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The Christmas Story

Dear Readers,

     I was going to skip my blog this week, but a few days ago a miracle happened…


     THE CHRISTMAS STORY-   Journal Entry, December 15, 2014


     What a miraculous day!  On my way to my volunteer job, I grabbed my bible and some blog stories to read to a friend who is getting chemotherapy, but, yet again, the Lord surprised me!

      During my regular hospital rounds I met a soulmate in Room #12….  When I entered her temporary domicile, I sensed the strong presence of the Holy Spirit.  I also sensed that this stranger was a prayer warrior.

     The Spirit was so strong in her hospital room that I asked her to pray with me about my friend in chemo!  It’s usually the other way around, patients ask me for prayer.  Anyway, I was so burdened about her that I needed the strength of a warrior!  So, we prayed together.  As we held hands, my words poured out!  I felt a little selfish while I prayed, as she was the one in the hospital bed.  I thought I should be helping her, but instead I needed her help. 

     I finished my magazine deliveries and headed to the cancer center to hopefully read some stories to the youngster in treatment.  When I arrived it was utter chaos!  Exhausted and upset from her last chemo treatment, she was refusing to do another round.  Everyone visiting her was emotional or in tears.  I started praying, "Please God, don’t let her give up!  Please, please, her children desperately need her!"

     I decided to leave and forget about reading to her, as there was a great deal of family commotion going on, and I didn’t want to interfere with their privacy.

     I returned to my job at the main hospital, but I just paced around still wondering what I could do to help.  I decided to ask a couple of volunteer friends to pray with me.  At lunch time, I headed for the cafeteria, not knowing what else to do.  As I passed by med surg (patient section), I felt drawn back to the prayer warrior!

     She was busy with tests and doctors, so I waited quietly outside her room.  Knowing I’m not supposed to be a pest, I struggled with whether or not to visit her again, but I don’t believe in coincidence!  I try to listen to my Spirit and do what I’m told.

      Finally, my opportunity came.  I entered her room and immediately told her it wasn’t going well for my cancer patient.  I selfishly asked her to pray with me again; this time in her words, not mine!  Without hesitation, she took my hand, and powerfully, with beautiful expression, she spoke to God!  Instantly, I felt at peace!  Feeling a bit self-conscious after her prayers ended, I left quickly, not wanting to exhaust or drain her any longer, but knowing God had just linked us together for someone else’s needs.

     I headed home feeling numb and emotionally drained and wondering what would be next.  A couple hours passed and the phone rang.

     "I just needed to call and tell you your prayers were answered!" a family member informed me.  "She is returning to the hospital tomorrow morning to start her next round of chemotherapy!"

     "Thank You Lord!" I shouted into the phone.  "Our prayers are answered!" I shouted again.

     After I hung up it dawned on me that Room #12… was indeed what I suspected; A powerful prayer warrior!

     Certain days at my hospital job are mundane!  Others are solemn!  But some, are epoch, and totally gratifying!  This was one of those emotionally charged days!

     I thank the Lord for my little ministry every time I walk through the front door of the hospital!  I also thank Him for the Christians He sends my way!  I don’t believe in coincidence!  I believe there is a plan for each one of us!

     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!  God willing, we will talk again next year!


                               Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo


     Psalms 27:14, "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."  (NIV) 


The Motor Home Prayers-Part 2

Dear Readers,

     This is part 2 of the month long motor home trek we took one year, and put on 3000 miles, never knowing of the impending danger…


     THE MOTOR HOME PRAYERS- Part 2      Journal Entry- June, 2005


     Two feet of grass faced us as we pulled into our driveway in New Braintree, Massachusetts.  While unloading, my daughter’s family drove up, and for the next couple hours, they listened to all our travel stories.



     Home a couple weeks now, both of us dug in to catch up the yardwork, bills, budget, and other things that occur when you are away that long.  The time finally came to check the brakes on the motor home.  For the next week, CJ worked at trying to remove the rear wheels.  All four of them were screwed on so tight that he had to order a special tool to loosen them.  Several times he almost gave in and called a professional garage for help, but always he would forego that idea to save money.

     Together we spent a great deal of time working on the problem; me in the driver seat holding the brake pedal, and him jumping on his wrench outside trying to get the big lug nuts to release.  He finally gave up after breaking and repairing his wrench, and all his innovative ideas ran out.

     The ordered tool finally arrived in the mail.  He was discouraged again because it arrived broken.  But Cal didn’t fret.  He was just so glad to get it, he repaired it, and went back to work. 

     As he removed wheel after wheel an amazing revelation became evident!

     "Hon, the rear brakes should have never carried us safely down from 10,000 feet of high country!" Calvin told me.  The deeper my hubby got into the job, the more he discovered, but not before lots of talking to the Lord and asking Him for help.  His new broken air wrench didn’t really work well.  It wasn’t strong enough to do what was necessary.

     Then CJ looked at me and said, "The Lord just gave me an idea!  I’m going to double the air pressure going in!" he told me.

     "OK, whatever that means!" I replied


     He ran to the hardware store and bought an adapter, to make a manifold, to help double the pressure.  Then he put it to the test!  Of course, at that point, I was kneeling in the diningroom window praying for a miracle!  "Please God, cut him a break!  He works so hard, please help him loosen the enormous lug nuts, amen!"

     When the first one came loose, I prayed again, and then again, all the way until we had 12 little miracles!  He finally got the last two rear wheels off the motor home!  Whew!

     Suddenly I heard a shout. "Come see this, hon!" he shouted from the driveway.  As I approached the 35′ camper, Cal showed me that the brake caliper on the rear driver side, was gone; completely broken off, and never replaced by the previous owners!  That means, we went almost 5000 miles with no rear brake on the driver side!  My husband told me, "When the brake line let go at Walmart on our way home, it was another blessing!"  Because Calvin had the intuition to tie off the brake line, we were safer those last 400 miles, than all the previous 4600 miles logged since we purchased the camper!  Our God is God!!!



     I would do the Lord an injustice if I didn’t mention what I saw one day on our month long quest.  I’ve only told this to my family!  I know some of you will think I’m crazy, but what I saw was as clear as day!

     On our way home, I witnessed something unique!  Sitting in the passenger seat, I looked out my window and saw a vision of a tiny angel hanging off the outside rear view mirror!  It had little wings, and a robe that was blowing in the wind, with tiny arms and hands that were holding on tight to the bottom part of the mirror bracket!  I knew something special was happening!  I knew this was a sign from God, that He was watching over us and would get us safely home!  In amazement, I watched it for quite a while.  Then I finally said, "CJ, do you see that outside the window?"

     "See what?" he looked around a bit.

     "The tiny angel on the mirror!" I came back.

     "No, I don’t see it!" he replied, "But if you do, that’s ok!"

     Then I looked back and it was gone!  I never saw it again.



     That trip was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  We even got to go visit the little chapel where we eloped, in Golden, Colorado.

     Something wonderful is happening here and I’m not sure what it is, but God is behind it!  Of that, I am sure!


                                           Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo

     Phil. 3:8, "What’s more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surprising greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.  I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ."  (NIV) 


     Proverbs 3:5+6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."  (NKJV)