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The Lifesaving Miracles

Dear Readers,

     After a miraculous week, I decided to interview a friend who was involved in saving the lives of two people only days apart…


THE LIFESAVING MIRACLES, A blog interview with a hero, Journal Entry, August, 2015


     A dear friend at my church agreed to let me interview her after her exhilerating week…

                                               The Interview


     1.  Shar, recently you were involved in the saving of two lives only days apart; a possible drowning, and a choking victim.  Can you please tell me in your own words what happened…


     "On Sunday, August 2, 2015, my great nephew’s 3 year birthday pool party will always be remembered.  There were people everywhere in the pool and more on the deck.  Lots of activity.  I was in the pool holding a seven month old child, laughing and playing with her splashing around.  Suddenly, I bumped into something on the bottom of the pool!  I looked down and saw the top of a little head and quickly yanked him up.  His eyes were fixed and staring and he wasn’t breathing!  I thought he was dead!  My heart in my throat, I shouted for help as the child’s uncle happened to be walking next to the pool.  He instantly grabbed him and started pounding on his back!  I stood frozen for a few seconds, pleading, praising, and praying to God, all at the same time.  When I heard him start to cough, I cried out with praise!  I hurried out of the pool and went to him praying, with my hands on his head, for all to hear.  An ambulance was called and my nephew spent the next two days in the hospital with water on his lungs and pneumonia.  They ran tests on him that showed he has no brain damage, and he will see many more birthdays to come, praise the Lord!"

     Shar, continued,  "Two days later while I was at lunch with nine other women from my bible study, and my friend sitting next to me started choking.  I asked her if she needed help and she shook her head yes.  I wrapped my arms around her middle as she half stood up.  I was fearful of pushing on her as she had recently had surgery!  I performed the Heimlich maneuver and praise the Lord, it worked!"



     2.  Shar, were you ever in a life saving event at another time in your life?"


     "I witnessed another near drowning of my two year old nephew, about 24 years ago, at a family pool.  His older Autistic stepsister went into the pool completely dressed, as me and her mother watched through a window, while she rescued the submerged child.  He was turning blue, so his mother gave him mouth to mouth resusitation as I cried out in prayer!  Praise the Lord, today, 24 years later, he is a wonderful healthy grown up!"


     3.  Shar, how did it feel to be chosen by God for those two rescue events this past week?"


     "I may have just been in those places coincidentally, but I believe our steps are led by the Holy Spirit, or guardian angels, if we remain open to them.  I am extremely thankful that the outcome in both instances was to God’s glory, and I continue to give Him praise!"




     4.  What advice would you give to others who might be put in a similar situation?"


     Shar continued, "Advice, hmmm!  Most importantly, stay calm and stay observant.  My own family is going to start the practice of timed schedules with one person watching the pool at all times, much like a lifeguard would.  Also, all young children should immediately have floatation devices on when around water."

     "As for choking, never talk with food in your mouth!  And, if it should happen to you, do not hesitate to get someone’s attention!  If you are alone, you can actually push yourself up against the back of a chair or a counter to dislodge the food!"



     5.  Last question, Shar!  Knowing that God doesn’t make mistakes, what do you think His purpose was in choosing you?"


     Shar answered humbly, "I will praise Him more!  I tend to be a very observant person, calm in stressful situations.  And, I will always try to help someone else.  We are to be His Body!  He uses our steps, hands, thoughts, and deeds.  I will always give God the glory!  And, I will praise Him more and more!"



     "Well Shar, I want to thank you for this humble and moving interview.  Also, thank you for your courage and instant response to people.  You have made me think deeply about my own reaction to those in need.  You were chosen by God to be involved in these lifesaving miracles!  And, through it all, you are truly a prayer warrior!

                                          Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo


     Mark23:12, "For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted."  (NIV) 


The Newborn

Dear Readers,

     Volunteer work is very gratifying.  Consider doing it…


     THE NEWBORN-  Journal Entry, 2015


     Praying with my hospital patients is one of the best parts of my volunteer job.  Today was a very special day.  I got to pray with several people for healing, for easing of their pain, and for them to get home to their own beds as soon as possible.

     One prayer was extra meaningful.  At the birthing center, a baby was born with some special needs.  Whenever that happens, our little hospital transports or life flights the child immediately to the big city hospitals where they have the best neonatal care units.

     One of the young mothers I visited had just given birth.  When I entered her room she was very distraught.  I could see the fear on her face as she lay in her bed, all alone in her room.  I wanted to comfort her so I asked, "Sweetie, are you ok?  Would you like me to pray with you?"  Teary-eyed, she nodded her head.

     So I prayed, "Father God, You know the babies born here at my hospital are very special to me.  I cover each one with Jesus’s blood and surround them with angels and ask for good parents who will love them and care for them.  Sometimes they are born wih a special problem, so I’m asking You now to watch over this child particularly and get this sweet baby all it needs to have a strong healthy life.  I pray this only in Your Son’s Name, amen."

     After we prayed, I could see the deep concern in mommy’s eyes so I told her, "Remember sweetheart, your baby is getting the best possible help at the best Neonatal Care Unit available.  Your baby is where God wants it to be at this very moment!  Don’t worry, Jesus is watching over your child right now."  Then I left her so she could rest but continued to pray the entire day for all of my patients and newborns.

     My little ministry means so much to me.  At first, I was unsure what volunteer position to apply for, but after six years of doing this patient visiting with a cart of complimentary magazines and books, and inevitabley prayer time, I’m convinced God wants me in this job.


                       Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


     Luke 18:16, "But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  (NIV)