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The Encouraging Message

Dear Readers,    

     Today is blog story #165; A milestone for me.  This journal entry deeply touched my heart…




     I fear I disappointed the Lord today at my volunteer hospital job.  I’ll try to tell my story.


     On my rounds of delivering complimentary books and magazines to the patients, I entered the birthing center.  As I approached the nurse’s station I was told, "You don’t need to come in here.  We only have one patient and she lost her baby, so you should probably stay out of her room!"

     I said, "Ok!"  But suddenly I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit, that I could possibly help, so I quickly asked, "Do you think I could go in and pray with the patient?"

     The nurse debated for a minute and finally said, "Yes, it might comfort her!  Go ahead in!"

     Since I have had success occasionally with consoling other patients, I prayed before entering her room.  This sweet young child lay on her bed in tears so I spoke softly and said, "How are you doing, Sweetie?"

     She could only manage to stare at her lap while tears dropped off her face.  "Can I pray with you, Hon?  Would that help?" I gently asked her.

     "I’m not a religious person or a Godly person!" she sobbed.

     "That’s OK!  I would still like very much to pray with you!" I encouraged her.

     Hesitant, she gave me her hand and we prayed.  Afterwards, I shared with her how sometimes awful things happen that only God knows why.  I told her how my son lost a child at 7 1/2 months into his wife’s pregnancy, and he was devastated.  But 18 months later, God blessed him with a baby girl.  Then, I told her the child she lost was already with the Lord and enjoying the peace and love of being with Him.

     We prayed again and then I left that youngster, but not for long.  The Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart to return to her room.  The second time her hubby was there and we all prayed together.  After a few more tears, he shared with me that his father had recently passed away very suddenly, and how excited he had been about a new granddaughter arriving.

     Instantly, it hit my heart and my Spirit gave me a word of knowledge, and I said without even hesitating, "Now I understand!  They are together!"  Through tears of joy I went on, "He is holding her right now, this very minute!"

     I was so excited, but they were grieving.  How could I say such a thing in front of them without thinking.  It just came out of nowhere!  But I continued, "They are together, right now!  I know it!  I just know it!  Draw peace from that, knowing they are together!"  Then I left them quickly, praying they would eventually realize that was the Spirit speaking through me.

     In the hallway, I second guessed myself, "What was that all about Lord?  Am I going crazy like the books I just read told me I would experience?"  (The Gift of Prophecy-Dr. Jack Deere).  "If these were prophetic words, or words of knowledge or wisdom as I have read, (Cultivating the Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit- Fuchsia Pickett), why do I feel so peaceful and uncomfortable at the same time?"

     I left the birthing center shortly after that and returned to the front desk, but again felt I needed to go back.  I wasn’t sure, so I asked the Lord and I thought I heard, "She’s probably had enough!"  But, stupid me went back anyway and the patient politely said, "No more prayers, thanks, I’ve had enough!"  

     I told her, "Ok Hon, I will leave you alone," and departed her room amazed that her words were almost identical to what God said in my head, and I chose to ignore.

     I fretted all the way home, but it was a peaceful fretting I noticed. (That’s an oxymoron!!)  How can I feel like I did something wrong by returning a third time, and also feel like it was, "OK, don’t worry about it!"  Could that be the Lord reassuring me that it’s all right to mess up sometimes?

     This is the part Jack Deere was talking about in his book; how you will wonder if you are going off your cuckoo or not, but God will teach you how to use these gifts.  Boy, I’m learning so much!  Forty years after getting saved, and I’m still learning.  It never ends!

                            Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo


     1Cor. 2:10-13, "But God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.  The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.  For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him?  In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the spirit of God.  We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us.  This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught us by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words."  (NIV)

     James 4:17, "Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins." (NIV) 






Was Jesus There?

Dear Readers,

     In my prayer field recently, I heard the Lord speak to me quite clearly.  He told me to include the messages and visions that occured in the weeks before my "Make Believe Twin Sister" Teresa (previous blogs), passed away.  I have put together journal entries written ten years ago…



         The Prayer Language- August 19, 2004


     For years Teresa had been praying to receive her prayer language.  Full Gospel Christians call this "Praying in tongues," like what happened at Pentecost in the book of Acts.

     "Abbalea, Obelea!" she said.  These two words were given to my big sis to begin her prayer language.

     Sis and I had a special time last Thursday.  I have been encouraging her to pray for this gift.  "I think I have it!" she went on excitedly.  "I keep hearing Abbalea, Obelea!  Can this be it?  Is Abbalea the first word of your language, Claire?" she questioned.

     "Yes," I told her, "but it doesn’t mean anything if the first word is the same.  I have never heard "Obelea" before!  Let’s look in the Bible dictionary.  We already know "Lea" is a dreg of wine and wine is the symbol for the Holy Spirit!  (A minister told me this years ago when I was searching.)  Let’s look up Oba or Obe!" 

     We came upon lots of evidence that this has to do with obedience.  Scripture after scripture seemed to verify our findings.  Then we connected this with "Lea" (dreg of wine, symbol of the Holy Spirit) and concluded that this word, "Obelea" means something like God wants Teresa to be obedient to the Lord through His Holy Spirit in her.  This was so profound that we got excited and I knew it drained what little energy she had left.

     That message and also another message she received that same day from a visitor which was, "My Will be done, Teresa!" made it become extremely clear to her that she was being directed to listen to the Holy Spirit inside of her, for all future direction.  So, now she is praying about what to do with her upcoming chemo treatments.  She doesn’t have the strength for more therapy and her cancer cell count is not responding from the last two treatments.


     Journal Entry- August 20, 2004


     More verification came that day from our brother.  He visited her not knowing of the afore mentioned messages and said God told him to give her quite a fascinating new message:

     "I don’t know why He is telling me these things, Teresa," my little brother told her, "but I have another message for you!  God told me to tell you that angels won’t be there to bring you to heaven when you die, but the Holy Spirit Himself will take you!"  She was so excited because this message lined up with yesterday’s messages.

     God has answered our prayers for Terri (nickname)!  She is comfortable and she is pain free.  Her body is very weak but she is not hurting.  Tomorrow she will have her blood tested, AGAIN!  She has decided that it is time for a talk with her doctor about stopping the chemo.  We are praying for her to make the right decision.


                                 The Visions

     Towards the end of her life, Terri was also starting to have dreams, vision, and sensing things…


     Journal Entry-  August 2004


     Spoke to Teresa on the phone today.  She wanted to ask me something special.  She seems to be experiencing dreams and visions, "Claire, I keep sensing a young boy in my house!  What do you think that means?"

     I didn’t know what to tell her.  What came to my mind was that many years ago, Terri lost a baby five months into her pregnancy.  It was a boy!  She called me in a panic and I rushed over to her house when it happened. While she was in the shower she started getting labor pains and ran to her bed.   I was the first to arrive and I ran to her bedroom where she lay with the deceased child on the bed, between her legs.  Within minutes, her hubby arrived and scooped her up and off to the hospital while I stayed with their two children.  I wondered if her sensing a young boy in the house was related to that.


                               The Bright Light


     Within a month or so after the last journal entry T. was hospitalized.  If I wasn’t visiting her, I was on the phone with her daily while she was in the hospital.  She started telling me about seeing, "A bright light" in her room, some days more than once.

        Journal Entry-  August 25, 2004


     When my big sister lost her eyesight, people started to listen more to her message because she still praised Jesus.  Month by month, as she got weaker and weaker, Teresa’s message to others about the Lord got stronger and stronger and listeners paid more attention.  Things changed and she was no longer called a "Jesus Freak!"  She spoke deeply from her weakened heart.  More than anything else, she wanted all her loved ones saved and in heaven with her.  I will never forget the precious moments we shared at the end, or some of the comments she softly spoke as she faded in and out of sleep:

     "It’s nice isn’t it!" she whispered.

     "What’s nice?" I asked

     "Seeing the family all together again!" she sighed.

     "Yes sis, it’s real nice!"  I found myself staring a lot at her as she lay there dying, blind, and so peaceful.

     "I saw the bright light again today," she told me, "Three times last night too!  It was wonderful!  It was beautiful!  Each time I see it I say, ‘No Lord, don’t take me know!  I’m all alone here! (At the hospital).  I want to go home to die!"

     On my brother’s next visit she told him, also, "Bry, I saw the light again when Ronnie and Rose were here visiting me!"

     When she finally convinced her husband that she wanted to go home, the end came quickly.


     Journal Entry- September 1, 2004


     Teresa called last night to tell me she was leaving the hospital and going home.  I was so excited for her because all she wanted is to die at home with her loved ones.  She has been praying and asking God daily, and every time she sees the bright light she says over and over, "Please don’t take me until I go home, please Lord!"

     Two days after arriving home, Teresa went to be with Jesus.  Again before passing she had another vision and looked up at the ceiling and spoke out loud, "Hi, Lord!  How are you?"  She paused a few seconds and spoke again, "Oh me, I’m fine!"  Then she took her last breath in this world, and her first breath in the next world.


                                  Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo


     1 John 4:1+2, "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God"   (NIV) 








Almost Mowed Down

Dear Readers, 

     Thank you so much for your faithfulness, and for forwarding my blogs.  Only because of you, I have come close to the top of the "Most Active Blogs" list.  I am so humbled by this recognition.  God is good all the time!   

     Today’s blog is just a simple reminder of how the Lord watches over us every single day…


     ALMOST MOWED DOWN  Journal Entry-  June 4, 2014


     My husband and his sister are on the way to the Kansas City International Airport.  She is returning home after a two week vacation with us.  I stayed home to clean house and mow the lawn, as the drive to the airport up and back is about six hours long.

     Everyday I cover myself with Jesus’s Blood and put angels around me for protection.  Today was brutally hot; 90’s, with very high humidity.  "Please Lord," I begged, "Bring in some clouds for shade as I mow."  And He did!  Eighty per cent of my yard was done under cloud cover.

     After I finished the yard, I mowed the section of grass near the street outside our fence, and I had a strangely comical but quite scary experience.  I drove out to the road, looked left and right to zero traffic, then I proceeded to take a right turn and mow the outside edge along the highway.  I came to the end of our land, took another right, and slowly mowed down the small hill as close to our fence as possible, never taking my eyes off the edge of the mower deck.  Sounds normal, right?

     Astonishment was next!  As I reached our gate opening and the end of the fence, I glanced up to take another right turn so I could mow the middle.  When I looked up, I was dumbfounded!  There in front of me, sitting on the edge of my driveway, not more than ten feet away from the front of my little rider, was the massive town truck mower sitting at a full stop, it’s driver staring down at me!  He watched me as I refocused and discovered him sitting there!  I jumped a foot off my seat in total surprise!  I never saw or heard that vehicle coming because of my own roaring mower.  Talk about perfect timing!

     The driver knew it too!  It’s a good thing he was cautious and watching me.  Knowing I had not yet noticed his truck, he decided to come to a full stop and wait.  If he hadn’t, we could have easily collided and I wouldn’t have known what hit me!

     When I finally discovered him sitting there, he got one hardy laugh out of my startled jump!  After the shock passed, we both had a good laugh!  Then I pulled over and let the huge vehicle pass.  Thank God in heaven that driver was paying attention because I was totally engrossed in cutting every last blade of grass as close to my fence as possible.

     The Lord was definitely watching out for me today.  It’s earthshaking how many times in our lives that God watches over us and answers our prayers!


                              Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo


     P.S.  My hubby also prayed before his sister’s vacation, "Please Lord, just show her one deer out in the field while she is visiting.  She wants to see one so badly!"  And sure enough, during her two week visit, we saw one lone doe that lingered and fed for awhile in the field out in front of my home.  Always wanting to witness to his family, Calvin shared his prayer with his big sister before she returned home.


     Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."  (NIV)