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God’s Luxury Gift

Dear Readers,

     Why do we underestimate God’s power and control, especially about health or finances…


     GOD’S LUXURY GIFT- Journal Entry, January 21, 2005


     I’m sitting at my computer wondering what this day, January 21, 2005, will bring!  I’ve already felt like I heard the Holy Spirit’s voice today, as I was cleaning up my carpet from a spilled cup of coffee.  At 10 A.M. this Friday morning, with the temperature hovering at zero degrees, the sun is shining, both in my yard and in my heart!

     For months now, my hubby and I have been agonizing over purchasing a cheap motor home.  My mate is disabled and I am retired.  We both want so desperately to travel before we get any older, or have any more health problems, but on a small fixed income, it’s difficult to think about luxuries like motor homes!

     This morning, as I was doing my housework, I distinctly heard the Lord say, "You WILL have a motor home!"  For a while now I have felt like this would happen, even though our income is small.  A feeling came over me!  It was like some financial miracle would occur that would bring us a simple vehicle we could magically afford.  I sensed that my dream of being able to travel during the brutal New England winters would come true.

     I try to listen for God’s direction in preparing for all things financial.  For example, once He told me to get debt free as soon as possible.  He often stops me from purchasing items just before I am about to buy them, with quick little messages like, "Don’t buy that new car!" or "Put that extra money on your mortgage instead!"  One time when I saved a chunk of money, and I was considering buying a newer automobile, God convinced me that I didn’t need a car right now; I needed to put those finances on my mortgage and lower my monthly mortgage payments.

     That message was the beginning of eliminating all my debt and giving God complete control of my finances.  From there, I paid off my credit cards one by one.  And when I got cancer and retired, I decided to take my pension in cash, and that paid off the rest of my mortgage.  This financial miracle put me in a debt free situation!  This became invaluable when my husband’s disability happened shortly after knee surgery left him unable to go back to work.

     I wondered how I would survive that financial crisis until his SSI began.  But God graciously provided for us, for the next six months, until the disability pension kicked in.  Several unexpected financial gifts such as tithe checks, fuel assistance, food stamps and free health insurance, got us through until his first social security check arrived. 

     Every day I thanked God for convincing me to get debt free before I even knew about these upcoming events.  If I had not eliminated all my debts, I surely would have lost my home.

     Now, yet again, I’m hearing the Voice!  It is that same Spiritual Voice that so marvelously guided me to the financial security I have today.  He is speaking to me again and telling me that, "I WILL get a motor home!"  I’m not sure how much it will cost, or how old it will be, or what condition it will be in, but just a simple verification that yes indeed, "IT WILL HAPPEN!"  This message amazes me because we’re talking a big ticket item here!  And, I don’t see any extra monthly money hanging around!

     So together,  we search the internet for good buys, but there doesn’t seem to be such a thing when it comes to motor homes.  I don’t know why God would grant me such a luxury, but I do know I am getting older every day and we both have health issues.

     In just the last few months, I have watched one sister die from cancer, and watched another sister move to a milder climate because of failing health.  Also, my third sister is suffering from dementia and her hubby is dying of cancer.

     The time is now!  God alone knows how many winters we have left to travel and see the country, a dream I have had for many years.  So if the message I received this morning is to happen, it will truly be a gift from God, and yet, another financial miracle in my life!


                              Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo 


     PS  God kept His promise!  We got an absolute steal on an old motor home because it needed so much work!  But my husband is a mechanical genius, and he slowly fixed all of the problems.  Eventually, we hit the road when we were well enough and could afford it.  We also saved a bundle of money sleeping in Walmart parking lots, as we trekked across the country.  One of our stops was Bolivar, Missouri and we fell in love!  The rest is history.


     Psalms 37:4, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."  (NIV)


     Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  (NIV)