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The Suicide Mission

Dear Readers,

     I was living in the Colorado Springs area when this happened in March of 1986.  It’s a little heavy for some people, but it happened and was quite profound. 

     I have a favor to ask.  Could you all please forward my stories to anyone you think might enjoy reading them.  Thank you so much…

     From my Journal- March 1986

     The Suicide Mission

     I am just discovering the power and might of Jesus and His Holy Spirit.  Feeling very incompetent today, I was chosen for a very special mission.  A neighbor and casual friend of mine tried to commit suicide this afternoon.  I was called to pick up her kids from school.  Then I was told I was the only person she would allow into ICU to see her or to talk to her.

     I called my pastor in desperation, "What do I do?  What do I say?  I’ve never dealt with anything like this before.  She won’t see anyone but me.  I feel like a peon.  I can’t deal with this!" I told him.

     "You have been chosen for a very special mission," he said.  "The Lord must feel you can handle it.  Pray for wisdom.  Go in that room and break the power of satan over her and stand on the Word."

     "But I don’t know the Word like you do!  What if I don’t have the right answers for her?  I feel so inadequate," I sighed.

     "Take your eyes off yourself Claire, and put them on Jesus.  He is not inadequate!  Now let me pray with you."

     As he prayed my whole body began to fill up with self-confidence and strength.  "I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit going out over the phone," he went on.  "Now go and let me know what happens."

     Blotting out the world’s distractions I talked to God from my house all the way to the Intensive Care Unit.  As I reached her door I prayed, "Give me wisdom and take control Lord, as this is Your mission not mine."

     I entered the room and sat down beside a sunken humiliated woman and whispered, "In the name of Jesus I break the power of satan over this person.  I command the spirit of suicide to leave in Jesus’s name.  You have no power here and you know it!"

     I don’t know much about casting out or binding spirits, but the Holy Spirit in me seemed to know which ones I was supposed to deal with and which ones I was supposed to bind.  The Lord walked me right through it all.  The correct scriptures were instantly in my mind when I needed them.  I wanted to go in there armed with a list of perfect scriptures and have all the right answers ready ahead of time.  It wasn’t necessary.  When the Lord calls you in a moments notice, He is already prepared.

     I can’t begin to explain what took place in the next four hours of my visit.  She poured her heart out to me and just in general conversation every evil spirit showed itself.  I took authority over each one as they identified themselves.  My mind and mouth seemed to know ahead, as each one revealed which were strongest and which were weakest within her.  Without even a thought about what I was doing or saying, I spoke loudly and forcefully to some and softly almost in a whisper to others looking her straight in the eyes and listening intently to her needs as I did.  By the end of the visit she couldn’t even seem to realize why she had attempted such a foolish thing.  I kept telling her, "You are a King’s Kid, a child of God!  Don’t give satan the pleasure of convincing you that you are stupid or ignorant or worthless."

     The Lord also revealed to me as she spoke that she didn’t have a single problem that couldn’t be dealt with.  Everything that child of God needed to hear about herself came to my lips.  Once the nurse came in and said, "Well, you’re doing a lot better!"

     "It’s all because of her," she pointed to me.

     "No, it’s all because of Him!" I pointed to the sky.  "You’re giving credit to the wrong person.  You’ve got to get your eyes off me and on to Jesus!"

     I can’t put into words the joy that welled up inside me as I watched her body change from a squirming contorted introvert to a happy hopeful extrovert.  I could not have experienced more joy witnessing to 10,000 people than I did in that room witnessing to one person, and I realized for the first time in my life that a ministry to one person is as important to God as a ministry to thousands.

     I don’t know how high off the floor I was as I left her and walked the corridor of the hospital.  I stopped at the front door and my eyes and body were drawn to the Jesus statue hanging on one wall.  With a deep breath I stared at it for a long time, knowing the visit all came together like puzzle pieces because God alone was in complete control in that ICU room.

     At 11:30PM the air was cool outside, but I didn’t really feel it.  Warmth and power filled my body like never before and yet total humility swept my being.  At that moment I could have conquered the world in Jesus’s name.

     I drove home with the feeling of the Holy Spirit so thick in my car that I felt surrounded by warm cotton.  I sang softly, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s something about that Name.  Kings and kingdoms will all disappear, but there’s just something about that name."

     Still at this moment as I write I’m savoring the closeness of my Master and wondering, "Can I feel Your presence like this all the time Lord, by just being obedient to Your calling?  Is that all it takes?  Please Lord, push me, push me!"

                                         Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo

PS  Talk to you all after the holidays, two weeks from today.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!



The Miracle Corn

Dear Readers,

     Here’s a story written over 26 years ago, that the Lord put on my heart to blog this week…

     The Miracle Corn-    Journal entry January 13, 1986

     For years now my husband has plagued me with a new concept in Christianity.  "Life is spiritual not physical!" he insisted over and over.  "We’re dealing with the spirit realm.  Scripture backs up what I’m telling you."

     I couldn’t accept what he was saying and yet he stayed faithful to his beliefs and continued to pray and lay hands on people.  It caused a great deal of tension and division in our religious life and in our home.  But, a dramatic change took place in me almost overnight.

     My eyes were magnetically attracted to a new book that lay on my desk entitled, "To Heal The Sick" by Charles and Frances Hunter.  Their ideas about being persistent in dealing with spirits struck me as a very realistic approach to healing.

     "If you’re not healed, lay hands on yourself and pray again!  God will honor your faithfulness.  Stay with it!  We layed hands on over 20,000 people before healings started to happen.  But we knew it would work because the Word of God said so," the Hunters went on in their book.

     This concept sunk deeply into my soul.  I decided to give it a try.  If it didn’t work, so what!  The Hunters said to practice on yourself.  For the next few weeks I prayed over every cold, every pain, and every other health problem.  I didn’t see much results but kept at it.  I stayed faithful.

     Then one day looking at a growth (planter’s wart) the size of a half dollar on the sole of my left foot, I began to wonder.  "Do you think maybe the Lord would heal this?" I asked my hubby.  Looking intently at my foot, I squeezed it and said, "I command this corn to be healed and leave the bottom of my foot in the name of Jesus Christ.  Spirit of inheritance I also command you to leave and never return in the name of Jesus the Son of God!"  (My dad was also plagued with this problem.)

     Wow!  I had a deep powerful gut feeling rush through me and I also noticed a burning sensation in the sole of my foot.  I went to bed that night and kind of forgot about it.

     A week or so later, looking at the ball of my appendage, I noticed the wart seemed slightly smaller.  "You don’t suppose this really works?"  I thought to myself.  I layed hands on it again and repeated my prayer, "Continue to heal and go away corn, in the name of Jesus Christ."  This time I also thanked God for giving me this authority.  Another week passed and again I noticed a smaller growth.  "Look, my corn is shrinking!" I shouted to my family, "It’s working.  It really works!"

     It took about a month of constant praying and burning, but it’s gone, and to think how many years my dad suffered with this same ailment.  I should mention this.  My husband is ecstatic over this miracle.

     But it didn’t stop there!  Several days ago our teenage daughter had surgical removal of her wisdom teeth.  She was in unbearable pain and swelling.  Even with codeine medication in her, the pain was so severe she couldn’t stop crying.  Finally I got sick of hearing her suffer.  Holding hands in a circle with my two other kids, I prayed and commanded the pain to leave immediately and let her rest in the name of Jesus Christ.  The pain stopped instantly and she dozed off.  After her nap she told me she could actually feel a powerful strength come out of my nine-year-old daughter’s hand and travel up her arm and into her jaw.  We’re not moving mountains yet but we’re going to stay with it because practice does make perfect and our faith builds with every tiny healing answer. 

     I would like to add my hubby recently prayed for a premature newborn child that was slowly withering away.  Doctors ran many tests showing nothing, as this five pound three month old lay almost lifeless in her hospital bed.  "Cast out the spirit of death in her!"  my husband heard in prayer on his way to the hospital.  The very next day she gained 6 ounces, and then more and more and more weight.  She was released with all negative test results four days before Christmas, praise God!

     If you have ever considered this in your Christian walk, fight it if you must, but ask the Lord.  If you seek Him with all your heart, He’ll show you!                  1-13-86

                                                Love in Christ,    Claire  xoxo

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8 NKJV)




Melanie’s Gift

Dear Readers,

     I know I don’t usually blog on Sundays, but I have to tell you about Melly’s progress.  Her hearing is coming back!  Praise God!

     A few days ago she started hearing mumbling sounds and we were thanking God for that.  But, last night my daughter called me all excited and said, "Mom, Melly asked me to say something in her left ear.  Then she shut off her right side hearing aid and closed her eyes.  (That’s so she won’t be able to read her mother’s lips.)  I said to her, "I’m going to make a meatball sandwich."  Then Mel opened her eyes and said back to me, "Did you say you are going to make a meat sandwich, mom?"

     Julie got so excited because Melanie has been praying and telling the Lord that all she wants for Christmas is her hearing back.  She got her Christmas wish!  She has two more ear appointments this coming week, but she already knows.  SHE ALREADY KNOWS!

     Thank You Lord, thank You, thank You, thank You!  What an incredible Christmas blessing!

                                   Love in Christ,   Claire    xoxo   (sniff!)


Melanie’s Accident

Dear Readers,

     This has been a hectic week.  I’m blogging one day of it from my journal…

Melanie’s Accident    12-03-11  Saturday

     Yesterday was one of the most difficult days of my life.  Many days go by mundane and routine.  At my age those are my favorites.  But yesterday was not one of them.

     It started off boring.  We were supposed to run to Springfield but a call from Fedex that a delivery that needed signing for, was coming today.  So, we postponed going and pretty much just waited for the doorbell to ring, thank God!

     Early afternoon while I was out walking the phone rang with my panicky daughter saying Melanie was injured at school and she would get back to us.  (Mel is my profoundly deaf grandchild.)   I returned Julie’s call to find her at the hospital emergency room.  Mel had taken a bad hit on her head against the wall during gym class and they were going to run some tests.  She was complaining of a headache and the feeling of fluid in her ears.  I raced up to the E.R..

     An exam and a cat scan showed no fluid or bleeding or broken bones.  They finished checking her and sent us immediately to her audiologist in the next building.  First, the doctor checked her hearing aids for damage but they were working fine.  He proceeded to do more testing, bone conduction, inner ear checks, exam, etc..

     During the tests he compared Mel’s bone conduction results with her previous readings.  She was supposed to raise her hand on the side where she heard any sound.  Only her right hand went up.  As I watched her sitting in that sound-proof booth, she began to cry as she realized she wasn’t hearing anything on her left side and little on her right side.

     The end results were not good.  Her left ear registered zero, and her right ear was also weaker.  The audiologist told us that, "It appears she has lost all the hearing she had on her left side."  Although there was no bleeding or fluid or broken bones, it was gone!  "Maybe a detached ear drum," he said.  She was struggling on the right side as well.  What little sound she still had was muffled and echoing badly.

     "Will this go away?" she asked the doctor.

     "I don’t know!" he responded, "We’ll do more testing in a week or so when your head trauma settles down.  In the meantime I want you to see an ear/nose/throat specialist."

     As my daughter and Melly finished up with all their medical questions and used terms I was unfamiliar with, the tears started to drop out of Melly’s eyes.  We left the office and the 15-year-old broke down sobbing uncontrollably in her mother’s arms.  I ran down and made an appointment at the front desk for Mel to be seen again in a week.  When I returned my granddaughter fell into my arms and continued to cry deeply for a few more minutes.

     As we stepped out into the pouring rain there were no words, just hugs and kisses good bye.  They headed home in one direction, I headed home in my own car, all of us exhausted and upset at what the future held for my precious grandchild.  Only a short distance down the way, I pulled over and collapsed sobbing by the side of the road.  I wondered if the pressures of life would ever let up on my daughter.  In the last 20 years she had faced trauma after trauma after trauma and God promises us He won’t send more than we can handle.  But as a mom, I really think she has been dealt an exceptionally large share of sadness.

     As of 5 A.M. this Saturday morning I don’t know what lies ahead for my Melly, but she is a fighter!  She has to be.  The weeks coming will bring lots of doctor appointments (what else is new!) and hopefully some of her hearing will return, although the doctor didn’t seem to think so.  He told her to keep wearing her left side hearing aid, just in case.  The device would pick up any sounds before she would otherwise notice, but he didn’t think she would need to wear that side aid anymore as there would be no sounds to magnify.

     As I drove home in tears in the pouring rain after spending several hours in the emergency room and doctor’s office, I was emotionally drained.  But I still believe in healing!  Even though it is 2011.  I still believe the Lord Jesus Christ heals through His Spirit today and that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb.13:8) and I will pray for Melly’s hearing to return in His name.  Only our precious Lord knows what lies ahead.  I have to, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." (Prov. 3:5)

                   Love in Christ,      Claire xoxo

PS As of today the only sound in her left ear is a ringing noise and now some soft mumbling sounds.  Her right ear seems the same.  She went back to school Monday not knowing what to expect but her peers were very supportive and praying for her.  An appointment after school with an ENT specialist meant more tests.  He said, "The fact that she is having some activity in her left ear is a good sign."  Now on to an O.T. Specialist (Otoloryngologist-just ears) in Springfield.  

     Thank you all for your prayers and support!