Guys are like that, yeah they are!”

As time passed I really thought my man gave up on this prayer, but one day on his way back from the city, he came home all excited and begged me to take a ride with him.  Driving down the highway, I asked him, “Can you please tell me where we are going?”

Half way back to Springfield he finally blurted it out, “I found it!  It’s a little older than my truck, has a few more miles on the odometer, but it is in excellent condition!  And, the dealer is willing to swap me even for my Ranger!  I want you to see it and help me decide!”  Actually, he wanted my approval.  My guy is sweet like that!

My initial reaction was, “Well, what’s the difference, it’s his truck!  No money involved.  Whatever makes him happy!”  So I asked my typical question, “Will it get really bad mileage compared to your little truck?”

“No!” he told me, “My Ranger only gets 18 MPG anyway!”

When we reached the dealer I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The silver and red Chevy Silverado was impeccably maintained, just like C.J.’s Ford Ranger.  The previous owner had bought it new, and left it clean as a whistle with a full tank of gas.  Inside and outside were immaculate, and he was a non-smoker, very important to us.  We took it for a ride and it was not only loaded with extras, it was so big and comfortable I was amazed.  “He wants to swap you even for this?” I asked kind of shocked.

“Yup!  He looked up the value of my Ranger and said he would do an even swap!”

By 5 P.M. all the paperwork was done, and we had a new truck, no cash involved, no sales tax, no change in our insurance fees, only a new title had to be purchased, praise the Lord!  It was exactly what C.J. had prayed for!  A God send.

Only the Lord could have put this together.  No dealers do even swaps, especially with both trucks in mint condition.  And, here’s the kicker, the Silverado gets 18 MPG on the highway, just like Cal’s little Ranger.

God wants us to turn every part of our lives over to him.  Only then can He show us what He is capable of doing for each one of us.

Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo

P. S.  That swap happened in July of 2010 and Calvin still has that Silverado.

Proverbs 3:5+6,  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”  (NIV)


2016 Has Come And Gone

Dear Readers,

2016 has come and gone, never to return again.  We may only get one opportunity for some meaningful prayer time with a needy soul.  Don’t waste it…


2016 HAS COME AND GONE,   Journal Entry,  One day in 2016


Some special moments were sent my way in my volunteer job this year.  I would like to share one in particular…

The ICU section of the hospital is a very sensitive area.  You never know what you will encounter.  I ask the Lord to tell me what stories I have from my past that I should tell; for Him to speak to me before I enter the hospital, the department, or the rooms and tell me what to say, what to pray, and what to share.

Although I occasionally get rejected, it doesn’t happen very often here in the bible belt.  Most patients are open to hearing about the Lord, or praying with me.   One day in particular from 2016 stands out profoundly in my mind.

I entered a patient’s room who was suffering from a severe illness.  It was obvious.  You can just tell sometimes.  But, suddenly my heart filled with joy and I just wanted deeply to share that joy.  So much so, that I found it difficult to look at the extremely grieving relative sitting nearby.  I just wanted to stare into the patient’s eyes and partake in whatever stories God brought to my mind.

I introduced myself and unexpectedly mentioned my Christian blog.  Usually I don’t do that so quickly, but the Lord had a different agenda that day.

“Would you like me to read you one of my stories?  They are all true!”

“Yes, very much!” was the weak response.

I could tell my first story delivered comfort as I read.  Then, the Lord quickly brought two other blog stories to my mind.

My sister’s story of how, after three battles with cancer, she just wanted to go home from the hospital.  And a couple short days later, laying in her own bed, she looked up at the ceiling and smiled and said, “Oh, hi Lord!  How are you?”  Then she hesitated a few seconds and continued, “Oh me, I’m fine!”  She exhaled her last breath and went to be with Jesus.

Finally, I told my attentive patient, “I feel the Lord telling me I should share one more story!”  (The Midnight Light- Blog Date, Archives- February 2011)

Suddenly, a warm smile came over that weary face and I was asked, “Are you an angel?”

I kind of giggled with joy and answered, “No hon, I’m no angel, but I do try very hard to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what He tells me when I’m with my patients!”

Unexpectedly yet again, the Lord prompted me to say one more thing and I filled with excitement, “I do know one thing though, when you go to be with Jesus, you are not going to want to come back!  But just remember, He decides when you go to be with Him, not anyone else!”  Then I prayed with my patient and left with a joyous smile on my face.

After finishing my rounds, I returned to my car and  broke down.  As I look back on 2016, I’ll remember this special day forever.

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


Jeramiah 29:11+12,  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”  (NIV)