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The Puzzle

Dear Readers,

At my volunteer job amazing little events occur regularly that draw me back week after week.  This blog entry is one of those…


THE PUZZLE,  Journal Entry,  December, 2014


A unique situation occurred at my volunteer job today.  A mentally challenged young person listened politely to my spiel about books and magazines.  I could see that not much of what I said penetrated.

I kept asking if this youngster would like something to read, with little or no response.  Because of the holiday season, I had some unusual items donated to my cart that I never carry, like puzzles, games, and adult coloring books and coloring pencils.

A blank stare was all I received as I kept asking this sweet child, “What would you like?”  Suddenly I saw a spark!

“Would you like a puzzle?” I asked, and excitement lit up that young face and poured out.

“Ya, ya!” shouted my patient, “I do puzzles!”  As we talked, I discovered that my patient does them all the time, just like I do.  (I have a puzzle room filled with over 80 of them pinned all over the walls.)

Suddenly we had a common bond.  As I went through all my donated puzzles, very quickly I was told, “The more pieces in the puzzle, the better!  I work on tiny 1000 pieces all the time!”

The best I could do was 300 pieces so I opened it.  The joy on this child’s face was incredible!  It quickly became obvious that “Puzzles definitely  had a special meaning!”  People often go to the dollar tree in our small town and pick up items to donate.  That means a great deal to others at holiday time.

I continue to be amazed at how the Lord uses me again and again to give a single moment of happiness to my hospital people.  It seems to be an endless gift that God rewards me for my years of volunteering.  Somehow I knew when I chose this particular position, that Jesus was putting in my path exactly what He wanted me to do.  I can see the results of my prayers each time I enter the hospital,  especially when I run into a former patient who comes up to me and says,  “Your prayers worked!  I’m feeling much better!”  Then my heart leaps with joy.


Love in Christ,   Claire xoxo


Jeremiah 29:11,  “For I know the plans I have for you, ” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”    (NIV)



The Cuckoo Clock

Dear Readers,

This comforting sign came on a difficult anniversary…


THE CUCKOO CLOCK,  Journal Entry,  May 20, 2000  (Archives- Feb. 13, 2013)


“Did you reset the weights and wind the cuckoo clock last night?” my sweetheart asked me.

“No, I didn’t.  Why do you ask?”  I replied wondering.

It was early, and the day I dread so much had finally arrived.  May 20th, the anniversary date that my honey lost his beloved son.  He was a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed three-year-old angel.  The killer was “Neuroblastoma,” a childhood cancer that, back then, took most children’s lives, if it surfaced after they reached one year of age.

I try to remember the day and be gentle with Calvin, maybe say a few extra prayers for him, and cater to him a bit as well.

It’s Saturday and we can’t ride to work together like we usually do because our jobs start three hours apart today.

C.J. was getting ready for work, so I decided to make him a lunch and then run upstairs and pray with him.  Thinking that I had come up with a unique idea for prayers, I asked, “Honey, will you pray with me?”

“Okay,” he said somberly.

I began, “Lord Jesus, this is a tough day for Cal.  Please be with him.  Give him some kind of a sign that his little son is peaceful, happy, and with You, amen.”

All teary eyed, C.J. looked up at me kind of shocked and said, “God already did that!”

“He did?  You didn’t say anything to me before.  What happened?” I asked.

“The Cuckoo Clock!  It woke me out of a sound sleep this morning!  I never heard it before today!  It struck eight times, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!  You remember what I told you about how much Geoff loved to imitate the cuckoo clock?” and he imitated his son’s tiny voice the way he used to make the sound.

I was awestruck!  When I received the idea to pray for a sign, I had no clue that my mate had already received one.  Again, Calvin filled up with tears, and I felt immediately at peace.

Our God is an awesome God.  Not only did He send an unexpected sign to Cal, He sent a message to me to pray with him for a sign!  That way He accomplished building both of us in our faith, giving both of us peace, and inevitably drew us closer together spiritually.

Oh, one more thing.  I am the lightest sleeper in the whole world, but I not only didn’t wind the clock, I didn’t hear it go off either!

Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo


Isaiah 7:11,  “Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights.”  (NIV)

Luke 2:12,  “And this will be the sign to you:  You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.”  (NKJV)