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The Investment

Dear Readers,

     Financial miracles are sometimes hard to believe…


     THE INVESTMENT    Journal Entry-May 10, 2000


     Financial miracles are extremely difficult to accept.  I have a money miracle happening in my life as I write this.  I’ll explain.  A little over a year ago my big sister helped me get started investing in the stock market.  I had saved some extra money and wanted to diversify.  The stock market was on a "Bull Run" and lots of people were jumping in. 

     About a month ago I started hearing a lot of negative talk about inflation, interest rates, recession, and our economy.  Suddenly, the stock market dropped about 1000 points in a three day period, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday that week.  People waited nervously over the weekend to see what would happen on Monday morning.  I started to get real anxious and called my sister often for advice.  "Sometimes this happens, but that’s how the stock market goes!" she reassured me.  My stocks had dropped some, but not to badly. 

     My sibling kept giving me excellent solid advice, but then turned realistic, "You know, if you can’t afford to lose money you shouldn’t be playing the market.  Maybe mutual funds would be better?  You know how your stomach is!"  My sister continued, "Maybe you should gradually get out of common stocks, they are so volatile!"

     The next few days I prayed often and asked God to show me when and how I should do this.  My dearest sissy called a couple more times to mention articles in the newspaper recommending that little people like me should watch out because the stock market is scary right now.  In these articles, charts that covered ten years of some stocks, that were great investments in 1990, now in 2000 were valueless.  This confirmed to me that my sibling’s theory made sense, and that mutual funds were much safer to put cash into.  Companies like JC Penney, K Mart, and AT&T were worth the same or less today in the year 2000, as they were in 1990.  I thought, "Wow, ten years is a long time to invest and not gain anything."  The newspapers also showed that only 10% of all day traders end up making a profit.  More uncertainty.  I continued to pray and ask, "How and when Lord?  Please show me, please help me decide what to do," and I hung on to my investments and waited for a message from God.

     About two weeks passed and I continued to watch the stock channel, like I always did, and Wall Street rallied.  Up 200 points!  The next day the same, up another 200 points.  I felt relieved inside.

     My mate left early for work the next day and I had a day off and was home doing housework, when suddenly I heard a message in my head quite clearly, "NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME!"  I also felt a warm rush come over me like I often do when these manifestations occur.  And again I heard, "Now would be a good time!"  I knew it was from God.

     "How Lord?" I asked, "Should I sell them all at once or what should I do?"

     "Yes, yes now, all of them!" the message continued.  I had no intention of selling all of my stocks at once.  My plan was to gradually back out of all my common stocks.  I stopped cleaning and sat and watched the ticker tape go by on the stock channel and wrote down all my stock values as they passed.  Mostly, all of them were running in the green, except two, and those two were very close to the price I originally paid for them.  I fell to my knees in my living room beside my rocking chair and prayed, "Stop me if this is wrong Lord!" and I grabbed the phone and dialed my broker, and got right through on the company line, very unusual.  Usually you sit on hold for fifteen minutes or so.  In just five short minutes I sold all of them, all my common stocks, and ended up with a nice decent profit.

     I know the stock market is volatile, up one minute and down the next.  And, I second guessed myself on this decision for several days.  It is now two weeks past the sale of my stocks and I watched the ticker tape go by today, wrote down all the values, and figured out the rest.  My stocks today are worth close to $2,000 less than they were when I sold them, and still dropping.

     I know they will probably recover, but at the time I sold them, I prayed and asked God for guidance, never expecting to hear an actual verbal message.  But I did, and this I consider a true financial miracle.  Time will tell!

                         Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Phil. 4:6+7, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. "  (NIV)

Phil. 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."  (NIV) 


The Quest

Dear Readers,

     Occasionally blatant spiritual attacks cross our paths.  This story covers two such times in my life, over 20 years apart…


     THE QUEST,   Journal Entry-Summer 1989


     My daughter got a job in retail sales working at a store called, "The Quest."  She was the only sales person working in this tiny building which often drew little or no customers.  The majority of her work time, she was alone.

     Gifted in discernment since childhood, she called me one day and said, "This place gives me the creeps mom!"  (The store was full of mannequins, masks, and antiques.)  Because she needed the job she tried to ignore her warnings, but when she went to get merchandise upstairs in the attic, she sensed evil things happened up there.  Violent things!  She called me again another day and asked, "Mom, could you come over for awhile?  I’m very frightened!"

     On my drive over I prayed, and as I approached her building I noticed all these white lines coming out of the chimney.  As I drew closer, they actually looked like ghosts. The chimney was idle, it was summer, and no fire or heat was running.  When I arrived I prayed with her to clean out the building and she was fine for awhile after that.  (I often prayed like this with friends whenever they moved into a new house.)  The Quest stayed quiet for a period of time.

     Several days passed and she called again quite frightened and said, "Mom, I’m scared, can you come over?"  Then she told me, "I can see a wavy line moving up the phone cord," and then suddenly her call was cut off and I couldn’t get her back.  I rushed to her aide and we prayed again for God to clean out whatever seemed to be hovering in that building.  After that, her sister went over to be with her every time she worked.

     Eventually they closed the retailer for lack of business and her job ended, but whenever we drove past that building all of us got an uncomfortable feeling.



     FAMILIAR SPIRITS,   Journal Entry- September 7, 2012


     Most recently another such event has occurred.  Because my kids have been partially raised in a full-gospel environment they know how to get rid of "Familiar Spirits."  A close friend, who is retired military, called my daughter and told her he has been experiencing some pretty horrific nightmares.  Suddenly he is transfigured into the past with memories of the war, and visions of the dead are haunting him.

     Because of her own experience over 20 years ago, she knew exactly what to say to him, "Those are called ‘Familiar Spirits’ and as a Christian, you can get rid of them.  Want me to show you how?" she questioned him. 

     "Yes, please help me with this," he begged her.  Then she prayed with him on the phone and together they drove out the nightmares and visions, and put them into a dry place in Jesus’s name.  "Because we have the power of the Holy Spirit, they have to leave!  They have no choice!" she told him.  After praying she asked this young soldier how he felt and excitedly he said, "They’re gone!  I can’t see them or feel them!  They are gone!  It worked!" he repeated over and over.  She told him to pray like this every time he sees or senses their presence and they have to leave because as a born-again Christian, he also has the Holy Spirit which gives him the power to get rid of them.



     One of these stories happened over 20 years ago, and the other story happened only days ago.  But, God wanted me to tell them both today.  Why?  I don’t know why!  I know these subjects make some people (Christians too) uncomfortable.  But the bible tells us in Ephesians 6:12, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (NIV)


                    Thank you all for reading.    Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo 




The Special Passengers

Dear Readers,

     Hope your holidays were  wonderful.  Here is another passenger story from my bus driving days.  Often, God gave me opportunities to help them…


     THE SPECIAL PASSENGERS     Journal Entry- May 6, 1993


     I want to mention two of my favorite passengers.  I’ll call them Mary and Joe.  

     Mary and Joe, both in their fifties, are always so nice to me on the bus.  They say polite things, compliment me, and thank me for being good to them.  This means a lot, as many people treat bus drivers like personal chauffeurs.

     Anyway, on my last run out of city hall last evening, I looked over and saw Joe sitting in one of the bus shelters.  He was drunk, covered in vomit, filth, urine, and dried blood.  He was sitting in that booth not knowing how to get home.  My heart went out to him.

     Most people as well as bus drivers would be repulsed by the filth that surrounded him, but the Holy Spirit in me felt deep love and concern.  I left my bus and went over and asked Joe if he was okay.  He said, "Mary was mad at me, so I got drunk and some guys in the park beat me up!"

     I asked him where his teeth were and he replied, "They are in my pocket!"  He was a mess.  All swollen and bloody.  I told him to get on my bus and I would take him home to Millbury, and maybe he could call Mary and she would let him come home if she knew he was at the phone booth across the street.  (They lived in the apartments opposite one of the bus stops in that town.)  I knew Mary had stood by him through many bad times.

     I gave Joe some change, dropped him off at the correct stop near the phone booth close to his apartment, and immediately went into prayer.  Then I proceeded to drive to the end of the line and sat and prayed some more through my ten minute break, "Please Lord, he needs help.  Soften her heart and let her take him back.  He needs a bath, some food, and medical care, and no one else cares.  Please let him be gone when I come back by the apartments, in Jesus’s name, amen."

     As I drove back through the center of town, I noticed he was gone and I quickly thanked the Lord.  I have to believe she got to him, and the police didn’t.  I’ll know, the next time I see them, which is quite often.

     Well, I have an interesting job, to say the least.  Routine, but never never boring!

                         Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo


Matthew 25: 44+45, They also will answer, "Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?"  He will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."  (NIV)