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The Prophetic Word

Dear Readers,

     My son gave me a prophetic word after I told him this story…


     THE PROPHETIC WORD  Journal Entry- April 2, 2014


     Storms frighten me to death ever since my siblings and I got caught in a hurricane on the east coast in Westerly, R.I. in 1954.

     Living here in Missouri which is in tornado alley, the spring season usually brings violent storms our way.  With no basement to hide in, during the night is the scariest.  We have debated purchasing a tornado shelter but never have.

     Every time severe weather hits, I pray and pray, and pace and pace around my home.  But recently, I’ve noticed that the storms seem to come close, but never reach us.  One storm went right over the center of our town and a tornado touched down in the next town east of us, leaving horrible damage in it’s wake.

     More recently, in March of 2014, we had a fast moving storm again pass over the top of us, in the early evening as people were getting out of work.  I watched the NW sky like a hawk, as it raced across at 50 MPH with very high winds.

     I love how you can see so much sky here in Missouri.  I noticed the edge of a recent squall, had like a black line drawn above the field on the north side of the 25 acres in my front yard.  I was also on the phone with my daughter who works in Bolivar.  She was getting out of the hospital where she works to torrential rain, and brutal winds.  We are only 10 miles south of there.  We had no wind, no rain, and no hail!  Blue sky stayed over my home, and the black edge of cloud cover stayed over the north side of the field.

     I decided to search the scriptures one day for peace about these fearful times during the bad weather…

     The gem I found was this;  Jesus said to his disciples, "Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?"  They were terrified and asked each other, "Who is this?  Even the wind and the waves obey him!" (Mark 4:40+41 NIV)  And now I repeat that scripture over and over as the storms reach us, amazed at how close to my house they come but pass by.

     I know many of the Joplin and Buffalo, Mo. people were praying when their storms hit, so it’s bold of me to say this, but I find myself reciting that scripture more and more!  And then I pray, and by the grace of God they only come close to my place.  This seems to happen quite often lately, since I started claiming that unique word of God.  Even today as I write this, the weatherman tells us the threat of bad weather is approaching over our little town yet again.

     To my son, I shared the feeling of boldness but with humility, when I recite this scripture.  After I finished our conversation, my oldest child, who has been told he has a gift of prophecy by his church members in Denver, gave me a word…

     "Mom, listen to me!  I have a word for you!"  (I grabbed a pen and wrote it down)…

      "The Lord has given you a gift!  He wants you to develop your relationship with Him so you know how to use it for His glory!  If you don’t use it for His glory, then you will be doing Him and you a disservice.  The more you use the gift, the more He will bless you!"  (March 2014)

     I’m still unsure of what this gift is, but I do know that my level of humility seems to be changing as I rely more and more on the Lord.

     Sitting here in my livingroom at 7AM on April 2, 2014, yet another violent disturbance roars in, right between Springfield and Bolivar.  I rush around and unplug everything as usual, since we have been hit by lightning a couple of times now, but the disturbance again passed over quickly and didn’t hurt us.  I kept reciting Mark 4:40+41 over and over and trusted in the Lord.

     I know this story is daring of me to write, but I felt compelled to put on paper something that I feel growing inside of me; a leap of faith maybe?

                              Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo


     John 8:36, "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."  (NIV)


     PS  I would also like to add that my sister-in-law gave me a powerful book entitled, "Fearless" written by Max Lucado, a great comforting read for people who live in fear of anything! 



Missouri or Bust- Part 2

Dear Readers,

     Ever since retiring we have debated leaving the New England area and heading south.  After motor homing our way around the country, Cal and I fell in love with the Springfield, Mo. area, especially Polk County.  Here’s part of our story…


     MISSOURI OR BUST- Part 2      Journal Entry- 2006


     I have been praying endlessly about relocating for our retirement years.  The cost of living and the severe winters in New England are taking a toll on us.  I think I finally heard from the Lord!  Begging Him to talk to me; tell me something, anything, so I’ll know what to do next, today while praying I got three little words of wisdom:

     "1.  List your house with a realtor." 

     "2.  Keep weeding out your junk."

     "3.  Think of your junk as a tithe."

     Sharing with C.J. what I heard, we began discussing relocating.  The Bolivar, Mo. area that we fell in love with on our last trip, was the most appealing.  The Bible belt, cost of living, milder weather, and laid back lifestyle, helped us agree on a new region.  I called a realtor friend and I am listing my house tomorrow!  (I just heard on the local news that the real estate market is dead in Massachusetts!  Yikes!)

     One other message I heard that I want to share was, "Keep on giving and I’ll keep giving back to you!"  Pretty special, I thought!  So I prayed, "Lord, progress this move if it is right for us, and stop it if it is wrong, amen!"


     Problems arise…

     I’m sick inside!  There are five men digging up my yard and what I see from a distance is terrible!  Septic water pouring over the top of the ground as they dig and my house is only seven years old!  I asked my hubby as I looked at the sewerage, "Do I want to know what this means?"

     "No, you don’t!" he sighed.  So I went back into the house for more prayer, "Lord, keep control of all of this; the money, the anxiety, the buyer, and the unexpected cost of so many things!"

     The realtor fees, the perc test, the Title 5, and now a new septic system; I never would have believed it would cost so much to get out of this expensive state!


     Time drags on…

     I have gotten ahead of God a lot these days; buying before selling, giving before receiving, deciding who gets what before God decides, and worst of all getting angry at God because it doesn’t come together on my time table instead of His! 

     As I was praying upstairs on my knees today, I think I heard yet another message.  I’ve been discouraged over everything.  Selling a house is a ton of work!  I’m fearful of getting into a financial mess, and wondering why I’m not hearing from the Lord more about this move!  (Imagine!  After all these messages!)

     Today my prayers stopped suddenly and I heard, "The Title 5 Was a Sign!"  I questioned the phrase and heard more, "You needed time to prepare for it!"  I wondered if that was why Cal got such a sense of urgency to get moving on the septic repair?  I was reluctant to spend the money before I had an offer on the house, but Cal convinced me these things take time, so I needed to set up the inspection asap!  A month has passed and we are still in the engineer stage!  Fatigue is setting in.  Selling a house, even a fairly new one, is tough!  I’m trusting in God to help me get through this.

     Heard yet another message, quite clearly this time, "Don’t get greedy!" Not sure what that means.  I’ll have to think about this one.


      More time passed and suddenly…

     I can’t believe it!  I just got an offer on my house!  My broker called and left a message, "I have a deposit and they want to close on Friday, but we can’t reach the town inspector for a signature!"

     I didn’t expect to close so quickly, but when I heard from God, "Don’t get greedy!" I immediately decided to lower my price considerably.  The very next day, I received a large down payment!  A wealthy local resident put a huge deposit on my house!  It seems he was helping his kid to get into his own home.  Perfect timing!  Great sale for me, and great for the youngster!  God’s timing is always perfect!


     And so, after months of useless fretting, we relocated to Halfway, Missouri, where the cost of living is affordable on our retirement income!  Just the way God promised in His Word, He took care of everything!

     When the time was right all the pieces fell together.  I’m starting to call them "God’s Puzzles!"  I love puzzling.  When you open the box of a brand new puzzle, you always wonder, "Are all the pieces in there?"  With God’s puzzles, there’s no question!  Not only are the pieces all there, but all of them fit together perfectly!


                             Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo


     1Thess.5:16-18, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."   (NIV)