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The Motor Home Prayers

Dear Readers,

     Shortly after retiring, my husband and I purchased a cheap old motor home.  It needed a great deal of work, but my hubby was willing to tackle all of it.  This story is about one miraculous return trip in that camper, and a discovery that shocked even my experienced mechanic husband.

     "My motor home made a praying man out of me!" were his words that year…


     THE MOTOR HOME PRAYERS- PART 1           Journal Entry- June, 2005


     I think I’m learning that God provides according to gifts, as well as wants and needs.  No way would a motor home like ours, do for just anyone.  The Lord knows about the great mechanical abilities He has gifted CJ with.  He also knows exactly what would wear out, and when, and if CJ could repair it or not.  I believe He protects us on the whens and wheres, but doesn’t necessarily always stop problems from happening.  He wants us to continually turn to Him for everything!  Not just the big things, but all things big and small!



     I’m going to back up a bit to the last leg of our month long trip…


     We had quite a scare last night!  While parked for the evening in a Walmart in Mitchell, South Dakota, the tornado siren went off at midnight.  The wind kicked up to 60 miles per hour.  I woke Calvin, who was in a deep sleep.

     "The tornado alarm is going off!  I think we should get out of here quickly!" I told him in a panic.

     "NO!  We can’t drive in the pitch dark!  Which way would we go?" Cal said.  As a former 18 wheeler, my mate is wise about these things.  So, we grabbed our little dog, and what cash we had, and ran into Walmart with all the other campers parked there that night.  Some were from Albany N.Y., Seattle, Washington, and we from New Braintree, Massachusetts.  Everyone was frightened!  One couple told us they spend 99% of their nights in Walmart parking lots.  (Thank you God for Walmart.)


     The storm hit with fury!  My little dog was trembling in fear!  Walmart let us bring our dogs inside the front door.  While rain, thunder, and lightning roared outside, I tried to shop while frightened from all the noise.  I grabbed a flashlight when the lights started flickering.  I prayed as I walked and kept looking at the roof for fear it would disappear.

     As it turned out, an hour later it was nice and cool and the storm was gone!  As usual, Cal was right!  If we had jumped on the highway and headed east to Sioux Falls, we would have run into one inch hail, high winds, and worse.  Damage to the coach could have been extensive.  We went back to bed, and were rolling to beautiful sunshine in the morning.



     Who would ever think in a million years that we would be riding down the highway in Iowa, listening to music from Phantom of the Opera, and staring out at all the beauty of the ginormous farms of corn, wheat, and alfalfa, sitting with my feet up in our miraculously cheap, and well repaired old motor home!  I can only think of one person who would know this!  My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The only thing I can figure is, I asked Him for this luxury in prayer and He graciously gave it to us.



     We just fueled up with diesel fuel for $2.10 a gallon.  (She holds 100 gallons.)  That’s the lowest price we have seen this whole trip.  We are headed home now but as I look back, in one week we saw, sometimes from 10,000 feet, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Shoshone N.P., Grand Titon N.P., The Devil’s Tower, Mount Rushmore, Custer N.P., Big Horn N.P., and Black Hills Nat. Park.

     Some of the bad things we have seen include…

1.  A truck with a 5th wheeler attached, rolled over on it’s side.

2.  An 18 wheeler down in a highway ditch.

3.  A motorcycle rider, deceased, lying on the road at an accident scene.

4.  A six to eight foot snake, that we ran over and killed in the road.



     Stayed at a Walmart parking lot again last night.  When we pulled in, the fog was so thick we couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us.  I was never so glad to see a store in my life!  CJ discovered, in the morning, that we were leaking brake fluid out of the rear driver’s side wheels.  He has gone into Wally World to get more fluid.  He thinks it’s just a rubber hose that let go.  I’m praying for God to again be with us as we are still 500 miles from home.  I’m already thanking Him for the leak happening here at Walmart, where Cal can at least do a temporary fix.  He already discovered it’s a rear brake cylinder leaking; a major repair he can do at home, but not here.  He told me, "We can ride on 3 wheels with brakes!"  But, I’m leary.  Just in case, he’s running to NAPA for some backup parts.


     Funny, yesterday Calvin said to me out of the blue, "Claireeee, I’m never going to be able to worship and trust in God the way you do, no matter how hard you try to tell me to!"  I knew instantly when he made that statement, there would be a test attached to his comment.  I’ve learned that comments like that only set you up and are an invitation to God to test you, especially if He wants you in a certain place of trust in your relationship with Him.  God will have to bring my husband to the place He wants Him, for this to come about.


                                   Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo


   Proverbs 3:5+6, " Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths."  (NKJV) 




Which God Is God?

Dear Readers,

     Just a thought for today’s blog…


     WHICH GOD IS GOD?     Journal Entry-  January 2005


     Which God is God?  Every person I know, believes that their God is God, whether he is Jewish, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Protestant, Mormon, or Jehovah Witness, or just a plain born-again Christian without a denomination.  Each group believes, without a doubt, that their way is the only correct way to get to heaven!


     "So how do we remove the doubt?" was a question brought up recently at my own bible study.

     "It’s a Holy Spirit thing!" another person said.

     "By the good we do for others and how we behave!" another answer came.

     I decided to put in my two cents, "Lots of Christians don’t do good and still sin!  And then there are many people who are kind, decent and giving, who are not Christians!  What about them?"

     "The Bible tells us the answer!" yet another person chimed in.

     "Each of these religions have their own kind of Bible that tells them the same!" was a final comment.


     So what is the answer?  I don’t know!  But, I do know this, it’s a one on one thing, between me and God!  He alone knows my heart!  He alone knows the truth!  And He alone judges me!  

     As I watch the world around me, and all the horrors going on, I say to myself, "What kind of God would ask me to strap a bomb on my body to kill others and myself, to get to heaven?"  I believe the most precious gift that God gave me, second only to His Son Jesus, is my life!  Why would He ask me to throw it away?

     My God preaches love, love, and more love!  Give until it hurts, help constantly, and forgive my enemies.  And then, when any doubt comes into my mind, I remember to keep it simple like a child and I think about the song, "Jesus loves me this I know, cause the Bible tells me so…"


                                  Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo


     John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life."  (NKJV)