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The Procrastinator

Dear Readers,

     This is about a recent eye-opening experience.  The Lord gives us wake up calls and we must listen to them…



     THE PROCRASTINATOR   Journal Entry- December 2013


     For several days now the Holy Spirit has been hounding me to help a family in need.  But, I procrastinated, "I’m so busy with the holidays approaching, Lord; the inclement weather, all the unexpected company, my back still hurts from a recent injury, Christmas is only days away…"  

     I continued to evade the plea for help, but the Lord would not let up.  I heard the message again and again as the days passed, "DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM, ANYTHING!"  I finally gave in, knowing in my heart that if I continued to ignore His call, I would disappoint my Father in heaven; maybe even miss out on a blessing.  I finally made a phone call, "Hello, this is Claire…, I was wondering if I could bring supper over to your family, maybe tomorrow, or the next day?"

     The welcome reply came, "Oh, that would be so helpful!  Thank you so much!" said my dear friend.

     As I arrived with a simple meal to a very grateful family, I observed the overwhelming struggle in their world.  After hugs and thank yous, I headed home in tears.  For the first time this Christmas season, God was humbling me and also revealing to me how blessed my family is.

     As I entered my yard and drove into my warm garage, I wondered, "Am I doing enough Lord?  Should I do more?  Please push me Father; continue to push me out of my comfort zone!"


                        Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

Luke 6:38, "Give and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."   (NIV)

PS  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I will blog again after the holidays. 










The Foster Baby

Dear Readers,

     As I watched a teary-eyed family give up their foster baby after notifying Social Services that they were relocating, my head filled with thoughts and feelings of what the infant might be experiencing…


     THE FOSTER BABY    Journal Entry- July 4, 2002

     "Where am I now Lord Jesus?  Is someone praying for me?  These breasts smell different!  These walls look different!"

     "Where are the two little girls who play with me?  Are they my friends?  I thought they were my sisters!  I thought I would grow up with them!  And where is my mother?  I can’t smell her perfume!  I bonded with them and now they are gone.  Where did they go?  What did I do to be taken away?  What did I do to be put over here in this new place and yanked away again, and then put over there in another place and yanked away again?"

     "I thought I was being so good!  I smiled a lot, I slept a lot, I cuddled and snuggled and fit right in.  Why am I being moved again?  God, are You there for me?  Are You watching over me?  I feel surrounded by your love!  I feel comforted by Your Spirit!  But, is it enough to get me through what lies ahead for the rest of my life?  Is it enough?  Will it comfort me when I cry?  Will it comfort me when I long for the familiar smells, the familiar faces, and the familiar surroundings that I used to love and yet will never see again?"

     "Why have I been taken away ‘Again,’ from another family I grew to love and trust?  What have I done at the tender age of five months old?  I love them!  I was so sure they loved me too!  The weeks roll by and for fleeting moments, I get to see and smell the ‘Real one’!"  Is she my mother Lord?  Will I be with her again?  Or, is this new breast I smell not my mother?  I’m so confused!  What have I done?  Was it wrong to be born?  I struggle with my bottle and hang on so tight, so tight they can’t get it away from me.  My pacifier; is it mine or someone else’s?"

     "More new smells; are these mine forever?  Will I stay awhile?  I’m growing to love them!  Will they be taken away from me too?  Will this family hurt me?  Will they abuse me?  I’m a really good baby!  Will someone nice keep me forever?  Is Your love and Your shed blood and Your Holy Spirit enough to sustain me for what lies ahead?"

     "Please don’t leave me baby Jesus!  You are all I have that no one can take away!  I promise to be good!!!


                                          Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo


PS  Psalms 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God!"