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Maybe A Miracle?

Dear Readers,

You decide if these are miracles or not.  When they happen it sure seems like divine intervention.  This story was written in my journals back in the year 2000…

MAYBE A MIRACLE?   Journal Entry,  February 11, 2000

What shall I write about today?  Maybe a miracle?

Lots of people pray.  But I have a different kind of prayer.  I might be in the middle of ironing, watching a movie, or housework or laundry, and suddenly I will know that I have to pray.  So I’ll stop what I’m doing and talk to the Lord.  I won’t have a clue what or who I’m praying about, but I will continue to speak to Him until the desire stops.  Then, time will pass, usually an hour or less, with just a blankness in my mind and I will wonder what I was praying for.

What takes place next I find to be quite miraculous!  Out of nowhere, and with no thought given to it, I will hear in my mind an idea, or a short phrase.  It will grab my attention away from whatever I am doing at the time.

This is the important part.  I will know who the message is for or about!  A good example is the story I blogged recently  {Fourth of July Horror-  Blog 2-24-2016).  I prayed, a short time went by, then a profound message, “YOU HAVE TO MOVE NOW!” and instantly I knew it was about me and my family.

Today I had a similar event.  I was doing housework, all of a sudden I felt the uncontrollable urge to pray, and so I did.  The feeling lasted for about an hour and then blankness.  I sat down to watch the news on TV and again out of nowhere, a phrase popped into my brain and I knew the message was for my sweetheart.  The exact words were, “You are going to miss it all!  If you keep focusing on what you don’t have, you are going to miss seeing all that you do have!”

I’ll explain.  My mate has been complaining a lot lately about all the things he doesn’t have, all his responsibilities, and more, and depression overtakes him because of it.  But God decided to point out to him just how good he has it in his life.

Now, none of this is my doing.  I know that’s difficult for some people to understand.  But it continues to happen, often times for a person who lives a long distance away from me.  I will write the message down in a letter, or call him or her, and more often than not, I will hear from the person, “How did you know?  How did you know what is going on in my life?” they will ask.

Maybe I’m not making myself clear.  More examples probably would emphasize the miraculous part.  One night in Colorado, I received such a feeling to pray.  This one was really strong!  I knew something serious was going on somewhere, so I prayed, for a long time; hours!  The premonition went on late into the night.  I finally fell asleep from fatigue.  Very early the next morning the phone rang with a call from Massachusetts.  “Your grandmother died during the night!” my husband was told.  My mother-in-law continued through tears, “But before she died she gave me her rosary beads  (which she never let out of her hands) and said she didn’t need those anymore!  Why did she do that?” she asked her son.

I knew!  I knew exactly why!  Receiving confirmation from God that she was going to be with Him, she realized that meager beads were suddenly unimportant.  The prayers that night were for her!

Here’s yet another example.  I was vacuuming my living room one day and again the urge to pray came over me.  So, obediently I did pray, but this time I continued cleaning.  Again, after awhile the desire to pray stopped and I kept on working.  Blankness as usual, and a few minutes passed and a message came, this time for me!  “I WANT YOUR HUSBAND TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!”

“What?” I shouted.  This made no sense at all.  We have three children, my husband has a good job, and I was doing daycare out of my home.  It didn’t make any sense!  So, I chose to keep this message to myself.  I told no one.  I was afraid of this message because it would mean little income for us, and insecurity has always filled me with fear.

A couple months passed, and again in the middle of housework, the urge to pray, the blankness, and the message, slightly different from last time, “I want your husband to go back to school full-time!”  This time I got scared.  “No way Lord!  No way am I going to tell him or anyone else this message!”  And I stayed silent.  Another month passed.  I never mentioned a word to a living soul.

Walking through the front door after work one day, I heard my husband say, “We need to talk!”  I sat down on the couch and listened and what I was about to hear would normally have scared the heck out of me.

“Things are not going well at my company,” he said.  “I didn’t want to tell you because I know how you worry about money.  I’ve prayed about it for some time now and I think God wants me to go back to school full-time to update my degree!  I’ve already checked into it and I could do it in one year in a fast-track program!  Also, there are lots of grants available for families like us!”  Then he waited for the panic from me which never came.

“What did you just say?” I asked stunned by what he just told me.  I was so shocked because I knew that no one else but me was aware of my two previous messages.  When I told my mate that I already knew, he was flabbergasted!   He shared with me how much he prayed, not wanting to frighten me before he was sure, and how he put off, and put off, telling me.  And, how he checked on all the details before coming to this conclusion.  And, that finally today, had decided to let me know.

I was shocked!  The Lord had warned and warned me about what was ahead and nobody knew about it.  Isn’t  that amazing!

I have many more examples of my unusual prayer time with the Lord.  Maybe these are miracles and maybe they aren’t.  I just know one thing.  When, where, or how the Lord speaks to us, we need to listen and accept that it is Him, sometimes preparing us for what lies ahead.

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Galatians 5:5,  “But by faith we eagerly await through the Spirit the righteousness for which we hope.”  (NIV)


The Red Bunting

Dear Readers,

This blog is a letter written to my son Arthur, who lives in Denver.  It is about a vision I had back in October of 1993, shortly after his son (My first grandchild) was born…


THE RED BUNTING,   Journal Entry and Letter,  October 26, 1993  (Archives Blog- Nov. 2012)


Dear Arthur,

I know I don’t write very often son, but I thought I should write and tell you about this incredible message the Lord gave me.  But first, I want to share an entry I made in my daily journal a few days ago…

Journal Entry-  Saturday, 10-23-1993

I received a message today from the Lord.  I worry a lot about my infant grandson.  His other grandmother, who lives near him in Denver, loves him dearly and holds him, cuddles him, and kisses him as much as she can.  The problem is she is dying of a very contagious disease which is also a killer to small infants.  This virus often wipes out whole nurseries in hospitals.

I pray for little Zakkary to be safe and yet for her to be able to hold him and love him in her last moments of life, as he is her only grandchild, as well as my only grandchild.  Sometimes when I get a “Zak Attack” as I have come to call them, and want to hold him, I pray and ask the Lord to take away my fear of this disease.

This morning while I was out jogging and talking to the Father, I looked up into the sky and the Lord blessed me with a vision.  I saw little Zak wrapped in a red bunting, with a giant zipper on the front.  As I watched, it zipped up over his entire body and I was filled with great peace and warmth and it brought smiles and laughter to my soul.  I instantly knew that the red bunting represented Jesus’s blood and it’s protection around baby Zak’s tiny 14 pound body.  The fact that it zipped over his head was also significant to tell me God’s protection covered his entire being.  When I saw him, Zakkary’s head was on my left and his feet on my right.  What a special peaceful message to receive.  I thanked God over and over for this vision.  (End of my journal entry.)


Now son, I shared this vision with your dad and he knew immediately what it meant and gave me scripture to back it up.  (I was told you should always try to back up visions and messages with the Word.)  Daddy is very knowledgeable of the bible, and I am not.  I thought this was great…

In Solomon’s “Song of Songs,” chapter 2:4+6, verse 4 says, “He has taken me to the banquet hall and his banner over me is love.” (In the thesaurus, banner also means bunting.)   And 2:6 says, “His left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces me.”  (NIV)

The most amazing thing Artie, is when I get these visions, they line up with the Word!  But, the peace that comes with them is also absolutely wonderful!

I can’t emphasize enough to you, how safe little Zak is!  The bunting was scriptural, the red was symbolic and representative of Jesus’s blood, and the position of his head left and his feet to the right, was significant.  I pray that this vision will also bring you peace.

Everyone here in New England is learning to tolerate me when I get my “ZAK ATTACKS” and I want to hold him so badly that I can’t hardly stand being so far away from him.  I’ll probably get these attacks for the next 20 years.  Oh well!  Say hi to everyone for me and know that I pray for all of you daily.  Please hug little Zak for me too.  Sniff!

Love You, Mom xoxo


P.S.  Hope you all enjoyed reading my letter to my son.  It is now October 2016, and my grandson Zakkary is 23 years old, 6’6″ tall, single, lives on his own, and is a hard worker.  Most of all, He loves the Lord!  I’m very proud of him!