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The Cedar Tree

Dear Readers,

     As I sit looking at my favorite Cedar tree, I again see a miracle.  This is a simple little story, I know, but it’s recent.  Just this past spring…


     THE CEDAR TREE  Journal Entry- May 28, 2013


     Being a native New Englander at heart, I deeply love trees.  Even though these massive beauties are scary during tornado season in Missouri, I specifically bought a home surrounded by their elegance.  I fell in love with the acreage, even before I looked at my house.

     I have 3 Cedar, 1 Black Walnut, 2 Oak, 1 Silver Maple, and 2 Hackberry trees in my yard.  My favorite is the Cedar out in the front of my home.  Always filled with many species of birds, it gives lots of summer shade, and looks beautiful in the winter with sparkling snow hanging from it’s branches.

     This past spring, 2013, my precious Cedar suddenly turned all yellow.  I was devastated!  I went to the internet and searched for reasons why.  It could be infestation, or it could be last year’s drought, whatever, but chances were good it would have to come down.  Guess what I did?  You guessed it!  I started praying, or as "The Circle Maker" book (Mark Batterson) encourages me to do, I circled my favorite tree!

     Every day I asked God to save my baby.  My husband gave up hope and was disappointed, but I kept circling and kept talking to the Lord.  Weeks passed and it looked horrible and completely dead.  I considered calling our local tree man to come and take it down, but hesitated and continued to pray. 

     Then, quite suddenly one day when I was working in the yard, I thought I noticed she didn’t look quite so yellow.  I shouted to my hubby, "Hon, look at the Cedar!  Do you think it looks a little less yellow today?"

     "I’m not sure!  Maybe!" he glanced over at it.

     Now I was a bit hopeful so I stayed faithful to my circle praying.  I wondered to myself, "Would God actually do something so insignificant as save a tree?"  It almost seemed too ridiculous to bother Him.  But what a display of His power and might!  If He can flood the earth, if He can part the sea, if He can create a virgin birth, He certainly is capable of saving a tree!  I wondered something else, "Is anything really too insignificant to take to the Lord?" 

     Weeks passed and my tree got greener and more stunning every day.  Today as of this journal entry, it is totally back to good health and looking quite beautiful.  It is early morning now and I am sitting on my front patio in my rocking chair looking up at my miracle growth, and all I can think about is God.  Every time I look at it now, I can only seem to visualize God!  I think I grossly underestimate how much the Lord wants to show Himself to me, and how much He wants me to turn to Him for everything; absolutely everything!

     Joyce Kilmer once wrote, "Poems are written by fools like me, but only God can make (save) a tree."

                         Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo


     John 6:28+29, "Then they asked him, ‘What must we do to do the works God requires?’  Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.’   (NIV)


     P.S.  "The Circle Maker," written by Mark Batterson is marvelous.  If you haven’t read it, you are missing out on a whole new concept of prayer.

     P.P.S.  Thank you readers, for all the wonderful comments you send me. 


The Journal

Dear Readers,

     Forgive me for preaching today but the Lord has layed this on my heart, so I’m writing it.  It’s about keeping a journal…


     THE JOURNAL   5-25-2013- Memorial Day Weekend


     How can I possibly remember all the things God has done for me if I don’t write them down?  As I look back on my life, I was saved at 31 years of age and immediately started writing the changes in my world.  Now, 38 years later, as I search through dozens of my old dated notebooks for blog stories, a flood of memories comes rushing back reminding me of how many miracles, trials, and tribulations the Lord has gotten me through.  And, words of knowledge He has given me, discernment warnings He has prepared me for, and material things He has provided for me.  I am especially reminded of what happens to me whenever I ignore my heavenly Father and not listen to what He tells me to do.

     The amazing part of all this documenting is that God hasn’t changed over almost 40 years of my life!  Only I have changed.  My body has aged into arthritis, glaucoma, and retirement.  My babies have grown and married and made me a grandmother.  I’ve seen a God-given career come and go, and the Lord has gotten me through several crises.  There is just no way I could have ever remembered all of the details in the last four decades of my life if I had not journaled them.  I would have missed a great opportunity to share with the world what the King of Kings has done for me. 

     In fact, it is still happening!  In 2013, just like in 1975, the Lord is continually here, in my life, in my heart, and in my home.  He has never left me!  

     So, here are two stories, one from 1976 (a 2011 blog repeat) and one from 2013.  I hope and pray these two examples of God’s help will enter your hearts and make you think about inviting Jesus Christ into your life.  I promise you will never be the same… 

                       – – –

     The year was 1976 and I was six months pregnant with my youngest child.  I was a new baby Christian and really didn’t have a clue as to how powerful the Lord is.  It was July fourth and my family was on their way to see the fireworks at the ball field in our little town.  It was mobbed!  No place to even park on the streets.  But we found a spot, and as we exited the car, decided to hold hands and pray to our new found Savior to watch over us and protect us.

     We pushed through the crowd and placed our blanket and chairs right in back of the safety line, the closest spot we were allowed to sit.  I plunked my chubby body down in a folding chair and the fireworks began.  Suddenly, a cold chill ran up my spine and I heard these words, "YOU HAVE TO MOVE NOW!"  It was loud and authoritative, and I knew it was from God.  Without thinking, I jumped up, grabbed my chair, shouted to my family that we had to move, and literally started to run to the back of the crowd.  Startled, they grabbed the other chairs and the blanket and quickly followed a very pregnant mom who would not take no for an answer. 

     I rapidly went all the way to the back of the crowded ball field where only a few people were, and opened my chair and sat down as my family also fell into place, wondering why we moved.  Other people moved instantly into our previous section.

     The very next firework shot off, and misfired.  It went straight into the front of the multitude of people in exactly the spot where we had been sitting before.  Screams and panic ensued.  People caught fire; frightened families were running, others got trampled and crushed from the mass.  And the big boom at the end of a normal eruption, blew up right close to the area where our blanket had previously sat on the grass.  Children’s hair on fire, and people with burning clothes were everywhere.  It was mass hysteria.  One woman couldn’t put out the flames on the top of her head.  A man grabbed a child whose clothes were ablaze and rolled him on the ground, all while we watched, startled and in shock, from the very back of the outfield.  Ambulances and firetrucks rushed in and whisked away the injured as the crowd dispersed and the display was canceled.  We went home and walked into the house and all of us burst into tears as we realized I could have lost the baby, or one of us could have been severely burned or trampled.

     God knew this was going to happen!  He warned us and we moved; it’s that simple!  Our prayer was answered immediately.  After the shock wore off we prayed together in the living room and thanked God and finally grasped just how powerful and close He really is. 

                       – – – –

     Next story:  The year of this miracle is 2013 and it is happening as you read.  I belong to a powerful group of praying women that meet every two weeks and literally move mountains.  One week in March my daughter Shelley called me and asked me to put her friend on our prayer list.  It seems this young woman had a baby on February 11, 2013, and was left after her delivery, with an injury which rendered her legs unusable.  That was March 5, 2013 when she called me, and that very day the Lord gave me a specific message for Angel, which I wrote down instantly in my journal.  It was exactly these words, "I AM GOING TO BRING YOUR LEGS BACK, BUT YOU MUST BE PATIENT!"

      I brought this young mother’s request to our next group meeting and there were so many prayer needs that day I almost didn’t get it in.  But I did, and we all began to pray for healing for this very large list of needs.  The next day I called my daughter in Massachusetts and told her the message I felt the Lord gave me, and that it was up to her if she wanted to share what I heard, and that the whole group was praying for her friend.  "Keep me informed," I told her.

     A couple weeks passed and an update from my daughter came in.  The doctors ran more tests and confirmed she had femoral nerve damage and they were hopeful it would be temporary.  Next meeting, I told the group and we continued to pray.

     That brings us to May 25, 2013, Memorial Day weekend.  Another updated text from Angel came in, a couple days ago.  I passed it on to the group.  Angel said that, "One leg is at 100% normal, and the other leg is not quite there, but close!  Thanks for all your prayers!"

     Our God heals!  Our God answers prayers!  Our Savior is an awesome God!  Invite Him into your heart, listen for His voice, and talk to Him every single day, and journal your stories so you won’t forget all the things He does for you!


                               Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo


     Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."  (NIV)