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The Acceptance-Part 2

Dear Readers,

This experience happened only days after my last blog.  “The Rejection” Part 1…

THE ACCEPTANCE- Part 2, Journal Entry, 2014


Saturday was peaceful and quiet at the hospital, even though we had many patients.  I prayed and walked the halls, before doing my rounds with the magazine cart.

One room in particular stands out.  As I entered, there was a young person lying in bed looking very discouraged, like having recently received some upsetting news.  At the bottom of the bed was a chair with a woman sitting there looking at my patient, maybe a relative, or a friend.

I started my spiel about books and magazines, but both of them said, ” No thank you!”  Then unexpectedly, the woman in the chair asked, “Are you a volunteer?”

“Yes I am!” I told her.

“I volunteer too!” she told me.  “What do you do here at the hospital?” she went on.

“Well, I pedal my complimentary books and magazines; I help people find their way around the hospital; I help the patients and nurses when I can; and sometimes I pray with the patients, stuff like that!”

Something I said triggered a response from her.  She looked seriously at the patient lying there looking so sad and asked, “Now would be a good time to pray!  What do you think?”

The young patient was tranquil and continued to stare at the floor as if troubled, but debating what to say.  The visitor asked again, “Don’t you think we could pray now?  It’s a good time!”

I stood there wondering if God would give me the correct words, because the request was obviously important.  Privacy with our patients is also crucial, so I just remained quiet and motionless and waited for a response.

After contemplating for a couple minutes, head still bowed, the youngster nodded yes.  I reached out and took the patient’s hand in mine.  Unsure of what to pray for, I just let the Holy Spirit lead me.  The prayer for salvation and healing filled my mind with beautiful, loving, caring words for the needs of this soon to be child of God.  I remember praying so softly and kindly with my voice, not normal for me.  I’m kind of a loud personality, but not this time.  My prayer ended respectfully and in Jesus’s precious name.

When I lifted my head, they both looked deeply at each other, knowing something important, that I didn’t know, had just happened.  I took my cart and smiled before I left, but at the door I looked back and said, “I’ll be praying all day for you, hon!  I pray for all my patients the days I work!”  Then I walked away.

That child came to my mind often the rest of my work day.   Still is in fact, and it’s now four days past my visit.  I will wonder forever about that moment in my life, when maybe, just maybe, God used little ole me for something special.

So, to end this two part story, you see, one person may be ready for Jesus and want prayer, and another may not, but we can not miss any opportunity to talk about the Lord to anyone.  The time is short until our Savior returns.

Love in Christ,    Claire  xoxo

Mark 13:32, “No one knows about that day, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (NIV)


The Rejection- Part 1

Dear Readers,

When we finally discover our own special ministry for the Lord, we must never give up trying to fulfill what God wants from us.  Today’s blog is part one of two experiences I had at my volunteer job that happened only days apart…


THE REJECTION-Part 1   Journal Entry-2014

I’m troubled.  Today was volunteer day and many people at the hospital were extremely ill.  One patient keeps haunting my mind.  Cancer is devouring this youngster.  I entered the patient’s room twice today.  My first trip was to bring in a visitor.  As we walked, the guest told me the infirmed was terminal.

We arrived quickly as I used a short cut to that room.  I could see all the youngster’s hair was gone from chemotherapy.  I excused myself quickly and went back to the information desk.

Then, on my rounds of delivering reading material, when I entered that same room again, there were several visitors.  I introduced myself,  “Hi, my name is Claire, I have complimentary books and magazines.  Would anyone like something to read?”

The youngster said no thank you.  As I looked around, I smiled and returned my patient’s pleasantness, and with an urging from the Holy Spirit I said, “Well, you will be in my prayers anyway, sweetie!”

Instantly, an older woman standing beside the bed angrily replied, “No, no, we don’t want any of that either!”  Then she brushed me off with a wave of her hand.

“OK,” I replied.  As I left the room I thought, “You can’t stop me from praying silently out here in the hallway, and I asked the Lord to send someone else to bring the Word about Jesus to this terminally ill young person.

Looking back at the convalescent, who seemed maybe 20-30 years old, I thought to myself, “What if!  What if this person wants to hear what I have to say?  Why should someone else speak for another adult?  Why can’t I talk directly to my patient, like I would do if all this company wasn’t present?”

Now, I’m home, walking outside in my prayer field, and asking God to tell me if I should return, or would He please send another Christian that could talk to that youngster about Jesus, before it is too late.  I’ll keep praying and asking God.  I will never know if this hospital case accepts or rejects an opportunity for salvation, but at least I planted a seed.

Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo

Ps. 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” (NIV)


Part 2- entitled,  “The Acceptance” will be blogged in a week or so.  Thanks for reading.


The Dear John Letter

Dear Readers,

After writing a myriad of letters inspired by God, I chose my blog title.  Here is one of those letters…

THE DEAR JOHN LETTER,  Journal Entry- 2014

Dear John,

I’m not sure why I am writing to you, but the Lord often impresses on my heart to write letters to people who are hurting.  I’m wondering how you are doing dealing with so much loss since your accident last year?  This month is also traumatic for my hubby, as this is the point in time he lost his three-year-old son to cancer.

Recently the Lord opened my eyes to an awareness of God.  I read that, “If God has prophesied something there is nothing we can do to stop it from happening!”  Makes sense doesn’t it?  God prophesied that a pestilence would take the first born of every house in Egypt, but the killer disease would pass over every house that had lambs blood on the door posts.  Think about that!  How can germs decide which house to pick?  Does that make any sense to you?

John, you are probably wondering what I’m getting at.  I believe the same applies to us today!  When my husband signed the approval on the final powerful chemo treatment which ended his son’s life, didn’t matter.  His son’s time to be with God was supposed to be that split second in time in 1978.

I feel like the Lord wants me to tell you this; Whether or not yours was the vehicle that ended the life of another driver, that man was destined to be with the Lord that very day!  It could have been the car before or after you!  It was his time to go!

I know that doesn’t give you any comfort, but when you open your eyes wide and look all around you, you will see that we really don’t have a lot of control over our lives.  God alone knows, every day, what is going to happen to us.  He has total control!

I want to share a secret from my own life that has plagued me with guilt for over 20 years.  I’ll shorten my story.  My car broke down and I needed a ride. (This was before cell phones.)  A stranger offered me a lift and just then, I distinctly heard a clear warning from God, “Don’t get in that car!”  I heard the powerful words a second time, when I had my hand on the door handle of his vehicle.  Still, I chose to ignore the premonition, and took the ride.  Within 20 minutes, that stranger pulled onto a dirt road, stopped the car, and raped me.

I have been plagued with guilt ever since, about not heeding the warnings God graciously gave to me.  But one day, I suddenly realized that the Lord already knew I wouldn’t listen to His admonition.  And He also knew I would be frightened, feel guilty, and traumatized by this incident for a long, long time!  So, why then do I continue to punish myself for all these years?  Guilt doesn’t come from God!  It comes from the devil.  And he will do anything to rob us of the joy of being close to the Lord!

God already knew that you were going to be the catalyst that would bring that driver straight to Him, just like He knew I would reject His forewarnings about  getting in that stranger’s car.  We can either spend the rest of our lives missing what Jesus has in store for us, or we can accept forgiveness for our failures and move on to whatever He wants us to do for Him.

I know you love the Lord as much as I do, John!  And, I know He loves you as much as He loves me!  We all need to move forward, forgive ourselves and start fresh, because our time here on earth is precious.  We need our joy back!  I’ll be praying for you, John, to have peace in you life.

Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

Acts 13:38, “Therefore, my brothers, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.”   (NIV)