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Visions, Messages,Dreams Part 2

Dear Readers, 

     Here is part two of my journal memories about "Visions, Messages, and Dreams" when the Lord told me quite profoundly to choose a different job as dispatcher, one I never would have chosen on my own… 


     VISIONS, MESSAGES, DREAMS, PART 2     Journal Entry- August 7, 2002-The Big Decision


     Well, here comes my big decision.  I took a one hour walk and prayed and prayed.  When I was quiet, I heard three things quite clearly.  "1. Don’t be afraid, 2.  It’s time for change, and 3.  I want you to be a part of that change."

     Tomorrow is D day.  Time to give my bid on a job at work.  Only once did I hear, out of nowhere, "CONSIDER TAKING THE DAY JOB!"  which is the Chief Starter Position.  I was startled!  Could God be telling me to take the "Toughest Dispatcher Job?"  Why?  For what reason?  God knows there will be retaliation from the union.  One junior dispatcher thinks he owns that job and has scared me into never bidding on it.

     I must mention that dispatcher is looking very sickly lately.  I wonder why?  He has lost a great deal of weight, and is very pale.  No one will tell me what is wrong with him.

     Also, I spoke to my sister today.  She told me she prayed all night long for me.  She said this morning, "I feel like you are going to be out of that company shortly, and that God is prepping you to get out (retire) early!"


     These messages from my sister Teresa, and what I heard from the Lord to do on my work, proved to be true.  The next several months at work were tough and by March of the next year I discovered I had cancer and took an early retirement.  None of this was a surprise to the Lord. 

     I have had many of these manifestations over the years and I awoke last night with several on my mind… 

     1.  The vision of a dove, both the doctor and I saw on the ultra sound machine, when I was in for my cancer picture.  (10+ years ago)

     2.  Two huge angels on each corner of our ranch style home, as we drove away in prayer and left our three kids (one a teenager) alone for the first time.  (30 years ago)

     3.  One time a person spoke in tongues in our church.  I heard in my head the exact interpretation as the second person spoke.  (2013)

     4.  At a funeral I was attending, while sitting in the mourning chairs, I looked up and saw a full rainbow arced over the top of the casket.

     5.  And most recently, I awoke in the middle of the night and I heard, "Pay the electric bill of a needy family."  (2014)


     I’m unsure of the reason I am writing this blog.  Maybe it’s because I know the Holy Spirit gifts are real and still active today, and the Lord wants me to say that.  In my heart I truly believe that everything in our lives, everything in our world, happens for a reason.  I also believe God controls all of it!  Thank you all for reading my blog.

                                   Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

1 Cor. 12:11, " All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and He gives them to each one, just as he determines."  (NIV) 





Dear Readers,

     Here are a few little incidents that happened to me over the years…


     VISIONS, MESSAGES, DREAMS-Part 1  Journal Entry- April 21, 2002


     The Vision

      At church today I had an unexpected vision that I want to mention.  If I don’t write these down I’ll never remember most of them.  So just briefly…

     Three rows in front of Cal and me, sat the N… family.  I haven’t seen any of them for years.  They used to faithfully attend the Tuesday night Bible study in our home, and both got saved during that study.  Charming Mrs. N. sat almost directly in front of me.  All through the entire service, I kept seeing a vision of a dove over the top of her head.  I tried at first to ignore it.  Then I prayed for God to give me the courage to tell her, but only if He wanted me to.

     The service finished, and we crossed paths.  I said "Hello" to her family, and told them a silly story related to the sermon (the topic was about Adam and Eve and deceit in the church).  I told them, "I saw a bumper sticker recently that said,’EVE WAS SET UP!’  I left her family and we worked our way to the church door.  I assumed at this point my prayer answer was not to mention the vision of the dove.

     Then, unexpectedly, I felt a light touch on the back of my shoulder.  I turned to see Carol’s face shining at me.  She grabbed me into a bear hug and whispered in my ear, "Are you happy?"  I looked into her soft smiling face and answered, "I’m very happy!"  At first I hesitated to tell her about the vision, but a second chance was being offered to me, so I seized the moment.

     "I have to tell you something!  This might sound really strange, but I have to share it.  I get visions sometimes.  Today while I was sitting behind you, I got one.  I saw a dove right over the top of your head, through the entire service!  Not over your family, just over you!  I reallly wanted to tell you and was afraid I wouldn’t get the opportunity!"

     I got embarressed like I usually do when I tell stuff like that and tried to leave quickly, but she grabbed me and said in amazement, "Really!  During the service I was praying for the Holy Spirit to be stronger in my life!  You just confirmed that God heard me!" she said all excited.

     "Did you know Mike has recently been ordained into the ministry?  Can you imagine!  I’m going to be a minister’s wife!" she went on.

     I hugged her.  I could see how happy she was.  I was elated to think that I was a small part of her husband’s salvation.  We parted, almost too abruptly.  But, I quietly thanked God for the chance to tell her of my vision.  I was glad to be back to my old church where I got saved.


     A Powerful Message at Work- Journal Entry-May 9, 2002


     Some things I don’t like to write about.  (Most of my regular readers age getting used to hearing me say that.)  But, because I believe the Lord is keeping me in this deplorable workplace partially for my writing gift, I must write when I feel led to…

     Warnings and messages come to me at the strangest times, and twice at work recently I received these manifestations.  Presently, I am training two new back-up dispatchers who have both requested "Only Claire" to train them for most of their training time.  I suppose I should feel flattered by this request, but in my Spirit, I am extremely uncomfortable.  I know these two trainees do not know the Lord, so I try rigorously to keep my Christian beliefs private during training.  However, it seems sometimes God doesn’t want that of me.  As the tension builds at my company, more employees are openly declaring their faith, their beliefs, and their prayers.  God seems to demand that of me as well, but He selectively chooses where and when.

     On my down time, while training, I have occasions to witness to these trainees.  One of my students recently asked, "How is your deaf granddaughter doing?"  This was an opportunity to mention God and I jumped on it…

     "She’s doing great!  Her hearing is improving and we think she’s had a miracle!"  I continued, but as I progressed through my story, a strange warning jumped into the middle of my words and stopped me cold.  "DO NOT CAST YOUR PEARLS BEFORE SWINE," I heard.  It was so profound that it blocked out the sound of my own voice as I spoke.  I hesitated to finish my comments.  I actually had to catch my breath before continuing.

     But I persevered, "I don’t know if you believe in these things…"  

     I continued speaking and then quickly completed my thoughts, feeling like I shouldn’t even be finishing my story.  For a couple of moments after that, I felt like I failed God.  I realized later that maybe He was telling me not to waste my stories on this sceptical nonbeliever.  I had sensed discomfort around this person before, but now the feeling was so strong that I hesitated to speak of God or my private life at all.  These kinds of warnings are happening more and more.

     There are other positive messages that also take my breath away.  One happened a couple of days ago when I was passing a parked bus.  A voice inside shouted to me, "Ask her about it!  Claire, come here please!  Tell him about inviting Jesus into his life…" and he pointed to another busdriver.  (Rainman Blog #146, 10-6-2013).

                           Visions, Messages, Dreams —  Part 2, Next Wednesday


                                            Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo 






The Unexpected Witness

Dear Readers,

     The time is short!  We must use every single opportunity that arises, to witness to the unsaved…


     THE UNEXPECTED WITNESS-  Journal Entry,  August, 2011


     August 1, 2011- Volunteer Day


     Today was a special volunteer day at the hospital.  I brought a bunch of donated magazines and teddy bears to give out.  As I started my rounds, I entered room number one, where two women lay ill.  One was suffering from dimentia, and the other was exhausted and sick.

     "Hi, my name is Claire!  I have magazines, books, and sundries.  Do you need any supplies, or would you like something to read?  It’s all complimentary!"

     "Yes, please!" one patient said.  After getting a couple magazines for her I asked, "How about a teddy bear!"

     "What do you have," she asked excitedly.

     "I have a purple bear and two brown bears!"

     "I like purple!" the elderly woman got even more excited.  So, I handed it over to her.  Then she asked very politely, "Do you have a soft one for my friend here?"

     "Sure!" I said and picked up a big soft cuddly brown bear and layed it gently into her roommate’s closed arms, where she immediately started smiling and cuddling the fluffy animal.  That patient made my day early on, and I continued with my wares moving from room to room.  No one else affected me quite like that particular woman.  I pray she knows the Lord.

     It was a simple day, typical on my job, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sweet senior’s face after I pushed that soft little love gift into her wrinkled arms.  She had no idea, and never would know, as to how much she touched my heart.  No idea at all!


     August 15, 2011-  Volunteer Day 


     Every Monday I go to the hospital with one thing on my mind; who can I witness to about Jesus today?  I pray on my ride to work, and as I walk across the parking lot, "Who will it be today Lord?  Show me as I progress through the hospital doing my work.  Give me the correct words to say if any of them ask me questions.  Help me to pray with any patients who want prayer, and fill me with love and kindness for all of them.  Heal them quickly, so they can return home as soon as possible, in Your Son’s name I ask all this, amen."

     I go through my routine of handing out magazines and goodies to all the patients and when the opportunity presents itself, I always pray and do my best.  Today was pretty mundane.  Nothing special, just the usual, "Hi, my name is Claire…"  Then a comment from someone, or a certain look, will start a conversation.  And sometimes, just occasionally, the right timing will show it’s face and I will get the chance to talk about God.  Every work day, I wait for that chance!

     I pray a ton going in and out of the rooms, for healing, for salvation, for calmness to come over the patients.  But, never the less, today was routine and I was fatigued from all the walking I do through the hospital.

     Finally I was finished and was headed for my lunch in the hospital cafeteria before going home.  I sat down to wait 10 minutes til the start of lunch hour at 11A.M.  There was only one other volunteer ahead of me, so we talked awhile.  Before I knew it, the conversation quickly turned to anger.  Anger against God, anger against the wars, anger against the military, and anger against people.

     "Where did this come from?" I asked my friend.  "Is it a traumatic anniversary or something today?"

     "No, I’m always like this!" he went on.

     "I’ve never seen this side of you!  Have you ever talked to someone about your anger?  They can help you deal with this!"

     "Ya, after the war they took us aside before leaving and told us we can’t do this or that anymore, when we get home, that’s all!"

     "Have you talked to the Lord about this, and asked Him to help you deal with the anger?"

     What he said next shocked me, " I don’t believe in God!  What kind of a God would allow those horrible things to happen?"  Then, as I sat and listened, he went on about some of the unbelievable experiences he had while he was in Vietnam.  As I glanced over at him I realized the Holy Spirit was giving me my first chance to witness.  Here I thought my day was over, and the Lord put me in front of this sweet angry guy at work.

     I grasped the opportunity, "Did you know you are one of my favorite people here at the hospital?  Did you know that every Monday I pray for God to tell me who I can talk to this day?  I write a Christian Blog. (I handed him some papers) Here are a couple of my stories.  They are all true events in my life.  You like to read, I know you do!  Please read these and tell me what you think.  I value your opinion!"

     Suddenly it was time to get our lunch, so I got up and jumped in line.  He went back and sat down.  But, before I left I went over for one last comment, and repeated to him, "You are still one of my favorite people here!  I don’t want to get to heaven and not see you there!  We’ll talk somemore, okay?"  And as I walked away, he smiled for the first time since we started talking.  That warmed my heart knowing I might have another chance to speak to him about Jesus.  And, maybe, just maybe, I said something he’ll think about.

     Something must have triggered his anger today.  I wonder what it was.  I was glad the Lord gave me some words for him.  I was also happy that the day had not been wasted.

     Now, I think this is kind of a boring blog, but I also think it is important (remembering my older sister’s words) never to miss a chance to talk about the Lord.  Many people, not just me, believe the time is short until He returns for his followers.


                              Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


     1John 5:12, "He who has the Son has life, he who does not have the Son of God does not have life." (NIV+NKJV)