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The Visit

Dear Readers,

     A friend went to be with the Lord recently.  This story was our last visit with him… 


     THE VISIT   Journal Entry 2-2-2013


     Today was very special.  For a parting Christian friend, C.J. and I decided to pitch in and help.  Cal worked on getting his wife’s car repaired, which took a week or so, and then today we delivered it back to them.  But, the Lord wasn’t finished with us yet.

     God has been telling me to share some of my stories with our dying friend.  But, all I could think of was that there are so many people visiting him, he’s getting worn out, and all the medications he’s on are making him sleepy.

     Before we headed to their home, the Holy Spirit reminded me of what our Sunday School teachers said last week, "When you go visit, that is a good time to also bring food!"  So, this morning I threw a banana bread in the oven, while I quickly printed out some of my stories, especially the one that God has continually laid on my heart (The Midnight Light-Blog 2-16-2011), to read to him when we go to visit.

     At 10 A.M. we left to bring over the repaired vehicle, my banana bread, and some stories.  All the way I followed Cal in our car and prayed, "Please Lord, please show me the time to read to him, or if I should just leave the stories.  If others are visiting, or if he is resting, we’ll just drop off our stuff and leave, but if You want me to stay and read just one story, as You have been laying on my heart for days, let him be coherent and awake and comfortable enough for such a time as to accomplish this, amen!" 

     When we arrived, I immediately sensed the very strong presence of the Holy Spirit in their home.  Our friend was alert, pain free, and at so much peace within himself, that I almost felt foolish trying to witness to a man so spirit filled.  But, God’s orders are God’s orders and I asked his wife if I could read only one story.  She said yes and allowed me this special time with him.

     The entire time I read, he savored every word as I held his hand and struggled not to cry.  He was so peaceful, that he was witnessing to me, not the other way around.  Their home reeked of tranquility, and a knowing that he would soon be with the Lord.  After I finished reading, he shared something quite personal, "When my doctor told me how long I had left to live, a calm peace swept over my entire body!"  Then he sighed deeply.

     After a half an hour or so we decided our dear friend needed rest and it was time to leave, and we prayed together and said good bye.  I thanked God for setting up these perfect moments and allowing us a special opportunity with this unique Christian man.

     When we were leaving, in the kitchen his wife said something that really touched my heart.  She shared with us that the doctor told her to feed her hubby anything he wants to eat, and then she said, "You know, my husband has been asking me to fix him a banana bread!"

     "Really, great!" I told her teary-eyed.  Now who else but God could have known his precious thoughts, when I threw the banana bread in the oven this morning?  Our God is an awesome God!

                           Love in Christ,  Claire   xoxo

Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose."  (NIV)

     ( In memory of Gene Press.  We will all miss him.) 


The Cuckoo Clock

Dear Readers,

     This comforting sign came on a difficult anniversary…


     THE CUCKOO CLOCK    Journal Entry  5-20-2000


     "Did you reset the weights on the cuckoo clock last night?" my sweetheart asked me.

     "No, I didn’t!" I replied wondering.

     It was early, and the day I dread so much had finally arrived.  May 20th, the anniversary date that my honey lost his beloved son.  He was a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed little three-year-old angel.  The killer was "Neuroblastoma," a childhood cancer that takes most children, if it surfaces after they reach one year of age. 

     I try to remember the day and be extra patient to Cal, and maybe say a few extra prayers for him.  And, cater to him a bit as well.  It’s Saturday and we can’t ride to work together as we usually do, because our jobs start three hours apart today.  So, when C.J. was getting ready for work I decided to make him a lunch and then run upstairs and pray with him.  I sat him down, and thinking that I had come up with a unique idea I asked, "Honey, will you pray with me?"

     "Okay," he said somberly.

     I began, "Lord, this is a tough day for Cal.  Please be with him.  Give him some kind of a sign that his little son is peaceful, happy, and with you, amen."

     Calvin looked up at me kind of surprised and all teary-eyed and said, "God already did that!"

     "He did?" I replied, "You didn’t say anything to me before.  What happened?"

     "The cuckoo clock!  It woke me out of a sound sleep this morning!  I never heard it before today!  It struck eight times, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!  You remember what I told you about how much Geoff loved to imitate the cuckoo clock?" and C.J. imitated his son’s tiny voice the way he used to make the sound.

     I was awestruck.  When I received the idea to pray for a sign, I had no clue that my mate had already received one.  Again, C.J. filled up with tears, and I felt immediately at peace.

     Our God is an awesome God.  He not only sends an unexpected sign to Cal, but He sends a message to me to pray with him for a sign!  That way He accomplishes building both of us in our faith, and giving both of us peace, and inevitably draws us closer together spiritually.

     Oh, one more thing.  I am the lightest sleeper in the world, but I not only didn’t wind the clock, I didn’t hear it go off either!

                                   Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo 


Luke 2:12, "And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger." (NKJV)