The Career

Dear Readers,

     A couple weeks ago I blogged, "The Whispering Voice."  I hope you enjoyed reading it.  With all humility this next story (a two-part blog) was another time in my life that I ignored the warnings from the Holy Spirit…


      THE CAREER,   Journal Entry May 5, 1986


     About six months ago I quit daycare after doing it for seven years.  I felt it was time for a career change.  I was burnt out from babysitting and excited about going into real estate investment, which I had been studying about for a year or so.  I just refinanced my home so the savings account could carry us for awhile.  My husband was working lots of overtime, so it seemed like as good a time as any.  Through lots of prayers, I was convinced this was what the Lord wanted for me.  I was really excited and certain I had His blessing to progress on my new career venture.

     First, I sought after decent transportation.  The old car had died and I needed to be able to run around and search for houses looking respectable, plus a newer car helps the image of a real estate investor.  The Lord quickly provided me with a good deal.  My 1984 Nissan Sentra four door sedan was purchased $1,000 under blue book and looked liked it was off the showroom floor.  Thirty-five MPG didn’t hurt either.

     I started house hunting for some great deals.  I searched the papers every day, called on many, went and viewed a bunch as well.  But, no luck.  Occasionally, I would pray when I didn’t know where else to turn.  Often times, while driving around looking, I would sit on top of a hill, parked in my car, and ask the Lord, "Where, where should I buy?  You tell me Lord!"  And then I would get the strong indication He was answering, "Here, east on the prairie!  I will show you where."  So I continued to search for houses, especially on the east side of Colorado Springs. 

     After a couple months I found two fantastic deals within a couple days of each other.  Both houses needed to be refinanced and both were 15 to 20 thousand dollars under appraisal.  One was in the Springs, and one was east on the prairie in Ellicott, a rapid growth area because of the proposed building of C.S.O.C. (Consolidated Space Operations Center).  I was certain the Ellicott house especially, was directly from God.  I moved forward on purchasing both houses.  I found a real estate attorney, and two good lending institutions, etc.  I did all the running around that is required of buying new homes, getting all the family information required, and so on and so on.  I was totally enjoying my new career and feeling very successful.  After seven years at home doing daycare, it felt great to be out in the world.  I was surrounded by professional people, getting invited out to lunch, taking regular trips to Denver, running contracts and other paperwork to title companies, and being very business oriented.  It felt wonderful to be using my intellect for a change.

     I was doing well.  Forty thousand dollars equity in two rental houses was considered excellent purchases.  All the necessary papers had been filled out on both houses, and I was praying for the Lord to put it all together and take control of both deals.  All of it was progressing beautifully.  I was feeling more successful than ever before in my life.  My husband was so proud of me that he was bragging to everyone how smart and attractive his new career wife was.  I really felt like the Lord was blessing my new venture.  I had complete control, and in a couple short years, at this rate of success, I would be sitting pretty financially.

     Then one morning, like a bomb dropped, the Holy Spirit came overpoweringly on me!  He filled my whole being so strongly that I couldn’t hear any other sounds around me.  I was alone at home, and crying uncontrollably.  I heard His voice loud and clear, "THIS IS DISHONEST.  MANY OF THE PAPERS YOU SIGNED ARE FULL OF LIES.  IT’S WRONG.  IT’S NOT WHAT I WANT!  IT’S OF THE WORLD!"

     It was so overwhelming that I couldn’t manage my tears or my fears.  I called my mate at work almost hysterical, "I’ve got to stop the purchase of these two houses!  The Lord keeps telling me they are not totally honest.  I’m going about them wrong.  It’s dishonest!  I have to get out of them, but I don’t know how at this point!"

     I was really upset.  My husband wasn’t sure how to react.  He, like me, could only see financial success in our future.  We’ve both always wanted and believed that real estate was an excellent way to achieve financial security.

      Needless to say, after a few days, I calmed down and continued to progress nicely towards the closing of both houses.  I stupidly chose to ignore this strong warning from the Lord over my feeling of success and power in the investment world.  It’s easy to do when you are surrounded with worldly, well educated, professional people.  My attorney, brokers, and lenders had assured me that all the techniques I was using were being capitalized on by everyone these days, "It’s OK, everyone does it after all!"  I was guaranteed.  A couple more weeks passed and as I progressed towards two closings, I ran around doing last minute errands.

      But again, out of nowhere, an overpowering warning came from the Holy Spirit.  Only this time it came on my hubby while he was at work, not on me.  He called me, "Hon, I want out of these two deals!  The Lord keeps telling me too, "GET OUT!  THEY ARE DISHONEST!"               End of part one.


                              Love in Christ,  Claire  xoxo 



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