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The Bunting

Dear Readers,

     This blog is a letter written to my son who lived in Denver when we lived in New England.  It is about a vision I had back in October of 1993…


     THE BUNTING  October 26, 1993


     Dear Arthur,

     I know I don’t write very often, but I thought I should write and tell you this incredible message the Lord gave me.  First, here’s the entry I made in my daily journal a few days ago…

Saturday 10-23-1993

     "I received a message today.  I worry a lot about my infant grandson.  His other grandmother loves him dearly and holds him, cuddles him, and kisses him as much as she can.  The problem is she is dieing of a very contagious disease which is a killer to small infants.  CTL Virus for example, wipes out whole nurseries in hospitals.

     I pray for little Zakkary to be safe and yet for her to be able to hold him and love him in her last moments of life, as he is her only grandchild, as well as my only grandchild.  Sometimes when I get a "Zak Attack" as I have come to call them, and want to hold him, and I fear for his life, I pray and ask the Lord to take away my fear.

     This morning while out jogging, as I looked up into the sky, the Lord blessed me with a vision.  I saw little Zak wrapped in a red bunting with a giant zipper on the front.  As I watched, it zipped up over his entire body and filled me with great peace and warmth and brought smiles and laughter to my soul.  I instantly knew that the red bunting represented Jesus’s blood and it’s protection around Zak’s tiny 14-pound body.  The fact that it zipped over his head was also significant to tell me God’s protection covered his entire being.  When I saw him, Zakkary’s head was on my left and his feet on my right.  What a special, peaceful message to receive.  I thanked God over and over for this vision."  (End of my journal entry)


     Now son, I shared this vision with your father and he knew immediately what it meant and gave me scripture to back it up.  (I was told you should always try to back up visions and messages with the Word.)  Daddy is very knowledgeable of the bible, and I am not.  I thought this was great.  In Solomon’s "Song of Songs," chapter 2:4+6, verse 4 says, "He has taken me to the banquet hall and his banner over me is love."  (In the thesaurus, Banner also means Bunting.)  And verse 6 says, "His left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces me."

     The most amazing thing Artie, is when I get these visions, they line up with the Word.  But, the peace that comes with it is also absolutely wonderful.  I can’t emphasize enough to you, how safe Zak is!  The bunting was scriptural, the red was representative of Jesus’s blood, and also the position of his head left and his feet to the right, was significant too.  I pray that this vision will bring you peace, like it has to me.

     Everyone here is learning to tolerate me when I get my "ZAK ATTACKS" and I want to hold him so badly, that I can’t hardly stand it.  I’ll probably get these attacks for the next 20 years.  Oh well!  Say hi to everyone for me and know that I pray for all of you daily.  Please hug Zak for me too!"

                        Love you,  Mom  xoxo



     Hope you all enjoyed reading my 19-year-old letter.  Today it’s November of 2012, Zak is 19 years old and works in roofing with his father.  He’s thinking about going back to school and getting a degree in Business Administration.  We’ll see!


                          Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo 


Happy Holiday

Dear Readers,

     I pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.  I just want to thank all of you for your prayers for my eyes.  Recent lazer treatment has helped greatly.  So, Happy Holiday!

                                         Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo

Psalms 95:2, "Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song." (NIV)


PS  Next Wednesday look for "The Bunting," a letter I wrote back in 1993 when I had a vision about my new grandson.

                         Thanks for reading! 



The Ring

Dear Readers,

     Here is a journal entry from July 2, 1992…



     Miracles happen every day, especially it seems, just when I doubt the closeness of God.  Such a doubt-killer just happened.  About a week ago my daughter lost her birthstone ring she got for Christmas one year.  Our family prayed as usual, because the Lord has found many things for us in the past.  We all searched in the yard, the house, everywhere.  Finally, after days of hunting, our family just looked at each other and said, "It’s just a ring!  It’s gone!"  The Lord tells us over and over, possessions are not important.  He has to bring us to that point constantly.

     Anyway, I went out to lay in the sun today, and again I asked, "Lord, please help me find her ring!"  As I reclined on my blanket in the yard I heard, "Look in the grass around the blanket!"  So, I got on my hands and knees and searched within six inches all around the edge of the coverlet.  And, there it was!  On the ground, under a leaf, big and bold!

     Why do I continue to be amazed when the Lord speaks?  Why do I continue to doubt that He will answer my prayers?

                              Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo 

Matthew 21:22, "And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."  (NKJV) 







The Witness

Dear Readers,

     If I could pass on one small piece of wisdom to a new writer it would be this, "Keep a daily journal!"  Faithfully write something in that journal every day.  Some days it is difficult.  You think that nothing meaningful has happened to write about.  But, the more you stimulate your thoughts, you will find out that you can get stories out of everything, from your experiences, your prayers, your activities, your witness, your actions, your work, your family, friends, and acquaintances.  Even down to the little smiles received from the positive things you did that day!  So, write gifted people, write, about everything.

     Through the holiday season (Nov. and Dec.) my blog will just be short little journal entries from over the years… 


     THE WITNESS   Journal Entry, June 28, 1992


     Sometimes our Christian witness can be so subtle we hardly even know we are doing it.  But, if we ask the Lord to take total control of our lives each day, we have to believe He will!

     Such a witness happened to me today.  As a city busdriver, I often have lots of people around me or almost no people around me, for short periods of time.  Usually only minutes.  And, many of them I might only see once and never again.  I pray hours every day while I’m on the road, for my family, my neighbors, my friends, and all the people who ride my 35 or 40 foot vehicle.

     I’m sure everyone, like me, has periods of time in their own career, that’s so routine, that prayer can easily be put into their schedule.  Today, I was avidly in this moment with only one passenger aboard.  He decided to sit up front and speak to me.  He only said one thing, but it was my opportunity.

     "Don’t you get bored riding back and forth all day, sometimes all alone?" he asked.

     "No, my job is so mundane, I hardly think about it." (I hesitated to continue but realized this seed, might be the very first seed to be planted in this man’s life.)  "Actually," I continued, "I spend most of my time in prayer.  I ask the Lord to watch over all the people who ride my bus every day!"

     As we approached his stop, he looked deeply into my eyes before he exited and remarked curiously, "Whatever works!" and then he disappeared into the city.  I thought about him all the rest of the day.  I remembered about my hesitation to speak and was glad I shared my faith.

     Only God knows the hour of this passenger’s salvation.  That is why it is so important to speak up.  From the very wise words of another Christian passenger who rides with me regularly came this comment yesterday, "Don’t ever hide your Christianity, but shine Claire, shine!" he grinned as he left my bus.


                               Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo