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The Fifth Miracle

Dear Readers,

     One day I decided to call our Pastor and suggest how nice it would be if we could hear more personal testimonies at church.  I love hearing other people’s stories about what Jesus has done in their lives recently and in the past.  So guess what?  Pastor suggested I read one of my stories.  Here’s the one I chose entitled "Recent Miracles in My Life."

Testimony from journal entry- Summer of 2004:

     In the summer of 2003, I noticed my left breast was sore and for weeks the pain didn’t go away.  Several doctor visits, an ultrasound, and a biopsy later, a malignant lump revealed an early stage Sarcoma.  This is when my miracles first started happening.

1st Miracle- The Pain

     The doctors told me that breast cancer almost never involves pain.  If it weren’t for that discomfort, my Sarcoma would have gone undetected for at least a year putting me into a later stage.  For the first time in my life, I found myself thanking God for giving me pain!

2nd Miracle- The Dove

     When this ugly monster revealed itself on the ultra sound screen, to the amazement of the doctor, the technician, and myself, the picture was in the perfect shape of a dove!  This to me was a sign that God was in control, and I didn’t have to worry.

3rd Miracle-  Lesson in Patience

     Being the hyperactive impatient person that I am, and being true to my nature, before all this started I had been running in circles all summer trying to figure out what the Lord wanted of me.  And now, all of a sudden, God grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, stopped me cold in the direction I was heading, and got my attention big time!  Facing your own mortality really sparks a different dimension in your life.  Going 90 miles an hour all of a sudden seemed totally foolish.

4th Miracle- A Slower Pace

     Knowing patience comes from tribulation, I even thought I would rush through all of this.  Hurry up with surgery, hurry up the radiation, plan on being back to 90 miles an hour, in let’s say, two months tops!  But God’s plans were different.  Delay after delay after delay for one reason or another, dragged the process out until finally stubborn old me just kicked back and changed all my existing plans for the immediate future.  Taking a deep breath one day, I looked up to heaven and asked, "OK, You have finally got my attention like never before!  What is it that You want from me, Lord?  I promise I will listen."

     Every day I find myself thanking God for the pain from the Sarcoma, thanking God for the comforting sight of the dove on the ultra sound machine, and thanking God for making me aware and teaching me to stop and smell the roses!  But mostly, I thank God for getting my undivided attention in this rush rush world we live in, and showing me that He wants me to slow down and listen to Him.  To be quiet in my Spirit, and maybe discover a whole different direction that He wants me to go in my life.


     Now it is the summer of 2011.  The 5th Miracle- A Gift of Life

     I’m still here eight years later and cancer free, maybe just to write this Christian blog to glorify my Lord and Savior for all of you to read! 

     Thank you for reading my stories.

                                                 Love in Christ,    Claire    xoxo



Dear Readers,

     Because of vacation I have no time for my blog for a couple of weeks.  Please be patient with me.  My next story will be entitled, "The Fifth Miracle!"

     Thank you all for reading.

                                                                  Love in Christ,            Claire  xoxo


The Love Pillow

Dear Readers,

     It’s funny the things you draw comfort from during a trauma.  My breast cancer involved many tests, a failed aspiration, a biopsy, two surgeries, over 30 radiation treatments, and complications from the radiation.

     Looking back I remember when they finally decided I had breast cancer and I arrived for my first surgery, I was handed a "Goody Bag."

     "What’s this for?" I asked my nurse.

     "Just some stuff to help you through this ordeal!" she told me.

     Opening that sack took my mind off the cancer for a few short minutes.  Two items in there I’ll never forget, a cloth bound notebook to write a daily journal of my walk with cancer of which I filled every page,  and a pillow!

     "What do I do with this?" I inquired still naive as to what lay ahead.

     "That’s to put under your sore breast after surgery.  Women find it more comfortable with a little soft support afterwards!"

     At that point I looked at the tiny 6"x10" treasure and had no idea the comfort I would draw from it in the near future.  All I knew was that a stranger’s hands made this for me.  How thoughtful!

     I remember, every time I rolled over in bed onto my left side, the pain would force me to reach for my little pillow and tuck it under me, and it always relieved the discomfort so I could sleep.

     Years have passed since that 2003 illness.  I even relocated from Massachusetts to Missouri.  But, I still have that little brown-flowered pillow and it reminds me how special someone’s unique ministry is.  And, the time, care, love, and cost that he or she put into it.  The fond memories of this tiny comforter stay with me still.  I wonder if the person who made this has any idea how much that care package meant to me as my treatment progressed over the months of pain that were ahead for me.

     So, to whomever makes these items for the cancer patients at UMass Medical Hospital, or any other hospital, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

                                 Love in Christ,      Claire     xoxo