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A Flash Of Yellow

Dear Readers,

This story came out of my journals from March of 1991 when I drove school bus for awhile.  It was a scary time and a wonderful time as well.  (Archives- November, 2011…)

A FLASH OF YELLOW,  Journal Entry, March 1991

I know miracles happen every day but I still feel the need to write about mine, maybe just because we need to hear them.  Today was a miracle day.

My usual routine of driving school bus began at 7 A.M..  As usual, I said my daily prayer as I boarded, “Lord, put angels on my wheels and around my bus.  Watch over all my children, in Jesus’s name, amen.”

The responsibility of being a school bus driver is horrific.  A cargo of 50-100 or more precious babies depend on your pick up and delivery each day.  On my afternoon drop off run, a driver’s worst nightmare became a reality.  All was going well as I picked up the kids after school got out.  I headed up the road making my usual stops.  As I approached an apartment building where several children usually get off, I stopped traffic in both directions on that busy street, but only two youngsters exited.  (Not unusual, often times parents pick them up.)

Upon closing my door, a shout came from the rear of the bus, “Emily was supposed to get off!”  A kindergartner came running from the back.  I reopened the door, she exited, crossed the road, and entered her house.  Again, I tried to close my doors to free up the traffic when yet another shout came from a different section of my bus, “My little sister wasn’t supposed to get off here today!” he yelled.  “She was supposed to go to my uncle’s house with me!” her brother said, “I don’t think my mom is home!”

By now, traffic is getting restless, horns beginning to blow and cars were inching forward.  I was forced to make a split second decision.  “Ok, you go get her and I’ll wait for both of you.”  Her brother exited quickly and crossed the very busy street.

My stop lights and sign still on for longer than normal, traffic piling up, and 40 to 50 or so restless children helped me to make a decision to close my doors and let traffic pass, move forward a little and reopen my doors for the returning children.  The cars passed and the boy came running back to the bus and mumbled in passing, “Emily’s ok!”  So, glancing over at her house and figuring her big brother had checked, their mother was home, and I could finally be on my way.  I closed my doors, released my hand brake, checked all my mirrors again, put my bus into drive, and pushed the gas peddle.

Most people aren’t aware that school buses have mirrors that reveal a sweeping view of three sides of our bus.  Most people also aren’t aware of how tiny a kindergartner’s body is to this monstrous 26,000 pound vehicle.  No matter how much we drill the children about safety, a frightened five year old doesn’t think!  He or she only panics!

As I hit the gas, a flash of yellow sped past only one mirror and then disappeared from my view.  I hit my brakes with all the might in my entire body and fear rushed through me like a lightning bolt!  I threw open my doors and prayed, “Please God, please!”

As God is my judge, I sit here writing in tears and I admit that no way on earth should I have missed hitting that 50 pound flash of yellow!  I know the distance between the visual view of my mirrors and the tiny bodies that disappear in front of my massive vehicle.

Eternity passed!  Emily, whom I thought was safely in her home with mom, finally appeared in my door in her little yellow jacket, frightened, crying, and panic stricken that she would be left behind alone.  She had rushed out of the house because mom wasn’t home as I assumed by her brother’s comment.  I grabbed her, held her tight, comforted her, and cried with her, all at the same time.  I honestly believed she went under my front wheels!  Neither of us could stop trembling.  After catching my breath and seating Em, I found a quiet spot to pull over and again drilled the little ones on safety rules.

After dropping off my last child safely to his house, I pulled away.  About a half mile down the road, I stopped and broke down into deep uncontrollable sobbing.  It was as if the Holy Spirit was sitting in my bus with me, comforting me with His presence.  Through tearful eyes, I glanced at the countryside and a pond covered with Canadian geese and sighed, “Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you,” I prayed.

There are four guardian angels on my wheels and only the good Lord knows how many surround my bus.  To this day, I never drive anywhere without covering my vehicle with angels.

Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo

Luke 4:10,  “He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully…”  (NIV)


P.S.  Now 25 years later, the school buses are equipped with a long metal arm that stretches out in front of the bus when they stop, which forces the children to go out around it, pushing their little bodies far enough away for the driver to be able to see them cross in front of the vehicle.


My Piano or God’s Piano?

My Piano or God’s Piano?

Dear Readers,

This memory sparked when I was recently reading in a workbook for Francis Chan’s “Forgotten God.”  The author asked us, “Imagine that the Holy Spirit took complete control of your life and showed you EXACTLY what He wanted you to do.  Why might the thought of actually following the Holy Spirit be scary?”

A past experience jumped into my mind.  It went something like this.  It was early into my salvation and I was a baby Christian.  At church one Sunday morning, our Pastor asked the congregation to help find a piano to donate to the local senior rest home.

I went home and stared at my most valuable possession; an old Wurlitzer upright piano that my mother gave me as a wedding present.  Looking at my treasure I thought, “Could I part with it for the seniors to have and enjoy?”

I felt the tugging of the Holy Spirit telling me to give it up for a worthy cause, but I pushed the thought out of my mind.  I agonized over this for a couple days.  Lost a lot of sleep too!  But, then I finally gave in and tried to do as I felt I was being told by the Holy Spirit in my heart, and came to the reality of parting with my precious gift, because I believed God wanted this of me.

Almost in tears, I called my Pastor and told him I wanted to donate my piano to the rest home.  I was shocked at his answer.  ” Oh Claire, someone else came forward and already donated one, but thank you for the offer!”

The relief I felt was overwhelming.  I almost couldn’t catch my breath.  I sat down and tears poured down my cheeks.  When I wiped my eyes, I looked up to heaven and thought, “You knew Lord!  You knew You weren’t going to take it away from me!  This was a test, wasn’t it?  You wanted to see if I would give up my precious piano that I love to play, because Your Spirit asked me to in my heart and mind!  You knew You weren’t going to take my mother’s gift that meant so much to me!”

In his book, Francis Chan is saying, “Think about what the Holy Spirit wants and do it, no matter what!”

Is that scary?  It sure is!  It sure is to me!

I want to follow what the Holy Spirit tells me, but do I really have the courage?

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Psalm 143:10,  “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”  (NIV)

P.S.  And yet, in a split second, as we see in the news every day, it can all be taken away!