Abortion- Yes or No?

Dear Readers,

Since Roe V Wade passed, over 60,000,000 babies have been aborted in the USA.  Our God can’t be pleased.  This reblog is about the decision I made almost 43 years ago…

ABORTION- YES OR NO?    Journal Entry,   September, 1981

What a decision!  Discovering I was pregnant with my third child brought on an emotional trauma.  The timing was totally wrong.  Our two older children were in school all day, our appliance business needed my full-time help, and we already had a family of four crammed into a tiny four room house.  Even my baby furniture was long gone!

Completely unprepared for this unwanted pregnancy, I actually considered abortion.  But, being a brand new born-again Christian, I knew my thoughts were shameful.  Somehow diapers, bottles, and midnight feedings just didn’t fit into my inundated schedule.

An early checkup verified that I wasn’t mistaken.  Knowing this pregnancy was amiss, I became a bundle of nerves.  But two incidents happened in one day that I know were sent from God.

First, while phoning for my second appointment with my obstetrician, his receptionist commented nonchalantly, “Do you want to keep it or get rid of it?”

Stunned by her abrasiveness I replied, “Why, does it make a difference?”

“Yes, it does!” she answered casually, “Call us back if you want to get rid of it!  Otherwise, call someone else.”  I couldn’t believe my ears.  My doctor had now gone to doing just abortions.  No more births!

Later that same day our purebred German Shepherd, who was in heat, broke loose from her dog pen.  Fearing a litter of mongrel pups because she was gone for a couple of hours, I phoned our vet immediately for advice.

“I have an abortion shot and abortion pills,” he cautioned me, “But I don’t recommend them!  They are dangerous for the dog and could make her ill and sterile!  I really do not recommend using them!” he said emphatically.  And again, I couldn’t believe my ears.  In one day more concern had been shown for my dog, than had been shown for my unborn child!  Something was terribly wrong!

That day was the turning point in my pregnancy.  I decided that this baby was the Lord’s will and everything would work itself out.  Even though the timing seemed absolutely wrong to me, the Lord must have decided the time was right.  I asked God to forgive me and I put the abortion idea out of my mind forever.

Everything did work itself out as I’m sure God knew it would.  I stopped working two weeks before my baby was born, and my sister-in-law took over my position at work.  Most of my baby furniture came back to me from our family.  Within two years we moved into a three bedroom house.

Now, almost five years later, my blonde blue-eyed daughter keeps us all young.  She’s extremely bright, has a loud mouth, and fights for her place in our family.  When she puts her little arms around my neck and says, “Mommy, I love you sooooooooooooo much,” I think back and thank the Lord for helping me to make the right decision.

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

P.S.  Last month she turned 42 years old, has her Master’s Degree, and is a Geriatric Social Worker dedicated to helping seniors get what they need in health care and end of life necessities.  What a blessing she is to me and many others!

Psalms 139:13-16,  “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.  I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.  When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”    (NIV)



Halloween Horror

Dear Readers,

Here is a quick little story that happened when my children were young…

HALLOWEEN HORROR,  Journal Entry,  October 1977

It was our usual October preparation time for Halloween.  We decorated our house, sometimes put costumes on the adults, shut off all the lights and put on some creepy music, etc.  I was feeling uncomfortable about even celebrating this holiday, especially since recently being a born-again Christian because God and Satan had become so real and alive to me.  Also, there were more and more dangerous events happening to young children every year, especially in the cities and subdivisions.

We were living on in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the time, and there were tons of kids in our neighborhood who went out trick or treating.  My children as well, although I expressed to my family that I didn’t want to celebrate this holiday any more!  I even told my kids I would buy them a bunch of candy.  Mall trick or treating and Halloween parties weren’t popular yet.  Just going door to door and staying out late so you could hit all the houses in your area.

Well as usual, I reluctantly stocked up on candy knowing the doorbell would be endless, and my kids went out trick or treating.  Adults didn’t even tag along in the seventies.  I handed out lots of treats and nervously waited for my children to return home.  When they did, I would always scrutinize their candy bags for potential dangerous treats.  I had a fight on my hands every time I mentioned stopping celebrating Halloween!

As my children returned home and the neighbors coming to the door slowed down, I decided it was time to examine their bags.  The kids poured out their treats in different spots on the floor and I proceeded to check every item, especially the ones not sealed.  Straws were a favorite for the crazies.  Sure enough, when I opened one of my daughter’s straws and investigated it, I discovered it had been emptied and refilled with soap powder or detergent. I’m not sure which.  I got frightened and wouldn’t let them eat anything until I checked every single item!

Then as my son poured out his bag, I noticed he had fruit, an apple, which looked innocent enough, but I didn’t trust anything open.  I told him, “I’m going to cut this in half just to check it, okay!”  And, yet again, I found the apple was full of straight pins and sewing needles that were so well hidden you could not see them at all from the outside of the fruit.

That was enough for me!  I freaked!  I grabbed up all of it, every speck of anything and threw it into the garbage can.  The three of them were upset, but as a mother, I could have cared less!  I told them, “Let’s go to the store and I will buy each of you a bunch of candy!”

That was the last time we ever celebrated Halloween in my family.  Oh, we still hand out candy to the neighborhood, but never again did my children  go trick or treating.  Slowly but surely I convinced my family to do something special other than that old tradition!

The crazies continued to hurt children for years and get in the newspapers the next day.  Almost no one ever got caught for the harm they did because it was impossible to trace.  It has become so dangerous that many people have now  stopped door to door and gone to house or mall parties.  They are considered safer.  All for a bag of free candy!  Can you imagine!

Love in Christ,    Claire  xoxo

Psalms 46:10,  “Be still and know that I am God”



Thought For The Day

Dear Readers,

Every single time I enter the hospital for my volunteer job, I ask the Lord for two things…



As I enter the building and walk the corridors of the hospital, my prayers are always the same…

“Please cover my patients with the blood of Jesus and surround them with angels.  Heal them as quickly as possible and get them home to their own beds…”

“Please cover all the sick children and newborns with His blood, surround them with angels, and give them loving, caring, kind, protective parents that will raise them to know your Son Jesus, amen.”

One volunteer day God gave me a precious, eye-opener!  As I entered a very dark room there was a patient lying in bed.  At closer observation, I noticed a crib tucked in the corner.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I observed the adult was holding a tiny infant.  I didn’t want to disturb them so I spoke softly and offered my complimentary reading materials.

The worried parent whispered, “No thank you,” so I backed away and headed for the door.  As I was leaving, I felt the Lord telling me to “Pay attention!”  A whisper in my head also told me to look back and observe the answer to my years of prayers!  So as not to disturb the infant, I turned back, smiled, and spoke softly from my heart to the young parent.

“You know hon, every single time I enter this hospital I ask the Lord to please send loving parents to raise each and every child in this hospital.  I just wanted you to know sweetheart, that I am observing the answer to my prayers right now as I look at you!  You are the exact kind of parent that I have prayed for my nine years as a volunteer!  I am thanking God for YOU, right now!”

A teary-eyed youngster spoke, “Thank you for that kind comment!”

“You are welcome!  I will be praying for your little peanut tonight in my evening prayers!”  I left that room knowing and trusting in God for this child’s healing.

Isn’t it strange how we sometimes pray the same prayers for years and often never notice how many of them God is answering!  This morning our pastor said,   “We must believe from our heart when we talk to God, that He is listening to us!”

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Matt. 21:22,  “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”   (NKJV)


The Big C

Dear Readers,

Just when I think I am running out of stories, the Lord reminds me He is not finished with me yet…

THE BIG C,   Journal Entry,  2018

At my volunteer job I did my usual rounds seeing people and offering them reading materials.  After visiting many ill patients, one in particular stands out.  As I entered the patient’s room, before I could speak, the infirmed turned to me filled with fear, looked deeply into my eyes and out of nowhere suddenly started speaking.


“Excuse me?  What did you say hon?” I responded.

Angry and frightened the patient repeated, “I said, they just told me that I have the Big C!  You do know what the Big C is, right?”

Looking directly into those eyes of fear, I took a deep breath and said, “THE BIG C!  Yes, I know all about the big C!  I have been there and done that!”

The anger and fear continued to show, “You have?  Both my parents died of the big C!  I guess I know what that means for me!”

Remembering the moment I was told that I had cancer, I instantly asked the Lord to give me the right words for comfort.  “You can’t go by what your parents went through!  There have been so many new breakthroughs since then!”  As we continued to relate to each other, I was asked, “You look okay!  When did you have it and what kind did you have?”

I’m not supposed to talk about illness, but this person was obviously looking for some kind of hope, so I shared my story…

“Well, I am great and I’m going to be 75 on my next birthday!  Some people in my family have died from this illness too, but you don’t know what God has in store for you!  Just because your parents passed from cancer, doesn’t mean you will!  Only God knows when we will go to be with Him!  I write a Christian blog and I want you to read my blog entitled, “The Dove.”  It’s about my battle with this disease.

“How long ago was this battle?” the questions continued.

“About 15 years now!” I said.  Suddenly, I felt the urging in my Spirit to read that blog to my anxious friend.  I could actually see a calm and relaxing feeling take over the victim, as I read about the entire year of my illness.

As usual, the nurses needed to enter the room and do their work.  With only a couple minutes left, quickly I held hands and we prayed.  Beautiful and encouraging words came out of my mouth directly from God,  “Lord, why do we fret over things?  You have healed lepers, raised the dead, and driven all kinds of sickness out of people!  Surely You can handle this illness as you did mine fifteen years ago!  Please take control of all of it, in Jesus’s name, amen.”

As the nurses walked into the room, I looked up and saw a very peaceful person.  “That was a beautiful prayer, really!  The words were so special!  Thank you so much!” my new friend responded.

I had to leave quickly but looked back and saw a relaxed attitude, that went from fear to hope before my eyes!  I wished I didn’t have to leave, but the patient was being released to go home and plan for what lies ahead, hopefully trusting in the Lord for all of it!

Love in Christ,    Claire  xoxo

P.S.  Always remember to pray about everything!

2 Tim.1:7,  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  (NKJV)


Which Bible Should I Read?

Dear Readers,

There is so much confusion about which bible is the correct one, the most accurate, the actual Word of God?  How do we decide…


WHICH BIBLE SHOULD I READ?    Journal Entry,  September 16, 2011

Today a middle-aged Christian woman said something to me I will never forget.

“I don’t believe all that stuff in the bible!  It’s been written and translated so many times you don’t know what to believe is true!”she said.

I thought about that comment for hours.  It seems to cover a lot of young people’s attitudes today.  We live in an age of highly educated, tech savvy people who may or may not believe Jesus is our Lord and Savior, but want to do their own research and draw their own conclusions about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, sin, all of it!  The very brain God gifted us with is the same brain questioning His existence and His Word.

The woman went on, “There are so many different bibles, how do you know which one is right?  I’ll draw my own conclusions and not listen to a book written thousands of years ago, in hundreds of different interpretations!”

I know I am not a theologian, but I failed to come up with a solution for this highly educated lady!  An instant reply would have been nice!  I thought, “What do I say to her without sounding like a fool?”  So I went on, “Belief in the Bible” on the internet says in Rev. 21:5, “And he that sat upon the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”  And he said unto me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.”  (Rev. 21:5, The Open Bible)

“Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.”  And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.  (NKJV)

“He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!”  Then He said,  “Write this down for these words are trustworthy and true.”  (NIV)

Dale Robbins wrote an article and said,  “After some research on the various versions, every believer would do well to zero in on a primary version to which they devote their study and commit passages to memory.  It is inadvisable to allow the issue of translation to become a distraction.  For the average laymen, most of the differences between the translations are relatively insignificant.”   (http://victorious.org/translat.htm) .

Pray and ask the Lord for help, then just choose a version!  He will guide you!  He guided me over 42 years ago and I still read that same bible.

Love in Christ,   Claire   xoxo

1Cor.14:33,  “For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.”  (NKJV)

1Cor.14:33,  “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace, as in all the congregations of the saints.”  (NIV)

1Cor.14:33,  “Since He is not the God of disorder but of peace, as in all the churches of the holy ones.” (TNAB)



Dear Readers,

This is a reblog of another healing, and I believe the Lord wants me to continue posting these…

THE SURPRISE HEALING,   Journal Entry, May 3, 2014

While walking in my prayer field several weeks ago, I tripped over a tree root landing on my left shoulder and left side rib cage.  I laid there for a minute thinking, “You clumsy oaf!”  Just a little dirty, I rose and finished my three laps around the field.  I was thankful for a cushion of soft weeds that broke my fall.

The next morning I awoke sore and achy.  My ribs hurt and my shoulder throbbed.  Not having any bruises and because of the soft tumble, I didn’t go to the doctor.  A little ibuprofen did the trick.  I didn’t even get on the prayer chain or tell anyone about my fall, only my hubby.

What I did do was immediately get on my knees beside my bed and claimed one of my favorite scriptures, “Whatever you ask in my name, will be given you.”  (John 14:14)  Then I asked God for a healing.

Being left handed, my biggest fear was that I might have torn my rotator cuff.  Ten years ago my right shoulder was torn and surgically repaired, and I did not want to go through that again!  Each day on my knees, I asked for a healing and covered my body in prayer.  My Pastor’s wife tells us, “Posturing is very important and humbling to God!”  I also kept taking my ibuprofen.

After about a week to ten days my ribs felt fine, but without the pain killer, I still couldn’t lift my left arm.  Cal had to help me with everything from putting the dishes away to making the beds and folding the clothes.  Even taking a shower was unbearable pain.  I considered calling my primary care doctor, but continued to pray and claim my healing.  I don’t like going to the doctor if I don’t have to!

As the second week passed, the pain started to subside and I said to Cal, “Do you think the Lord is finally healing my shoulder?”

“I don’t know!” he said, “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure!  He did heal a half-dollar sized planter’s wart on the bottom of my foot years ago when I asked Him!  And, He brought me through a battle with cancer, three surgeries and radiation treatment!  I’m sure He can heal a shoulder if He wants too!”  I continued to pray regularly, but told no one of my injury.

Within one month the pain in my shoulder slowly disappeared and before I knew it I was lifting and moving my arm normally without any discomfort.  I never had an xray or an MRI, or even a doctor visit to confirm my injury.  I don’t even know if I tore my rotator cuff!  But I do know that the pain in my left shoulder was so over powering that I couldn’t raise my arm, drive my car, or open a jar!  Even handwriting, or typing on my laptop was quite painful.  Then one morning, after praying for weeks, I awoke with no pain and I could lift my arm over my head painlessly once again.

Is this a miracle healing?  I’m not sure!  But I was convinced I was going to need surgery like the one on my right shoulder years ago.  I just knew I didn’t want to go through that operation again, especially being a “Lefty!”

Healing comes in all different ways.  This one was just for me!  Maybe I am supposed to blog it as a witness to others, that Jesus is alive and well and active in the world today!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

John 14:14,  “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.”  (NKJV)

P.S.  I actually did not think the Lord would heal me if I kept this to myself and didn’t share it with others.  Today I even used the grass whip and cut down all our dandelions!




Dear Readers,

I don’t know why, but the Lord is strongly laying a story line on my heart and mind to reblog my own true experiences of physical healing that He has blessed our family with.  Today is reblog number one…


THE MIRACLE CORN,  Journal Entry, January 13, 1986

“Life is spiritual not physical!” my mate insisted over and over.  “We are dealing with the Spirit realm!  Scripture backs up what I am telling you!”

I couldn’t accept what he was saying and yet he stayed faithful to his beliefs and continued to pray and lay hands on many people.  It caused tension and division in our religious life, but a dramatic change took place in me almost overnight.

One day my eyes were magnetically attracted to a new book that lay on my desk!  “To Heal The Sick” by Charles and Frances Hunter was the title, and their ideas about being persistent in dealing with spirits, struck me as a very realistic approach to healing.

“If you are not healed, lay hands on yourself and pray again! ”  They went on, “God will honor your faithfulness!  Stay with it!  We laid hands on over 20,000 people before healing started to happen!  But we knew it would work because the Word of God said so!” the Hunters insisted in their book.

This concept sunk deeply into my soul.  I decided to give it a try!  If it didn’t work, so what!  The Hunters said to practice on yourself.  So, for the next few weeks I prayed over every cold, every pain, and every other health problem our family had.  I didn’t see many results but I faithfully kept at it.

Then one day I was looking at a growth the size of a half dollar on the sole of my left foot.  I planter’s wart that I had for years.   I began to wonder, “Do you think maybe the Lord would heal this?” I asked my hubby.  Then I squeezed my foot and said, “I command this corn to be healed and leave the bottom of my foot in the name of Jesus Christ!  Spirit of inheritance I also command you to leave and never return in the name of Jesus the Son of God!”  (My father was also plagued with this problem.)

Suddenly a deep powerful gut feeling rushed through me, and I also noticed a burning sensation on the sole of my left foot!  I went to bed that night and kind of forgot about that prayer for a few days.

A week or so later, looking at the ball of my appendage, I noticed the wart seemed slightly smaller!  “You don’t suppose this really works?” I thought to myself.  I laid hands on it again and repeated my prayer, “Continue to heal and go away corn, in the name of Jesus Christ.”  This time I also thanked God for giving me this authority.

Another week passed and again I noticed a smaller growth!  “Look, my corn is shrinking!” I shouted to my family, “It’s working!  It really works!!”

It took about a month of constant praying and burning, but it finally disappeared.  To think how many years my father suffered with this same ailment.  I should mention that my husband is ecstatic over this healing miracle!

But it didn’t stop there!  Several days ago our teenage daughter had surgical removal of her wisdom teeth.  She was in unbearable pain and swelling.  Even with codeine medication in her, the pain was so severe she couldn’t stop crying!  Finally, I got sick of hearing her suffer.  Holding hands with all three of my children we prayed and commanded the pain to leave immediately and let her rest in the name of Jesus Christ!  The pain stopped instantly and she dozed off.  After her nap she told me she could actually feel a powerful strength come out of my youngest daughter’s hand and travel up her arm and into her jaw!

We are not moving mountains yet but we are going to stay with it because practice does make perfect and our faith builds with every tiny healing answer.

I would like to add, my hubby recently prayed for a premature newborn child that was slowly withering away.  Doctors ran many tests showing nothing, as this five pound three month old lay almost lifeless in her hospital bed.  “Cast out the spirit of death in her!” my hubby heard in prayer on his way to the hospital.  The very next day she gained 6 ounces, and then more and more weight.  She was released with all negative test results four days before Christmas, praise God!

If you have ever considered this in your Christian walk, fight it if you must, but ask the Lord for help in healing!  If you seek Him with all your heart, He will show you!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Hebrews 13:8,  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”   (NKJV)

P.S.  This happened over 30 years ago and I have never gotten another wart since!


Retirement In The Bible Belt

Dear Readers,

We visited Missouri looking for a possible retirement area and immediately fell in love with “The Show Me State.”  The bible belt, the people, the weather, the cost of living, the wildlife, some family living there; it all made sense…

RETIREMENT IN THE BIBLE BELT,   Journal Entry,  June 13, 2006

“The wheels are in motion!” my brother told me.  “If God is involved, it will all fall together beautifully!”

It’s finally happening!  After checking out over 25 homes for sale, we found a house we both like, at a price we can afford!  Now, after visiting with my daughter’s family, all we have to do is put down a deposit, go back home, and wrap things up.

Leaving our car and camper at her house, we rented a vehicle to get back to New England, sell our home, and move our belongings to Missouri.  In my heart this morning, I feel like God has kept it simple for us.  I can’t believe this all happened so quickly!  Our mid west home is a five room ranch on 2.3 acres, all electric, with hardwood floors, recessed ceilings, oak cabinets in the kitchen, and a gorgeous view overlooking a 25 acre alfalfa field full of deer and wild life!  C.J. loves to hunt!


Heading home, suddenly I feel numb and displaced.  We have been traveling so much that I can’t tell where home is anymore, although I love hitting the open road with my hubby.  Neither of us can accept yet that we are free to follow our dreams!  Thinking back just a short time ago, we used to pray daily for God to get us retired and away from the harried pace of the bus company.  Now, here we are in the next stage, preparing to sell the big house and retire to the bible belt.  Financially it is the right thing for us to do.

In New England, where the cost of living is higher than the mid west, our doubts about leaving have disappeared.  Most importantly while on route, I thought I heard the Lord tell me, “This move is economical!”


Home only two weeks and everything is going wrong!  We had to drop our price $25,000 on the house, and still no activity!  Also, we have been told we need a new Title 5, (septic system) and our house is only six years old!  The cost will be $8,000 to $10,000!  Calvin is fed up with all the rhetoric and decided he is definitely ready to leave.  We only have six weeks left until our Missouri house closes.  To back out now would mean forfeiting our deposit of $3,500!  I pray, “Please God, keep control of this move!”


Panic is beginning to set in as the economy on the east coast collapses quicker than expected. ” A 35% drop in price is the only way to sell quickly!” today’s news reported.  Add realtor fees and a new septic and there goes all our equity!  In prayer I hear two things over and over, “Don’t get greedy, and Trust in Me!”  I continue praying, “Please Lord, push us forward if this is right, and stop us if this is wrong!  Also, take away my anxiety, in Jesus’ name, amen!”

When I push away the fear, I get really excited!  I realize this move could be for economic, financial, and spiritual reasons!  It’s too soon to know all of God’s plan, but I’m starting to get motivated for our future!  So I will, “Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight!”  (Proverbs 3:5+6)

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

P.S.  Well, we ended up selling our house at a decent profit, just in time to purchase our little ranch in Missouri.  After living here in Halfway for almost 12 years, other than tornado season, we absolutely love being here in the Bible belt!  Yes, we miss our relatives that live east and west of here, but many of them visit when they can, and we do the same.  God has a special plan for each of us!  We constantly need to listen for His direction in our lives.

P.P.S.  If you really want to make God laugh, tell Him “Your” plans for the future!


A Day Away From Losing Him

Dear Readers,

This is a reblog from a couple years ago.  My hubby and I went to Colorado for a three week vacation and eloped while we were there.  What happened when we returned was shocking…

A DAY AWAY FROM LOSING HIM,   Journal Entry,  July, 2002

We decided to take a vacation in Colorado this year and didn’t tell anyone that we were going to elope while we were there, visiting my son and his family.  I wanted to revisit with CJ, all the places I loved for the ten years Colorado Springs was my home.  It was emotional to say the least, especially getting married again.  It actually scared me to death.  But, I got through it and we all surprised everyone when we sent home postcards signed, “Mr.and Mrs. McDaniel!”

We visited all the wonderful places I used to love about Colorado, and I didn’t want it to end, but home we went after three glorious weeks.  After we were home a couple of days, Cal unexpectedly got violently ill.  By evening he was in severe pain, feverish, 105 temperature, and delirious.  With his artificial heart valve, I knew this was more than a flu, and rushed him up to UMass Medical Hospital.  After an examination, the doctor decided to start treatment for meningitis.

He asked me several questions like, “Have you been traveling lately,  and did you eat any beef while you were away in Colorado?”

I answered, “Yes, my hubby had a steak dinner just before we left the state!”

“Mrs, McDaniel, did you eat any beef?” he continued to press me.

“No, doctor, I can’t eat red meat, it makes me sick!  I had a grilled chicken salad,” I told him, as I began to get very frightened.  That must have helped him zero in on the problem, as there was recently a massive beef recall for E.coli in the western states back then in 2002.

The hospital proceeded to run a series of tests and the cultures proved it was not meningitis, but E.coli bacteria had gotten into his blood as well as all of his internal organs, brain, heart, kidneys, prostate, everywhere!  The next day the doctor delicately approached me and said, “If you had waited another day or two, Calvin would not have survived!”

At first it didn’t register in my brain how serious this was.  I was numb!  I refused to accept the severity of his illness.  I thought, “No way would God take him from me this soon after we married!”  Calvin’s daughter kept trying to convince me and still I struggled with accepting the severity of his illness.

My sister Teresa, who has a healing gift, came to visit Cal and prayed over him.  As she spoke he had a spiritual awakening!  God told him something, I’m not sure what, but as he healed he became a changed man.  Five days later and 13 pounds lighter, he came home from UMass Medical, physically very weak, but spiritually very strong.

Several  days later, like a slap in the face, it finally hit me that I almost lost him!  Lying on his chest, as he lay in bed still recovering, I broke down and cried.  While patting my head and comforting me, he spoke of his new spiritual awareness, “Different things are important to me now Hon!  You, family, and friends, have to come first!”

He was and still is a changed man.  This near death experience was eyeopening for him!  I hope and pray it stays with him.  I’ll keep asking the Lord to bring Cal exactly where He wants him to be.  I’ll keep thanking Him for saving my husband.

Love in Christ,  Claire xoxo

Proverbs 19:21,  “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  (NIV)



God’s Little Ministry

Dear Readers,

I prayed this morning with my hubby before going to work because I felt like God’s little ministry given to me at my volunteer job, was waning.   That I was not being used….


GOD’S LITTLE MINISTRY,   Journal Entry, 2018

I started my job at the usual time, but after over eight years of doing it, I  wondered if it would be mundane or enlightening.   Most of my patients were open to receiving reading material, but right off the bat one in particular was unique.  I don’t know why God does that, but He does!  He chooses a single individual person to stand out, be special, be open to warmth, friendliness, humor, or listening to me ramble.

As I entered her room, this sweet lady had two family visitors who were continually joking, kidding, and teasing her.  They automatically included me into their group banter.   Of course, I joined right in, as I firmly believe laughter helps heal the sick.

It was fun and those guys never let up.  I kidded with them for awhile, longer than usual, and the four of us together teased back and forth trying to outdo each other’s quick wit.

It did my heart good to see this very unique woman laughing so hard at all the quips.  I said,  “After we all leave, you are going to take one looooong nap, for sure!”  Finally, I found some reading material she liked, and the two boys wordplayed the whole time.  The barrage of pranks about each and every item I offered her continued, and all she could do was snicker!

I tried to excuse myself from the chuckling, but it wasn’t easy, as the wisecracks continued.  Slowly I pulled my cart out the door, but looked back and used sign language to let her know that I would be praying for her.  As I progressed down the hallway to my last patient room, something strange happened.  I felt a tug on my heart to return to her!  I try really hard to listen for the Holy Spirit, and this pull would not let go!

My watch told me I had enough time to spare, so I quickly searched my pocket for one of my stories and found a blog about my deaf granddaughter!  I returned to her room just as one of her visitors was leaving.  As we passed, he razzed me, but I gave it right back to him, which in turn again caused her giggling to explode!  Both her and her husband looked at me curiously, “I was wondering if I could read you one of my blog stories before I go?”  She smiled and said yes, but told me she left her hearing aids at home so I would have to shout!  Stunned, I couldn’t believe she was hard of hearing when I had just chosen a story about deafness!

For privacy, I closed her door, sat in the empty chair and began to read.  They both listened intently, totally enjoying my life’s experience.  I thanked them for their attention and asked if we could pray together before moving on.

Looking back at her as I reached the door I sighed,  “Thank you for letting me read you one of my blogs!  You are a total sweetheart!  I’ll be praying for you tonight before I go to bed, and thanking God for bringing me back to your room!”  I waved good bye, but not before noticing how emotional her mate had gotten.

Shortly after returning to the lobby, her hubby came walking to the hospital front door.  In passing he stopped and looked teary eyed and said,  “Thank you for reading that story to my wife!  That was very sweet of you!”  Then he hesitated, lost his words and said,  “She’s my, my, my…..”

As he went silent I said,  “YOUR SOULMATE, right?”

With red eyes filled with emotion, he nodded his head up and down, and for the first time I realized, not only did the Holy Spirit tell me to return to her room, but when I reached into my pocket full of blogs, the Lord also told me which one HE wanted me to read!  How cool is that!

Love in Christ,   Claire  xoxo

Matt. 11:15,  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”  (NKJV)

Proverbs 19:20,  “Listen to counsel and receive instruction, That you may be wise in your latter days.” (NKJV)